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  1. thank you. I'm going to buy gh test this week, my tank size is 40x35x35cm (49 liter), using spong filter(Xinyou XY-2902), I don't have airstone and feed my shrimps with Shrimp King Snow Pops and I have Ista shrimp soil, I did big waterchange slowly 2 days ago like %70 with gh+, and my tds is 180 now and shrimps looks good, today there is no death any shrimp but there is peace of molt on head 2 shrimps, here is pics, but they are moving, its a big promblem? I didn't feed them yet 2 days now.
  2. Hello I have CRS shrimp tank and everyday 1 - 2 shrimp is dying I don't know why, my tds was high a bit but I'm getting lower tds slowy by change %15 every week now ( before add in tank put in water gh+ and make tds 140ppm) when I saw dead shrimp I think it's peace of shell on it, my tds is 260 ppm now, I will make it lower slowly. I did cycle my tank 2 week before add shrimps, I know it's very little, I didn't know. (sorry for my english btw) my paremeters now: tds: 260 temp: 24 degree I don't know other paremeters but I'm going to buy ph meter, what else can I do? I'm tr
  3. yes I did make it today and shrimps seems like it.
  4. Hi I'm trying to make my shrimp food, what you think about this shrimp food? do you have any advice? Ingredients i use: Soyabean flour Stinging nettle leaf mulberry leaf carrot spinach leaf capia pepper Corn walnut leaf
  5. Hello everyone I have 19 CRS shrimp, here is my shrimps in pics, they are very small yet? when gonna they breeding? and they are doesn't grazing around much, usuallu hiding is that normal? and they are not interested much with food, just sometimes I saw 1 - 2 shrimp on food. my water parameters: TDS: 290 ( I know it's much, I use RO water but not like full osms, it's RO for drinkink water but I will fix it) Temp: 23 - 24 °C I don't know other parameters this is my tank and shrimps:
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