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  1. Update - all going well, I have berried females and parameters remain spot on. Thanks for all the advice guys!
  2. Well what a couple of weeks it has been! I had the tank all planted, cycled and set up. Struggled to find RCS locally so was advised of a breeder who would ship them to me with an arrive alive guarantee, highly recommended etc etc. So being the cautious type, I just ordered 10, to arrive on a specific day when I knew I would be home. I was very apprehensive at ordering to be delivered through the mail but it seemed the best option. Lo and behold, a whole drama ensued. My step son called in a panic, saying his tank had been smashed (accident, long story) and his whole stock were in buckets, filter down for hours so no idea if it was useable. So at 9.30pm that night we drained the shrimp tank, dismantled it and rushed it over to him. Thankfully all the fish survived. BUT the shrimp were due the very next day. And all I had was an old 5 gallon fry tank available. I stuffed the small HOB filter with media from another tank, used decor from the long lost shrimp tank, dosed with Seachem Stability and Prime and had a sleepless night. The shrimp arrived on time, wonderfully packaged with a huge ball of java moss included, only 9 but all alive. Drip acclimated them and transferred them to the 5 gal. AND they disappeared for 2 days! Now, almost a week later I have nine happy little guys and gals, to my utter amazement! Four have already moulted, that I can see. I believe I have three males and six females. The tank has thrown up a whole load of detritus worms (not planaria) and copepods and I have also added one nerite, mainly to make me feel more comfortable about the BB. Parameters have stayed SO stable I have been testing twice a day as I don't believe the results. Same test kit with other tanks produces predicted results so I know it's reliable. Now the larger tank has gone, I'm thinking I'd like to transfer these guys to a smaller tank than that, primarily to have room for another tank to scape and perhaps try a different colour neo. But larger than the 5 gal, it's going ok but I can't have the plants I want and I understand 5 is the minimum anyway. Phew, pass me a beer!
  3. I guess I shall soon find out! Tank is now cycled, so I'll be planting up over the next week. I think I'll then pop a few Danios or WCMMs in from another tank just to keep it ticking over before I buy the shrimp, they will be the babies but I'm sure they will keep the BB going. Also need to move the tank, I've decided I want it next to where I sit of an evening so I can get to know the shrimp a little better!
  4. Which snails do you keep, this tank will be cold freshwater and I'd almost decided on a couple of nerites but I wanted to be sure they wouldn't breed!
  5. I just had to share this as it made me laugh out loud! Decided to enter my set up on aqadvisor.com, for 100 CRS: Aquarium filtration capacity 798% Recommended weekly water change 0% Aquarium stocking level 5% After I finished laughing I suddenly thought - what if the BB just crash due to the lack of waste products to process?
  6. I come from a veterinary background, didn't follow exactly in the family footsteps but animals are certainly in my blood! I now work for an animal charity and see cruelty and neglect cases all too often, mostly due to ignorance and folks lack of sufficient research before acquiring a pet. Currently I don't remineralise for the community tanks, just mix tap and RO until Gh and Kh are suitable for the inhabitants, I will look into the salty shrimp remineralizer though, so thank you. I shall enquire at my lfs around selling or passing on any extras if the time comes, I have not seen red cherry shrimp in there so maybe it will work - they are a local family run store and I'm all in favour of supporting that over the chain pet stores. Now it's time to get planting! No doubt I'll be back with questions at some point, I will be sure to keep you updated!
  7. Oh I have oodles of patience! A few pieces to answer. I have an RO unit at home and test kit so can tailor the hard tap water to whatever it needs to be and have a fresh water master test kit. Both used regularly for the other tanks, in my view if you can't keep fish in the nearest to perfect environment then you shouldn't be keeping them in the first place. Strong words I know but when I see goldies in bowls it breaks my heart. The tank will most likely be cycled within another week if not sooner but I think I would rather plant it up and monitor it for a few weeks to feel safe. I think I shall dig out a spray bar and see how the flow affect the plants, to ensure it is low and won't be detrimental to the shrimp. Considering I'm just dipping my toe into the waters of shrimp, after reading your kind replies, I have decided to stick with red cherry for now and get some experience under my belt. Last questions - if I started with 20, how quickly would they reproduce in the tank at 68f? Having experience of live bearers I don't want to end up overrun with shrimp in a short space of time! And do shrimp stick to the bottom of the tank or can I provide mid to top level decor, say a bogwood tree with moss/plants for them to graze? Thanks again guys for your quick replies!
  8. Hi, new to the forum and hoping for advice and honest opinions. Long experience of cold water community fish keeping but no hands on experience of shrimp. I have a spare 45 gallon (170 litre) which I'm cycling with a spare canister filter seeded with media from one of my other tanks. No heater and tank temps here are currently around the 68f, can raise this but would prefer to not use a heater if possible. Now I plan on planting it rather heavily with the usual cold water plants, Amazon sword, anubias etc plus grow a moss carpet over at least a third of the floor, sand substrate, some wood rock and driftwood. I fancy my hand at aquascaping. but the real reason is to keep shrimp, preferably three different colour/type colonies that won't interbreed, happy in the natural temps I get here. I have already done a huge amount of reading but it's easy to get lost in the detail. I know shrimp are sensitive so I do not want to stock the tank too soon, prepared to wait months if needed, to get the set up right. Do I need to wait until the moss carpet is fully grown before introducing the shrimp? Should I let the tank mature for a certain number of weeks or months after cycling is complete? Feeding with fish food to keep the BB going which three types would folks recommend for cold Water? How many can I introduce at a time? Finally, do shrimp appreciate a strong flow from a filter? I have a prefilter sponge ready for the intake but yet to find out if I need to buffer the outflow to reduce the current, it's quite strong with an open pipe, enough to make a crater in the sand. thank you in anticipation
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