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Found 15 results

  1. hello, i have first Shadow juvenile and i have some question about it in my mind. This blue color is what?! - secondary surface colour of TB? black, red, white is primary-dominant - is it subsurface color of TB's body, which sometimes go to surface into primary colors? - is it only tint of white colour of TB? some failure of genetics of white TB color? thank you very much for all answers/ideas... :-)
  2. Forum members have been asking me for shrimps videos.Plan was to make them early this year but busy schedule and some photo gear problem delayed the project. Now after finding the right video camera and enough free time I'm ready to post couple of videos. Will start with video showing 4 year project of High Grade Blue Bolts and Panda Mosura. I'll try to add new video at least once a week.Probably to be easy to find them I'll post them all in this first post. For better quality and fast buffering you can watch them in YouTube. Please fill free to add your videos and comments
  3. 4 of our main tanks are due for substrate replacement so some shrimps have to go. 1. Regular CRS/CBS GONE. 2. Blue Bolts Regular grade $6 size ¼”-1/2” 3. Wine Reds $8 size ¼”-1/2” 4. BKK 1 bar $6 size ¼”-3/4” 5. Shadow Pandas $9 size ¼”-3/4” 6. Royal Blue Tigers GONE. 7. Red spotted head pinto 3-5 spots $30 size ¼”-3/4” 8. Benibachi Line PRL $6 S-SS grade size ¼”-3/4” 9. Benibachi Line PBL $8 S-SS grade size ¼”-3/4” Shipping $7 for lower 48 states. Free USPS shipping on order over $150 100% DOA if the shrimps are received at first delivery attempt. Clear picture/s of unopened bag no later than 1h after delivery.
  4. 3 tanks are due to substrate replacement so some shrimps have to go. Every package include 10+1 x BB shrimps from 1/4" to 3/4" in size. 4 packages available. $55 shipped.
  5. I have 3 packages of BB/Panda shrimps for sale. Package will include pre adult shrimps. 9x regular grade BB and 3x Panda shrimps.Pandas are low grade shadow pandas. Price: $45 shipped to lower 48 states.
  6. I have 2 packages available for grab. Every package include 10 BB .They looks like regular BB BUT they are culls from Black Pinto tank. This tank has probably 50-60 old shrimps producing 85% pintos and 15 % BB. If you are looking for Pinto genes here is the chance. Price is $70 shipped to lower 48 states.
  7. I have 1 TB package available for sale . Included shrimps are : 5x regular grade BB, 3x WR , 2x Shadow pandas and 1x regular grade Red bolt GONE!
  8. It is again trimming time. I’d like to clean some of the moss in shrimps tanks before breeding season starts. Yes that is correct, somehow my breeding season is winter time. Since the moss is coming from shrimps tanks no frets have been used. !00% algae free. Only “bad “ thing is Malaysian Trumpet Snails .There are a lot of babies in it.You might get some new born No entry WR, Black pintos or Red Ruby WRs In my experience those snails are the best for leftover food control and substrate cleaning and aeration. For sale: 1 Mat of Fisident Fontanus 10”x3” in size price $70 shipped 2. Mat of Fisident Fontanus 12”x4.5” in size price $95 shipped 3. Mat of Fisident Fontanus 10”x.3.5” in size price $70 shipped 4. Mini Christmas moss tennis ball size $5 Probably 5 gal bucket size is available Shipping for Mini Christmas moss $6 I’ll ship it in small USPS priority box
  9. Hello shrimpers I Have some shrimps for sale. They have been breed in my tanks here in Florida for last 3-4 years. Water parameter are just regular for those types of shrimps. They are pretty hardy because I don’t like to spoil them much. WC twice a month, lots of greens for food. Almost no supplements. Attachments are some random pictures of my tanks. Please watch your weather prior ordering. Shipping is $15 for USPS priority and $35 for USPS Express. If the purchase amount is greater than $165 I’ll subtract $15 from total cost. ENJOY YOUR TANKS AND SHRIMPS!!!!! Benibachi PRL $8 Benibachi PBL $10 Royal tigers $14 Blue Bolts $8 random scoop Shadow pandas $11 BKK 1 -1.5 white bar $10 /Wine reads are just regular WR with 2-4 white bars The difference is that you can choose them to produce more No-Entry WR or Red Ruby WR . No Entry are much harder to achieve, though./ Wine reds { culls coming from one bar and extreme red ruby tank} $14 Wine reds { culls coming from No entry Wine red tank} $16 Black pintos everything but zebra ones - SOLD Red pintos everything but zebra ones - SOLD If you can find better prices somewhere please let me know and we will work things out.
  10. As the title says I am looking to delve into taiwan bee breeding as the next step in my shrimp keeping. I don't care if they are low grade, but I don't want to have to sell an organ to afford them
  11. Extreme Blue Bolt and Mosura pre order early Black Friday sales!!! They are $25 each, but I've got special discount, PM me for details! Don't miss the chance Extreme Blue Bolt Juvenile $25 each, Deep Blue guarantee!!! (around 0.8cm) Shadow Mosura (Blue Mosura) $25 each In order to get Pre-sale price, people need to make 50% deposit, Shrimps will be sent out by the first week of December or the soonest time I have them arrived. (Deposit will be collected only if the total minimum order number reached) Shipping: 1) Priority (2-3 days within US) for $12 2) Express for $32 (DOA guarantee, shipping cost in not included) DOA:The package must be received on the first delivery attempt. Pictures of the dead shrimp in the unopened bag next to my shipping label must be sent to my PM within 2 hours after the delivery. Shipping option: $2 for ice / heat pack
  12. They are just so cool. So far it only looks like the regulars are for sale, and I'm not sure I trust the websites just yet... Thanks in advance!
  13. I’m looking to set up a Blue Bolt tank. I’ve kept cherry’s and crs successfully, but this will be my first technical shrimp tank build, so I would love some feedback before I pull the trigger. By technical, I just mean, trying to do my best to keep the little buggers thriving. I assume BB shrimp are going to be trickier than CRS. I'm going to be using a previously cycled fish tank and sponge filter. (still wet from previous use). Lighting: 13 watt T-2 lights from http://americanaquariumproducts.com/Aquariumbulb.htmlWhich so far have been awesome (except for some algal bloom). They are the cheapest lighting solutions I've ever found. My background is in planted freshwater. I have a TDS meter Inside the tank: Cholla logs, Christmas and Java Moss. Substrate: Controsoil Water: RODI Additives: Salty Shrimp GH+ Food: Various Leaves from Buypetshrimp.com Filtration: Dual Sponge Tank Size: 10 gal This is really as far as I’ve gotten. I’m not sure about other additives… should I put some kind of powder under the substrate before I put water in? What would be good to have on hand etc. I would love it if someone could help me fill in some blanks. Thanks!
  14. So my berried BB had decent blue but now that it is berried it is turning really blue. She is around 12 days berried and she is turning like blue berry blue, its really quite beautiful. I was told by Mayphly that this happens so I was expecting it but not quite as dramatic as it is. My question is why do they turn more blue? Is it hormonal, or nutrients in their bodies? I have actually stopped feeding this tank about two weeks ago. The bio film is pretty epic and they seem to have lost most interest in prepared shrimp foods. I will update with a pic tonight if I can get a good shot of her. I just really noticed how blue she has gotten in last couple days this morning when I was on my way out the door.
  15. I am so excited, I woke up yesterday morning and did my usual shrimp count. I saw two fresh molts in the tank and upon closer inspection I see my one BB is berried!! This really caught me off guard since I couldnt see that she had a saddle becuase of her color and I have seen one of my Golden Bees that does have a saddle. I was expecting the first shrimp to berry would have been the golden. So now im curious what male got to her it would be either another BB or a Golden. What offspring would you expect from a BBXGolden? I wish I had a camera that took clear enough pictures to share.
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