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  1. Did you chop the moss up before placing it between the mesh? I ask because someone asked me once how I got my moss pads thick, mine are just stainless mesh pads with moss tied with fishing line. They tried it but came out kind of stringy like your wall. Only thing different I did, that they didn't was I chop the moss up to like 1/4" pieces before tying it on.
  2. Just subscribed, stumbled across your channel a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed your videos lol...
  3. I use only RODI and Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ for my neos too, almost 3 years now. MY pH is usually 7.4-7.6, i've never followed the instructions, when i first looked into reminerilizers I saw a few that mentioned the instruction dosage was off, so it was suggested to me just to mix to a TDS of 200-220 and it's been fine. Are you having any shrimp losses or just curious?
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