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  1. LillianPip

    Red rilis

    I got mine off amazon, I liked them but I can't guarantee grade.
  2. I recently bought a few (cherry maybe?) shrimp to go into my 10g tank and I wanted to make sure none of my other fish would pose a problem. I have 2 glofish tetras, one fancy guppy, and a small bristlenose pleco. I have a piece of driftwood, an anubias, and some java moss for them to hide in, but in the past my shrimp have never bred and have all died off within a year and I wanted to make sure they aren't getting harassed or eaten.
  3. I just saw on another post that they might be red cherry shrimp but different colors... as long as they're within the neocaridina family i'm happy, I don't have the skill to keep a normal caridina.
  4. I recently purchased freshwater shrimp from petsmart, and they were just labeled "rainbow shrimp." I'm trying to find a more specific identification, I think they might be rilis? They come in black, yellow, red rili-type spots, and a mottled blue. The yellow one is pregnant, and I want to be able to be specific on their care so that they don't die off. They were about 8$ a shrimp if that helps. Has anyone else bought random shrimp from petco/petsmart and know what they are?
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