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  1. Thank you so much for the answer, guys. I had a few concerns but it seems my original intent was correct: get orange shrimp breed orange shrimp. I just had a low quality source unfortunately. I do intend to buy from a hobbyist honestly, if I can't then I'll buy from an online retailer. I was getting discouraged, I started to hear things like my oranges would always eventually breed into a different color, etc. So thank you for your time!
  2. Hey all. Long time fishkeeper, new shrimp keeper. I decided I wanted to start breeding Neocaridina in my new 10 gallon. Long story short I got some shrimp but they're much lower grade than I was expecting and now I'm also questioning exactly what I'll get if I just have a tank full of a single color. (Will they breed true?) I'm going to replace these shrimp with better stock. They were supposed to be "Orange Sakura" but they're all brown and... all female. :I So that lead me to looking for resources about genetics. What colors are dominant, recessive, etc. If colors will breed true or if I have to mix certain colors to achieve a desired color. But!! I literally cannot find anything. I'm aware of that chart that shows colors coming from other colors but... it doesn't tell you if you need to be mixing anything to GET these colors. Or if they'll eventually breed into a different color or whatever. Just an arrow pointing from one to the other. My personal goal WAS just to breed orange shrimp. I'm not interested in blues or yellows... MAYBE your standard reds. But my idea was to breed them then sell the offspring to my work. So any resources would be extremely helpful!
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