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  1. Have you thought about breeding it with a yellow neo? It sorta looks like a green neo as well. Have you used a finnex breeder? I use one when I’m wanting to do selective breeding.
  2. Thank you for your input. I’ve had so many babies lately all from BB. I’ve had quite a few that look a lot like the last picture with the glowing eyes. I know the eyes are from my camera but the markings are something I’ve never seen in my tank before. Is that one the Tibee??
  3. So I had bred my BB with another BB in a breeding tank and for the most part I have a lot of BB babies. I also have some that are pinto and crystal red patterns. Can I even get crystal reds from BB? Or would they be Taiwan bees?? I’ve just never seen this type of shrimp in the past.
  4. NSinvert

    My shrimp eco

    Just pictures of my shrimp and tanks. Would love feed back or suggestions if you see anything I could do better. Just please be nice 😉
  5. My female just had her babies. I’ve seen some that look like crystal reds, blue bolts, black pintos, and some sort of golden pinto. I wasn’t aware that a blue Bolt could have so many babies that were completely different from each other and their mother. My tank consist of other various grades of BB and blue mosura. I did have some OEBT but they were only in the tank for a few days and I switched them out to a different tank with a higher gh.
  6. Could this be a pinto?? I’ve never seen a yellow pinto before? I was just expecting to see a mini BB not a striped Sunkist color baby?? The mother is a newer shrimp I’ve just recently bought. I purchased her w/ 25 BB shrimp almost 2 months ago. I put her in a breeder box with OERBT and another EBB. I wasn’t sure if my tiger shrimp was a male or not but my BB was a little older and definitely a male. I’ve sinced moved my tigers to another tank. Could my tiger be responsible for this babies color?
  7. My pics are not the best but I wanted to show the difference in size between an adult shrimp and the shrimplette. 😊
  8. I have a 10 gallon tank w/ all grades of BB and 1 female pinto and a female shadow panda. My female EBB was due any day now and as I was looking in my tank I saw her kicking vigorously on the sponge filter. Later on I checked in on her and noticed 1 baby shrimp on some moss. I’m just confused because this baby is an orangey yellow color and it looks to have stripes on its back. I took a video of it, curious to see what everyone thinks? The majority of my tank is BB with the exception of 3 shrimp. I have about 30 in there right now. IMG_2671.MOV
  9. Oh my!! I know this post is a bit old but these pictures made my freaking day!! I’ve been trying to do research on cross breeding aura and tangerine tigers. I’ve just recently got some a few months ago and want to breed them with blue bolts and pintos. This thread and pictures just gave me so much more confidence!! So excited!!
  10. Thank you!! I’ve finally started to see the nitrates go down. I’ve gotten some floating plants to help suck up the nitrates as well. I do have a mad mix of food. I always have a hard time in what to choose. Last week I ended up buying a coffee grinder and mixing it all up. So now I just do a light sprinkle and walk away lol!
  11. This was one of them that concerned me. His shell was just inconsistent in color. When I got him he was beautiful!
  12. Hi, I’m sorry I don’t know how I didn’t see this. I figured out my nitrates were incredibly high and I needed to change my substrate. My ph wasn’t stable at all but the nitrates I think is what really harmed them. So I sorted all that out and now my tank is good. I’m still curious about the star anise though. I’m thinking about using one in my cull tank of cherry shrimp. I would boil it first and see if I can strip some of the ingredients. I went to my local Asian markets and saw a plethora of dried leaves and spices. Banana leaves were .99 cents!!
  13. I went out on my monthly trip to my local Asian market and I’ve noticed they have a plethora of dried leaves and spices. I was wondering if anyone has used betel leaves or a mixed spice bag for pho? I know all of us use different leaves for our shrimp care. Is their leaves I shouldn’t use?? I was so close in getting the betel leaves today but decided to post this before buying. Any info would be great!!
  14. I’m not sure if this shrimp is having issues or if it’s just a natural pigment mutation. I have a few shrimp that has a rust red color on their head but all of them seem happy and are feeding. IMG_2546.MOV
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