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  1. Hi everyone! First time posting in the beautiful place this forum is I hope you can help me sort this out: I've just set up a 27 gallon tank with black JBL Sansibar fine sand and some small gravel as a substrate. I've put a 40 cm long mangrove wood which is releasing a lot of tannin (which I don't mind) and a couple of big rocks which turned out being calcareous (they do fizz a bit when in contact of anti-limescale liquid). The fact is that eventually I'd like to put in some Neocaridinas and therefore the water chemistry I'd like to attain in my tank would be 7.5 pH and 8 KH. On one hand I'm afraid that the rocks will raise pH and KH, and overall hardness, but on the other hand I've read that with pH equal to/higher than 7 the water shouldn't be too aggressive on the rocks and therefore the chemistry should change little to nothing at all (given that I've got wood and eventually some leaves that will lower pH values). Has anyone ever tried this? I don't mean to get too much into chemistry adjustments and checks since I'm no expert, so I don't want to do anything that will make my life too hard! Many thanks in advance to you all! Manuel
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