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mayphly's Feedback

  1. JSak left Positive feedback   

    Excellent packaging and very good prices. Very considerate and helpful. All shrimp + 2 extras came in alive and very active.

    mayphly was The Seller

  2. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    Very well packaged. Shrimp arrived healthy and all alive despite a delay by the Post Office. Appreciate the extras. Thanks, Andy!

    mayphly was The Seller

  3. Shrimple minded left Positive feedback   

    Excellent transaction, communication, packaging, SHRIMP.

    mayphly was The Seller

  4. Critter Doc left Positive feedback   

    All my little guys arrived alive and healthy - appreciated the extras, too! Very well packaged - the inner bag was nice and cool despite hot outside temps. Thanks, Andrew!

    mayphly was The Seller

  5. seaj left Positive feedback   

    Cute shrimp! 2 extras, lots of insulation.

    mayphly was The Seller

  6. qawsican left Positive feedback   

    A+ Seller. Amazing quality shrimp and received a bit more than I paid for.

    mayphly was The Seller

  7. Vpier left Positive feedback   

    Awesome shrimps as always! Thanks Andy!

    mayphly was The Seller

  8. Vpier left Positive feedback   

    Great shipping and awesome shrimp !!!! Andy's one of the best if not the best!

    mayphly was The Seller

  9. Vpier left Positive feedback   

    Awesome and great shipping! Thanks Andy!

    mayphly was The Seller

  10. Vpier left Positive feedback   

    Great shrimp and great packaging. Thanks Andy!

    mayphly was The Seller

  11. Vpier left Positive feedback   

    Once again awesome shrimps and one of the best at packaging. Thanks Andy!

    mayphly was The Seller

  12. ibebian left Positive feedback   

    Andy was terrific and generously provided fun goodies along with my shrimp purchase. Beautiful, very well kept setups. Thanks again Andy, keep it up!

    mayphly was The Seller

  13. Mr. F left Positive feedback   

    Great shrimp! BEAUTIFUL. It was cool to meet Andy in person- and get to see all his amazing shrimp! A+++ all around.

    mayphly was Trading

  14. heatherbee left Positive feedback for a topic   

    RAOK Free Plants
    Amazing RAOK! Received huge bunch of AR & 3 other awesome groups of stem plants :) Shipped out fast and the packaging was top notch!

    mayphly was The Seller

  15. renaisancexx left Positive feedback   

    Beautiful shrimps and fast shipping! Would definitely buy from again

    mayphly was The Seller

  16. Vpier left Positive feedback for a topic   

    1 Taitibee Package For Sale
    Shrimps arrived safely. Awesome Looking!

    mayphly was The Seller

  17. francisf left Positive feedback   

    Awesome shrimps..Thank you!!!

    mayphly was The Seller

  18. Goo left Positive feedback   

    Great communication and amazing shrimp!

    mayphly was The Seller

  19. Vpier left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Mischling Taiwan Bee Package For Sale
    Once again I bought from the best!!! Thanks Andy!!!!!!!

    mayphly was The Seller

  20. Alohameans143 left Positive feedback   

    Great Shrimp! Thanks!

    mayphly was The Seller

  21. plamski left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for gorgeous shrimps.

    mayphly was Trading

  22. Vshrimp left Positive feedback   

    shrimp are great quality and packaging was superb. mayphly is great to work with

    mayphly was The Seller

  23. 240ric left Positive feedback   

    Very nice Pseudo Tibees. Will definitely be buying from mayphly again.

    mayphly was The Seller

  24. PlantDude left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Taitibee For Sale
    Shrimp came in perfect and healthy. Always a pleasure dealing with mayphly!

    mayphly was The Seller

  25. Cloud18 left Positive feedback   

    great seller!!! Fast shipping thanks

    mayphly was The Seller

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