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  1. I once had a tank of CRS with ADA Amazonia soil. After 3 years of going well, I started to have random shrimp deaths and no new shrimplets. I ended up losing all the shrimps one day in a mass die off. Tore the tank down and didn't set it back up. Recently I have been returning to the hobby after many years away. I have heard from experience shrimp breeders online that after a year or two ADA Soil will hold ammonia and it will not show up on ammonia kits. It will leech it back into the tank when shrimps stir the soil. They usually take down the entire tank and start fresh when they see random s
  2. Thank you OblongShrimp! Much appreciate the quick reply. 🙂 Do the Blue Dreams and Cherries interbred?
  3. Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum. I am semi new to shrimp keeping. I a questions on Cherry Shrimps. Are the babies translucent and then they turn red later as they grow? I have Blues too but they are turning blue much earlier than the Cherries.
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