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  1. I know they say taiwan bees such as blue bolts and wine reds can be kept in mix tanks without hybridization. but i haven't read or seen any info on yellow king kong with red wine. Would it work if I add ykk to my red wine tank?
  2. i thought this only affected neos. i had the same issue when i had bloody mary from aquaticarts. (avoid at all cost). i was able to clear it with a dog dewormer.
  3. What are the differences between using different granular sizes for buffering substrate. I currently use a medium size of 2.5mm size. I am thinking about trying the smaller granular which looks like powder. i realize there are big to small gravel sizes. to me, here are the pros of the powder size: 1. planting plants are easier 2. baby shrimps cannot hide in gravel so don't get lost. 3. looks more neat as it fills out better. maybe con is more surface area so loses buffering sooner?
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