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  1. Counting each plant there 27 total split. I'll go 7.50 a piece totaling 202.50 I'll do 200 free shipping.
  2. Why not use ledges to put them on lol. Of buy a new tank
  3. No one. It's a steal, most came from Han, some from ericj on tpt. Grown out so you'll be getting more than 15 plants with no algae or snails. No pets possible baby shrimplets
  4. Is anyone interested in a buce Package. 15 types Each can be split into several smaller plants. I have them labeled on the underside of there rock the plants are tied to. So I don't want to disturb them unless someone isminterested. I paid 35-50 per plant. So that's a total of 525$ I spent. I'm asking 225 for the whole lot. I know some of them are brownie phantom, black carpet, purple, blue shine, mini Catherine, fake Catherine I believe, and several others. Send me an email at ericpeavey91@gmail.com
  5. Fissidens mini, fontana, cameroonmoss, mini pellia, callicostella prabiaktana, millimeter moss, Singapore moss, mini Taiwan moss. Flame moss.
  6. So I want to clear my tank up of all the over growth. You'll get tons of moss several rare mosses. I'm asking 86$ shipped. Message me for moss list it's quite long. But k of that your paying less than half the original piece selling price
  7. Bruno. I will be soon. They will be mischlings and tibee culls I need to get this moss thinned out first so I can actually see what I have going on in there
  8. Stephen check out my journal for photos of the tank. Pm me I'll get you prices for what you want.
  9. The black or brown probably depend on the color adults they From. Browns would tend to be more red in lineage and blue more black in lineage. Makes sence To me I have a ton of more brown tinted cbs and muscling even tibees in my tank but my tank is also predominantly cbs and tibees that came from cbs and tt pseudo tb if you will.
  10. We're just getting rid of the phone cut it off the bill we have cells anyways lol.thanks everyone for your help. The router modem I bought both and have triple what I'm subscribed to for Internet apeedas well as being able to multiply all my game system phones tablets laptops and desktop streaming at once
  11. Have an overgrown tank of moss guys. Need to sell some asap. Singapore, mini Taiwan, Cameroon, prabiaktana, and many more. Hit me up if your interested and for pricing. Look thougnsome of my old saleadds for other types.
  12. O ok guys I need a yet again a tech savvy help. The nether c400 or the 66u have no telephone jjack. Is there a phone to ethernet adapter I can buy. I have comcast and my puke needs to be connected to the router or modem. If to the modem is there a adapter split with a Phinney jack and ether net cables
  13. Guppies and neos come from south America and do better in lower Ph. Most species do anyways. Where neos need a higher Ph. I always go for a buffer substrate. Economy complete is inert.
  14. The only downfall of the 66u is I need a modem. I run cable Internet and want to gee t rid of compact router, it's a piece oftrash. I was th inking the Motorola surfboard docsis 3.0
  15. Exactly. As long as you can keep fish alive you can keep shrimp alive, now thriving and breeding always takes an extra effort with any specie. But I never had luck with neos and I kept them in optimum settings, I even had neos when I started my crystal tank and they survived for a long time in bee Params. But for meme, I will always revcomend bee as a first gateway to shrimp. It's easier to keep the Params under control, spot problems before th eri happen, and easier to treat illnes.
  16. In the following I will express my opinion and my experience as well as what I recommend for people just starting out. Again this is my opinion, I welcome everyone's opinion as well as there experiences. Not everyone will agree and I would like to keep this thread clean of vulgaris as well as heated debates. This is to help anyone new to th e hobby out not debate. I started out with cherry shrimp, what a mistake that was. My tank was established and we'll set up at a neutral Ph I cycled it with a beta and low light plants. That was two years ago. It was a ten gallon with gravel and some coral
  17. Oh yes I almoztforgo4. I still have fresh home made fish food. Good for all fish, no preservatives, made with only fresh ingredients, three or four color enhancers, natural, vitamins, including licene, and vitamin c, probiotic blend. Frozen solid right now is the best time to order, I use ice packs, and cold weather will prevent it from coming in melts, ask country boy about my success with this food. I sent him some sample. My fish love it. Several benefits with this. No fillers No prepreservatives All natural Fresh sea food No sugars Every vitamin a fish utilizes everyday use, aswell
  18. Tb almost always have awfully covered rostrum, there colors are always dark, I have never seen a wine red that's not a blood red color where as crs have just red coloration. The tb pattern is solid, and not usually broken unless bred that way. And growth rate, if you pay attention to that stuff tb take longer to mature than crs in a tank which is easily recordable to know what's what
  19. I have the gla v2 I believe it is. It's for a paintball system with a built in solenoid I use on a timer. An hour before lights go on and an hour before the go off to turn on and off I found those time to be optimal for plant uptake. Diy co2 is ok for beginners, but even then I wouldn't recommend it for Several reason, no constant production of co2. Constant diffuser cleaner and Whiteside residue. If you don't have a bubble counter or second chamber bottle, it's very possible for there to be a leakage of unwanted gunk etc into the tank. The gla set up with paint ball canister diffuser et.
  20. How about someone on this forum does an experiment in a 5 Gallon tank. I don't have the room or time right now but it would basically be this, 2 male part and 6 Female carid. Let them be for a year and see if any babies come out of the tank. Simple. And will dispelled any myths or speculation about it
  21. I have a golf ball of Singapore moss that needs trimmed off for 26 shipped. Bryce I have probably a 2x2 of Cameroon moss if you want it pm me.
  22. Olympus tough the black one latest came out for underwater picz
  23. To be honest my prices are really cheap for what I have annexation I sell. Even Han is selling cheap, (and I imported some if not most alongside him) imo moss is the best plant
  24. I've been debating on buying the Asus dual band http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-dual-band-wireless-n-gigabit-router-with-4-port-ethernet-switch-black/6639292.p?id=1218768195065&skuId=6639292 Not sure if it's a good one but I need a router that can handle two gaming systems being hooked up to it. Not simultaneously. Able to run my ps4 without hiccup and the xfinity router isn't cut took no it. Plus three Tablet. One desktop. And two phones. Any ideas guys, I know enough to get buy and set stuff up but the tech aspect I get lost.
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