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  1. Hi Jayjhis, Whether you got bamboozled or not that's a nice shrimp. 😊
  2. Hi shrey, Welcome to the forum. Don't give up. A few questions for you? - API has two test kits for PH. One is made to test High Range PH. Which one are you using? Do you have a picture of the bottle you're using? - Could you test the PH on your RO water? - Can you bring some water to a local fish store and have them test the pH for you? Just to see if there is a consistency of your high PH. Anyway, your PH range is pretty high and odd. I have several tanks with ADA Amazonia and they all test PH 6.0 with the API test kit.
  3. Same here. I've been starting to do what wyzazz does. Do a reset. Having said that, you do need to plan ahead. So, if you only plan to run your ADA soil for 2yrs I'd start a new tank a couple of months before you hit the 2yr mark, and when it's ready just transfer the shrimps. Maybe seed the new tank with a seasoned filter to speed up the cycling process.
  4. She looks berried. Assuming your parameters are in check and your tank has good biofilm just sit back, relax and in a few weeks you'll have babies 😁
  5. Kamiface, Sorry to hear about your streak of bad luck. I was gonna mention buying online, but looks like you already did. Which is really strange that you ended with all females. Do you have access to any local hobbyist selling shrimps that you want to keep? If so, I'd say buy from them. Ask for juvies as they adapt better and are more forgiving to adjust to your water parameters.
  6. Hello Kamiface, Please don't give up. By the look of the abdomen it looks like a female. May I ask where you get your shrimps from? I'd say buy them as juvies or sub-adults. If you buy your shrimps as juvies or sub-adults you can't sex them yet, so if you buy 10 or so, there's a good chance you'll get a mix of males/females. Also, this way the seller can't sell you males/females only. Are you buying adult shrimps only?
  7. Hi Roborep, Your parameters seem to be in check. I'm not sure what kind of substrate you're using, but how long has it been since you changed it last? I've had some instances where I would lose shrimps, and all my param were in check. I simply did a tank reset, and that cured the issue. I know it doesn't answer your question, but that's what worked for me.
  8. Hi Kamiface, Welcome! It is really hard to tell from your pictures. They are kinda blurry. You don't need to take them so close. Perhaps it will produce a clearer picture. But, my first hunch when looking at those two I'd say they are female. Those look like cherry shrimps if I'm not mistaken. If you can I would suggest you buy from a local hobbyist. They will be healthier and cheaper. Cherries are pretty cheap, so buy about 10. Chances are you'll get a few males in the mix. I usually buy my shrimps in batches of 10, and I have always gotten a mix of males and fema
  9. Hi Lillian, Others might feel differently, however if you want your shrimps to feel safe and breed I wouldn't keep them with any fish. The bristlenose might be ok, but the glofish and guppy I'd say no. People have successfully kept fish and shrimps together, and have them breed, but with lots of hiding spaces. Personally if you like shrimps to breed and thrive I would keep the shrimps by themselves. Remember. Fish eat shrimps.
  10. If nothing is chasing it, it could be that a female molted, and they're trying to breed. You have a lot of fish. Just my opinion, but I don't like to mix fish and shrimps together. Remember, fish eat shrimp. Just saying
  11. Just thought I'd update this thread. I have a 20g tank running fluval stratum for 2yrs holding my CRS. Although it seems like it's still buffering the water I have since decided to move them to a newly cycled 10g with ada amazonia. I didn't want to take a chance to lose the colony. So far they are happy in their new tank. I did the same for my PRLs, and they are happy too 😋
  12. Shrimp Life, What's a good ratio? I know not an exact science, but ballpark number.
  13. Hi Shrimp Life, Thanks for the reply. This is the first time I've grown my shrimps where I can say it's a colony, so I'm new with the large numbers. I will separate some of the males or like you said, sell them. BTW, I love your channel. I must have missed that video. Shame on me 🤣
  14. Hello everyone, I have a 10g CRS tank with about 100 shrimps. Tank is thriving and healthy. Yesterday I witnessed something rather unusual or is it? There was a female that had just molted, and the usual dancing ensued. There were a lot of males that were chasing her. Probably around 20. Anyway, long story short they finally did the dance, however they ended up killing her and, you guessed it. She became a meal. Have you all seen this before? Is there a way to prevent this?
  15. Hi Shrimp Life, Thank you for the feedback. Hmmmmmm......I really can't move the tanks to any other location. I'll look into other options besides the fans.
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