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Found 9 results

  1. How do people/big time breeders get all the green algae on the tank walls? And is it actually beneficial? You always see shrimplets grazing on it, but never heard a lot of discussion about it.
  2. A few weeks ago I started my very first shrimp tank. I started noticing a bunch of small white dandelion looking growths all over the glass and filter of my tank. They're so small you can hardly see them with your eyes unless you're looking very closely. They're attached by a small filiment, and extend into a white parashoot/dandelion fluff that moves in the waters current. There is thousands of them. I redid my tanks substrate (due to having way too much) and decided to take that time to rub it all off. A few days after getting everything set back up, they're back. My amanos and red cherries don't eat it to what I've seen. I have been to 40+ different forum threads on websites all over the internet, and while some people have the same thing, not a single person has been able to identify what this is. Any help on this subject would be awesome! Below are my tanks parameters, and attached is a very good extremely zoomed in close up of a couple "blooms" of this stuff. The pic is clear but VERY blown up, I can't stress enough how small these things are. Fractions of milimeters. 10 gal tank Nat Geo LED lighting on for 10ish hours a day Sponge filter rated for 50gal tank 6.5-7.0 pH 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 10-15 nitrates 2-3 gH (yes I know this is low for shrimp I'm working to fix) Thank you very much in advance for all your help! I can't seem to find the answer anywhere!!
  3. Hi folks! Just wanted a general idea how you deal with algae in your tanks, if at all. I know there are different types and colors. Which are safe for your shrimp? Which are toxic? Are there non -chemical ways to treat it? I've read and heard a lot of contradictory info. Thanks for any feedback! Sandy
  4. Hey guys, It's been a while. We have some big news coming up that shrimpspotters are going to love. But for now here's a blog post that we wrote about all the different types of algae and how to get rid of em! Enjoy! Best,
  5. Hi all, I have tried lot of methods to create and keep algae, but still failed (even using algae sprout with plant fertilizer for shrimp).... Did you have any solution or suggestion to keep algae cover tank like pictures below?? Any help will be appreciated.
  6. I was wondering how people control algae growth in their tanks? CO2, fish, snails etc? I have some BB and green hair algae and am wondering what the best method for controlling it would be.
  7. How do I get rid of hair algae? I keep red rilis and OEBT in the 20 gallon planted shrimp tank and it seems like every week I'm pulling tons and tons of algae out of my moss and plants with my aquascaping tweezers. The main reason I want it out is because it make my tank look like a huge mess! When my family and guests look at it I want them to enjoy the tank not see a bunch of algae everywhere. . So is there anything I can do? (Fish (shrimp safe) or any products that wont harm them)
  8. I noticed yesterday morning that there were little filaments that were almost invisible like fine hairs on my flame moss. By the evening it looked like it was covered/wrapped in it. It looked like it was going to suffocate it. Last night before bed I pulled all the flame moss out. When I pulled the threads out they are bright green. I'm guessing this is hair algae. I'm new to the whole panted tank thing, but I have heard of this being a bad thing. The moss has been in this tank for a couple weeks and this is the first I've seen of this. The only new changes are the new LED light strip and new foods I have been feeding since Friday. What should I do? Should I toss it?
  9. My 10G shrimp only heavily planted tank has got thread algae. I am using only root tabs, I think I placed 5 in the whole tank. Thread algae can be caused by excess IRON. But the thread algae is getting pretty much on everything now. Glass, rocks, all plants... I am getting some Pygmy cories today, but I would like to know what algae eater is best and actually cleans/eats thread algae? Thank you...
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