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  1. that definitely makes me feel better. I’m so happy!! I seen at least 3 I know there has to be more hiding
  2. My first Sighting of one of the babies!!! IMG_4392.mp4
  3. I really appreciate the advice. My shrimp just had the babies the other day haven’t seen them yet. But excited. And found another one will eggs. I agree with the SS GH/KH. I was nervous about this rout because I was worried it would cause PH swings because of the buffering substrate. That’s why I wanted you get an opinion on which I should use the SS GH+ or SS GH/KH. Yes I know it was making me feel bad about getting the wrong substrate advised by others. And was confused because they seam to be doing well on the substrate.
  4. My mind is spinning with all the information. I’m stuck in a rabbit hole. I’m using a active substrate Fluval stratum that buffers to 6.8 atm. I’m told by some they need inert which doesn’t alter PH. And I’ve heard some say there shrimp are doing good in FS. My shrimp seam to be doing good. There’s 5 3 girls and 2 boys. 2 of my girls are saddled and one is about to have babies. I’m not seeing any molting problems. They have been in this tank for 2 months. The soil is at least 4 months old. I put them in after cycling was complete a little over a month. I’m using cuttlebone bone, shrimp a
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