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  1. doesnt matter what country you are purchasing from if its outside the USA same rules apply. you are looking at about $500+ total fees per import. (that does not include whatever you paid for shipping) plus going to the import terminal (usual a major airport) waiting for your broker to handle everything, picking up the boxes and etc. over all its not an easy or fun time. this is why so few do it. I stopped because shrimp prices drove down so low the numbers really didnt work in favor of the person doing all the hard work anymore.
  2. I purchased 2- 55G food grade water storage containers (those blue ones) 1 gets 100% RO the other gets all the waste water from the RO unit. I dont like just putting water down the drain. feels like a huge waste to me. the waste water storage gets used for grass, plants, fills dog bowls, anything where normal water is just fine. i have thought about putting my Tunze auto top off pump into the my RO storage and then have it fill up a tank on the top shelf that gravity feeds RO water down to float valves on each tank but not sure i have much faith in $2 float valves not failing, then the
  3. EricM

    shrimp Tanks

    wow nice. lots of beautiful plants!
  4. Nope not from Speedie, from Blue Crown Aquatics, (formerly cskyusa) Great guys happy to recommend them for shrimp.
  5. I have one with full body deep blue but he tends to lurk towards the back of the tank mostly.
  6. Yeah I'm working on a "photo booth" type setup specifically for taking shrimp photos. I will post more info about it once i'm happy with the results.
  7. one of those cheapo macro lens things. need one for iphone6 i guess.
  8. shadow pintos have been kicking around for a little while now. https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/s720x720/10626669_938767829470988_6457726625708327168_n.jpg?oh=fb850d3e9590832835c65d445eeef71b&oe=54C5BF17
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