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  1. I have had the shrimp 9 days now. I started with 10 and now I only see 3 😕 I started to try and bring the levels down slowly over the past couple of days by doing water water changes with bottled RO water but am still losing shrimp. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. They always seem to die at night and when I check the tank in the morning.
  2. Hello all. I recently set up a 6 gallon neocaridina shrimp tank. The past few mornings I have awoken to dead shrimp. The tank stays around 70-76f and the water parameters all appear fine pH 7.5, ammonia 0pp, nitrite 0ppm, nitrate 5-10ppm. I inject co2, the drop checker stays green (30ppm) and I use flourish root tabs and dose thrive s. I just bought a gh/kh kit and my tap water is very hard. 14 drops kh(250ppm) and 19 drops gh(340ppm). The gh/kh seem much higher than whats recommended but is this enough to kill the shrimp?
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