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  1. Typically it is suggested that you start with an inert substrate for neocaridina, but there is really no reason to switch your active substrate out since you are having success. Fluval stratum is regarded as one of the poorest active substrates and based on your pH, it isn't causing you any problems. It looks like you are doing well. I wouldn't change anything!
  2. I have seen them in bee parameters and up to GH7. I would suggest that you match the parameters they were raised in for best results.
  3. Mixing to 200 tds seems a bit high but I don't think that is necessarily causing your problems. I mix to 140 for my neos, which gives me GH8, KH4. My tds in the tanks is around 160. How are you doing water changes? How often? What percentage? What are your ammonia and nitrate levels? You should be fine feeding 2-3 times a week. I wouldn't feed every day if they aren't eating it.
  4. What type of shrimp? What is your water source?
  5. Those look to be lower grade blue dreams. High grades would not be speckled like that. I would leave both berried ones alone and let them release their shrimplets in their tank. It is likely that some of the offspring will be solid blue.
  6. Hello. It looks like you are using tap water AND shrimp remineralizer. What is the TDS of your tap water before and after you remineralize it? Most of the shrimp you are keeping are normally kept using RO or distilled water as a base before adding minerals. Almost everything else you are doing looks like it shouldn't cause a problem.
  7. If your tank only has blue bolts in it, I would assume they are mischlings that happen to look like blue bolts. Pure blue bolts will not throw all those other phenotypes.
  8. I found that to be common. Tiger shrimp are more aggressive and will usually outcompete the neos for food. I have tried 3 mixed tanks and the Caridina shrimp always did better than the neocaridinas.
  9. I would think the only issue could be too many tannins. Otherwise you are probably fine.
  10. I would say that you won't be able to successfully keep blue bolts or any Taiwan bee shrimp in tap water. GH8 is pretty high for starters. Normal range is 4-6 and they would likely have trouble molting. Also GH, KH, and TDS are only general parameters and they are made up of many elements. The shrimp need proper amounts of minerals and other compounds that may or may not be present in your water. In my opinion, the only good way to keep them is RO and remineralizer formulated for shrimp. To illustrate my point, you can probably mix table salt, baking soda and Epso
  11. How often do you do water changes? What remineralizer do you use?
  12. Your substrate is exhausted and needs to be replaced. Fluval stratum doesn't last much over a year under normal conditions and it's buffering capacity was reduced by adding the seiryu stone.
  13. My OEBT parameters are GH6, KH2, TDS200 and ph7.4. I would think they would do just fine in your parameters. I will have to see how many I have available, but I should be able to do 6 for $75 shipped.
  14. How many are you looking for? I have a few striped OEBT available. They are in neocaridina parameters.
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