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  1. The problem is that they seem to live for few weeks than just die . Pet store I go to had them but like you stated they were WC not CB so they died and the owner knows what she is doing . She had them in soil type terrarium and a litter pan with water and driftwood . It was nice and they seemed to thrive and like it but in less than 2 months all had perished .
  2. Oh nice pic . ''This year, I will try that "one blue gill per pond" method to try to control the population'' Perhaps you might need more than one like 2 females . I would avoid males . I had a pair of dollar sunfish outside in a 125 gallon Rubbermaid . I had them with platies who they ignored UNTILL they started to spawn . Now after years I only have the female left and she does keep the fry population down but since no spawning , no problems with the platies .
  3. Louie

    Simple DIY planaria trap

    Scuds will colonize driftwood but real driftwood not that rock hard African wood . You remove it from water and they come out like ants , than you shake it in a container of water or in your puffer tank . You could use a few little pieces of driftwood . Granted now with your trap there is no need but if you ever add little pieces of driftwood IMO they breed faster . I have planaria in my shrimp tanks which do not have mini moth catfish but now I'm going to try your trap idea instead of ignoring them . I'd give you a 'like' but the Shrimp Spot ''man'' limits how many I can give and I've reached my limit till later .
  4. That is actually a great idea . I was planning on just buying the water but this is an idea . Other than my outside connections the washing machine is the only normal connection in the house . The faucets are weird shaped nonsense . I will be putting it together in May when my wife goes to visit my daughter , lol . Either way this might be my new water path . Thanks
  5. Oh wow that is a lot of food . ''How many red cherry shrimps can you keep in a 110-gal stock tank?'' Lol
  6. I actually thought that they needed a seasonal temp change which is why they didn't often breed inside .
  7. lol oh you are in Miami . The fish farm does have nice goldfish
  8. I go through about 150 mealworms a week only in feeding gekos and green anoles . I do it because sometimes I get unusual geckos and anoles so its interesting though this is common customer . I use one 16 by 10 topperware tub and I leave some beetles in which you are not supposed to as they do eat baby mealworms but over years I've become sloppy at it and it is the easiest thing in the world . I throw in a carrot or slice of yam once a week and that's it . A small container in a closet and you'll get lots mealworms for your gecko if you opt ever add mealworms .
  9. Thanks . I asked because I know they can be bred inside/tank but rather rare indeed .
  10. That enclosure came out beautiful . They certainly do look like gargoyles . With these gekos an a pair be housed together ?
  11. I tried sand once in a bog type tank and in time I siphoned it all out . Nothing but a pain but lots here will disagree with me .
  12. Did you breed them inside or outside ? Very pretty
  13. You certainly researched the breed . in my case back than I had a few acres and 2 bird aviaries plus chickens and I wanted two large dogs that would chase away from size alone but not catch bobcats and foxes who saw them coming .
  14. They don't require insects at all ? Breeding mealworms in a container in closet is easy enough as extra protein .
  15. Fancy golds an make for a stunning tank. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/9zi-Wn5nKi8/maxresdefault.jpg
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