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  1. The scoop that comes with Bacter AE as well as the feeding recommendation is absurd. I can't stress this enough. About 10% of a scoop feeds my two 125 gallon tanks and 4 20 gallon tanks. I feed my 10 gallon tanks Bacter AE off of a toothpick.
  2. Love your YouTube videos! Thanks for those. Realize you're in Canada though so I am confused as to whether you ship shrimp to the US.
  3. Thanks for those. And hoping your son makes a quick recovery.
  4. I got mine from seller Davidii on Aquabid and have been very happy with them.
  5. Hate to ask for photos but could you please give me an idea of the difference between your jades and emeralds? I've seen lots of varying quality out there and have been looking for them. Thanks in advance.
  6. Agreed. I get a few of those in my own Neo cull tanks, but have never bothered to pull those individuals and breed for it. It doesn't seem to affect vision, for what it's worth. These react to motion and light like their normal eyed counterparts. Seems to occur more on darker shrimp.
  7. I have a 20, two 50s, a 70 and three 110s. The little 20 is and the 50 are the most problematic.
  8. Welcome aboard! I've long wished I could print a 3D splash guard for Aqua Clear filter outputs. I keep shrimp tanks with a low water level and that's a bad mix with floating plants.
  9. I'll try to post some pictures you haven't seen yet here soon!
  10. Good to see you over here, Amy. And by the way, I don't consider your collection modest at all!
  11. I've lurked for years and this site pops up on my Google searches from time to time, but never decided to register and post until today. My name is Charles and I usually go by Chip or Chuck. I got my first cherry shrimp in 2006 and never looked back. Still have some of that original colony, but as I wanted other colors I always set up new tanks for them. Lately I've gotten into more Caridina and tigers. I currently have 11 planted shrimp tanks ranging from 5.5 to 125 gallons. Guess I'll show off some shrimp now. Fishbone pintos: blue pinto: CRS: CBS:
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