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  1. Hi Amatuer fish keeper, what is your feeding regiment like? If the female has more access to higher protein sources, then they are able to develop the eggs faster. Not sure about time though. SJ
  2. I have been looking into getting some "Chaos Blue Bolts" that are sold at http://buypetshrimp.com/chaos-bolts-10/ which I have read will throw some cool colors and patterns like the one you have (although rare). Super cool! Congrats.
  3. Hi Naga! I'm sorry to hear about your shrimp. Did they all come from the same source? How long ago did they get put into the tank? Sometimes it's a delayed response to shipping if the shrimp had a particularly long journey from their original home to yours. SJ
  4. Hi Amber! I would be willing to do a test shipment to your side of the world with some culls. I live in Virginia. Let me know if you would be interested. SJ
  5. Hello! Congrats on the babies. I would switch to feeding powdered food more regularly to increase baby survival. SJ
  6. Hi! I love cherry shrimp. When you say "substrate: black shrimp gravel (sold at Petco)" I can't recall any brands they carry, so I was wondering if you could post a link to the product you are using? Do you have access to any other indicators like PH, GH, or KH? I have a hunch that the substrate might be buffered to lower PH for caridina shrimps which doesn't appeal to Neos as much.
  7. Hello Asianrain, Baby Neos are much more sensitive to water parameters than adults, so it is likely a huge swing in your water parameters that have caused the issue amongst your shrimp. I learned all about this from this blog: https://aquariumbreeder.com/aquarium-molting-process-and-metabolism-of-the-dwarf-shrimp/ Basically: "if replaced water contains higher concentration of salt compared to that the shrimp has right now the shrimp’s shell will absorb the salt (because of Osmosis). In its turn, in order to adjust the saline concentration, the cells will have no in
  8. Definitely the stone. ^^ Agreed with OblongShrimp. SJ
  9. I had the exact same thing happen to one of our orange shrimp just yesterday. I Looks just like that. I would love to hear what the community has to say as well. SJ
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