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    centralcoastscapes got a reaction from Pokeshrimp in WTB: PLANTS   
    I have Crypts, hornwort, anubias, and a variety of stem plants like ludwigia.
    Dm if you're interested I can get you started with a great low tech bundle.
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    centralcoastscapes reacted to leolady in Shrimp swimming   
    My yellow shrimp swim a lot. They swim with my fish and eat side by side with my fish. Is this normal?
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    centralcoastscapes reacted to mcnalljp in Looking for blue Neos MI   
    Those look incredible. What do you charge?

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    centralcoastscapes reacted to TheGardenofEder in St Patty's Day Sale   
    All homebred
    Shipping is $10 or free on orders over $50
    Orange Sakura $4 each
    Yellow Neo $3 each
    Snow Ball $3 each
    Green Jade $5 each
    Emeralds $6 each
    Wild Neo $1
    Tangerine Tigers $3 each
    Super Tigers $4 each
    Raccoon Tigers $9 each
    Hummel Tiger $9 each
    Golden Bees $3 each
    Ghost Bees $4 each
    Zebra Ghost Bees $12 each
    Shadow Pandas $12 each
    Yellow King Kongs $3 each
    OE YKK $10 each
    Yellow King Kong Rilli $11 each
    Tibee $2.50 each
    Tangtai $2.50 each
    Auratai $9 each
    Blue Steels $10 each
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