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  1. Hi, thanks for replay. These I bought as "scenery stones" - i took them out yesterday to see if anything will change.
  2. Hi, first of all - im new at this hobby and i just registered (hi everyone!). I have two problems with my 20L tank - one leads to another (i hope). First my water info: Ph - 7,0 NO3 - 5ppm GH - 5 NH4 <0,05ppm NO1 <0,01ppm KH 6 24C temp water conductivity: 300 uS the tank is 5months old and i used H.E.L.P. Advanced Soil PLANTS for my soil. I use RO water that i minerlize with mineralitor for crystal red shrimps. For filtration i use Fluval C2 filter with prefilter, cotton, sponge, seachem matrix and seachem purigen. The problem is that something is increasing my GH and uS parameters - i did 50% water change yesterday and today parameters have change GH 5->6 and us 300->360us (im sure it will be more by tomorrow). Because of this all my attemps in breeding crystal shrims have failed. Im attaching my tank img. I would really appreciate the help!
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