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  1. What is this one ? Have more pictures of: 7. Red Devil (dark red extreme) $35 / Panda $ 25 11. OEBT S (deep blue) $10 / A $7 ea / culls $4 Send to Orlando ? Thanks!
  2. Please do you still have OEBT and BTOE ? Do you have Red Devil Orange Eyes ?
  3. Hi yall, Ive been on the hunt for some home bred RDOE and RBT and im having a rough time finding any breeders. Here in my place I dont find any breeder with this small guys and like to try to start a colony. If anyone here is selling any shrimps please let me know !!! P.S I will be located in Orlando/FL in period between 22 and 30 of october, if there is anyone here from Orlando pls dont hesitate to reach out!
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