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Found 5 results

  1. I have a 10 gallon tank w/ all grades of BB and 1 female pinto and a female shadow panda. My female EBB was due any day now and as I was looking in my tank I saw her kicking vigorously on the sponge filter. Later on I checked in on her and noticed 1 baby shrimp on some moss. I’m just confused because this baby is an orangey yellow color and it looks to have stripes on its back. I took a video of it, curious to see what everyone thinks? The majority of my tank is BB with the exception of 3 shrimp. I have about 30 in there right now. IMG_2671.MOV
  2. So I had bred my BB with another BB in a breeding tank and for the most part I have a lot of BB babies. I also have some that are pinto and crystal red patterns. Can I even get crystal reds from BB? Or would they be Taiwan bees?? I’ve just never seen this type of shrimp in the past.
  3. Hi all. Its been a while since ive been on here. Im going to set up a 55 gal for all my taiwan bees. Does anyone have an idea on how much brightwell i would need to buffer 55 gallons? Also what type of substrate should i use under the brightwell for good plant growth? Thanks
  4. One of my blue bolts has orange eyes. Is this typical?
  5. Rodan76


    From the album: Mischlings tank

    A couple bluebolts.
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