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  1. Has anybody heard of this shrimp, the "green lace filter shrimp"? I'm very interested in buying some but I can't find any place that sells them or ships to where I live! Another thing to note is that there isn't much info on them, so if anyone here who has had experience keeping them can give me some pointers, then that would be great! Photo credits to Aquatic Arts
  2. I bought 5 bumblebee shrimp recently, and I put them in a 5 gallon fluval tank with 9 fish, I figure that those fish will greatly reduce any chances my bumblebees will breed. I have another tank, a 2.6 gallon Fluval which has around 35 cherries in it including shrimplets. However, that tank has hydra and a somewhat high GH of 120 ppm. What would be my best course of action for my bumblebees? It is important to note that I intend to begin a colony! and that I also have 3 black neos with them in the 5 gallon.
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