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Found 2 results

  1. I just bought 15 crs and 5 crb. I received some very high grade crown head variations along with 2 lesser grades I would like to insure the higher grades breed giving me some even cooler variations. I was wondering if a breeding box would be appropriate as when I placed them in it they seemed to be getting stressed. I saw a video with a guy selecting two shrimp and them immediately mating. How long would it take for the female to show her eggs to limit their time in the box. Any hep is much appreciated
  2. DIY $7 Internal Breeder Box After dealing for 3-4 years with Marina external breeder boxes ran by Elite micro pump .I decided to switch to internal ones. Not that I don’t like Marina ones but in my narrow shrimp room they are always on my way during maintenance and catching shrimps. There are some very handy models but all of them are too large for my divided tanks. After scratching my head for a week here is what I come with. You will need: Lee's specimen container http://www.marinedepot.com/Lee_s_Aquarium_Specimen_Container_Small_Fish_Containers_Tr
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