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  1. Hi 9thdragon! How have you been? Do you have a pic ready for the sexed Red fancy tigers?
  2. Thanks 🙏🏼 for all the great insight and advice. @JSak @wyzazz I can sleep better now. 😅 I am just a couple of months into this hobby and I am still learning a lot. Really enjoying raising the shrimps and seeing them grow. What do you guys do with your surplus of shrimp when your tank is full? I have heard people selling them on Craigslist and Ebay. Your thoughts?
  3. Would you say, tangerine tigers and aura blue tigers more adaptable to hard water?
  4. Thanks Jsak. Insightful and makes sense every hobbyist wants the best for their different species of shrimp. From your experience, if we do have Neocaridinia with Caridinas in the same tank, is it better to keep TDS low (100-150) or high (150-250) for both species to thrive?
  5. What if I change the water parameters to Caridina (100-150 tds) and have neos living in it? Would that be a better option?
  6. Yes I have 27 Tangerine tigers living in Neo waters. Around 270 tds along with my blue dreams. I started with 10 tigers at first, acclimated them for 24+ hrs on drip and then did the same for the rest. Caridinas can live in neo waters 200-300 tds; you just have to spend the time to acclimate them. I am low on tank space, that is why I am putting cardinas with my neos. Oh btw... I also have 11 stardust shrimp in the tank as well. For they dont breed with other caridinas.
  7. Cool man! Thx for sharing. Any updates on your breeding project?
  8. Are you able to show a pic of the BKK and RKK eXtreme? Thanks
  9. Hey 👋 Whats the major difference between Aura Blue Tiger- A grade vs S grade? Also, if I wanted to purchase 2 kinds of the 35+5 Neos for $100. Could I split them into 20 and 20 shrimps for $100?
  10. Hello 👋 Are you able to post a picture of the RKK mixed?
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