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  1. Yes, I was under the impression that Amanos needed brackish water to reproduce and even then it was extremely difficult for them to do so in captivity. Obviously this does not seem to be the case. So yeah I feel very sorry that I wasn’t able to do anything to help the babies in this situation. I was hoping that by reaching out on this forum I could learn more and possibly do something differently next time. Lucy
  2. Yeah that’s what I feared, how sad. How often do shrimp reproduce? When can I expect this to happen again? Thank you, Lucy
  3. I think so, here are two pictures of Biggie and one of another. Thanks for responding! Lucy
  4. So I just performed a water change on my ten gallon aquarium. I come back to find one of my Amanos (Biggie), swimming around, literally pushing out hundreds, (thousands?), of babies all over the place. Why is this happening? I purposely chose Amano shrimp because I did not want this to happen. What will happen to all these babies? Of course with Coronavirus right now my local fish store is closed. I have 3 Amano shrimp and one Beta for reference, totally freshwater. Thanks, Lucy
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