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  1. This will be really nice, I like the tank setup and your shrimp are beautiful.
  2. I've never used it. But from a google image search it looks like it might. Normally I would say cover it with a sponge or panty hose but I can't see the intakes quite clearly enough to recommend anything.
  3. Wait until the shrimp arrive. if you add it now, there won't be any ammonia or nitrite to support the bacteria you just dosed, so I would wait till the shrim are in the tank and producing their ammonia load. edit: that's what I always do. If I have to add it a couple days before I will add a drop of ammonia each day to keep the cycle going.
  4. It's your journal, you don't "have" to do anything! It looks great so far.
  5. Yes, my local source is very tiny pieces, not quite powder. It's not an actual tea (those come from the tea plant) but rather is a bushy weed that is brewed into what we call a tea.
  6. I have a ten for space issues, a 20 is fine... I think bigger might not be that great unless you can start with a lot.
  7. Puddles

    Other Forums

    Well, I was temp banned. Then I messaged the mod in question and said (literally) : "Can you tell me why I was banned so that I don't do it in the future?" And then the next day was perma banned for quote "threatening a moderator."
  8. Puddles

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    One of the mods (possibly admin) there sells DIY food. When I tried to sell DIY food I was instantly perma-banned.
  9. 1. High5's 2. Ren 3. Adrand 4. Merth 5. roborep1 6. h4n 7. mlsthuy1 8. Shrimpfreak 9. Metageologist 10. DemonUnleashed 11.Aquariumlover 12. RyeGuy411 13. Poopians 14. Nick_R 15.cindygao0217 16. mosspearl 17 Jadenlea 18. Elo500 19. Countryboy12484 20. crazyfishlady 21. Slycat929 22. r45t4m4n 23. Jesseter 24. evabug1 25. EGrfx 26.Vinn 27. manticore 28. Uscgjay 29. Droop 30. Phreeflow 31. junglefowl 32. rodan76 33. 35ppt 34. Archie1208 35. Miwu 36. davesays 37. Steve R. 38. Pika 39. Fishprinceofca 40. tdw1989 41. Puddles
  10. I know Blue Crown has some.
  11. I have not vacuumed a shrimp tank in 3 years. I just let it go.
  12. Enough with NFL... how about my Ducks playing for the national title tomorrow night against Ohio State? I'm confident but nervous.... but so so excited. Go Ducks!
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