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  1. I am facing a massive dilemma with my shrimp tank. I have a low tech planted tank in my office with my neos and caridinas in them. 10 gallon. We will be working from home for the next 4 weeks here I Singapore. Any advice on feeding and tank maintenance in general? Will the shrimps die from no feeding? Water evaporating and no water change will be an issue also I presume which will mess the TDS up.
  2. That's a great and innovative suggestion Vorteil. Curious, what caridinas and neos are you keeping and the other parameters?
  3. I currently am keeping blue neocaridina in a 10 gallon tank. TDS is around 180. I am thinking of adding caridina shrimps to my tank also. I have read extensively that the rule of thumb is not to mix both species together due to different parameters. My question is, if I would like to add caridina to the tank, which would be the most suitable type to pair with my current neocaridinas? I am drawn to the attractive patterns which caridina shrimps have as compared to neos.
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