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  1. ive decided to break this tank down. I'm going to restart new with a 10 gallon setup. hopefully i will have better luck with that
  2. i have a sterile cup dedicated for the tank., i scoop out water into a big bowl since Its only a 5 gallon tank so i change 10% every week or two. I ordered a ammonia and nitrate test off amazon so i have to wait for it to come in
  3. Blue dream shrimp. I go to a local fish store and get RO water. I remineralize it with the GH/KH+ to a TDS of 200
  4. This is my last chance at possibly getting some help. Made previous posts but never received any replies. All of my shrimp are dead, one by one they kept dying off every other day. I feed a small portion of an algae wafer every day and take out what has not been eaten. Tried different foods even from shrimp king at they don't like anything else. Nothing seems to be wrong with the tank visually, bought test kits and my parameters are... 75- Degrees 292- TDS 7- Ph Kh- 4 Gh- 9 N02 Nitrite- 0ppm
  5. Just got my TDS tester in the mail and the tank measures at 441ppm. seems way high so i did a 10% water change which took it down to 400ppm. how long should i wait before doing another water change?
  6. I have blue dream shrimp in a 5 gallon tank. Every 1-3 days i lose 1 shrimp. Its a mature tank that has been going for about a year and a half so there is alge built up. I have a good amount of plants in there and my parameters go as follows... 79 degree water KH- 4 No2 Nitrate- 0 PH- 7.2 side note they like to hang around towards the top of the tank on the heater
  7. Can i add more active substrate to the tank? Mix the new with the old?
  8. Awesome thank you! i just wanted to clean the tank to make it look nicer. i found one of those vacuum's at the pet store and worked out great! Also did a 1:19 bleach treatment to the plants and that too worked really well. Thank you for your help
  9. I didnt know I could do that to the plants. Like i said I'm new to this. How can i clean the nasty substrate
  10. This is my first post. I am brand new to this hobby. I picked up a shrimp tank someone was selling for cheap, I want to clean it and put new substrate in the tank and replace all the plants but dont know how to go about doing so without killing anything. Current setup is a Topfin Retreat 5 gallon All-In-One tank, biomax pieces in the filter compartment with an insert filter. Water parameters tested (0 ppm Nitrate N02, 4 KH, 5 PH and 79 degrees) Pics of setup below
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