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  1. So a chap at work is convinced that this is a male shrimp and not saddled yet I disagree. Can you ladies and gents throw in your ideas?
  2. Thank you I was trying to get a better angle, sorry
  3. These are the best I can get for the moment. I've only got 5 total atm, the other 2 are clearer/smaller but I'll add when I see them out. Cheers for the input
  4. Yeah I saw them and needed em XD I purchased 4x fpr £15 I thought it was a good buy. Glass also, not cheap plastic. - I will keep posting. Cheers for the comment
  5. Hello all, I'm new here so please play nice 😁 can't for the love of me sex my shrimp. Diamond blue - deep in colour. Hard to see if have saddle ect. Any tips? Sods law, they all hid at time of writing, thoughts on setup? Fairly basic but given time should bloom.
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