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  1. I currently am keeping blue neocaridina in a 10 gallon tank. TDS is around 180. I am thinking of adding caridina shrimps to my tank also. I have read extensively that the rule of thumb is not to mix both species together due to different parameters. My question is, if I would like to add caridina to the tank, which would be the most suitable type to pair with my current neocaridinas? I am drawn to the attractive patterns which caridina shrimps have as compared to neos.
  2. Hi, I just started keeping shadow pandas. I got 6 two weeks ago and all are still alive. But 2 lost the blue color and is now just a regular panda. Don't mind as much as long as they are healthy, though I do love blue.. My questions are Is this normal? Should I be feeding a certain type of color enhancer? Is this a stress indicator? What would I need to breed them with to get more shadow pandas? Blue bolts or other shadow pandas? Any tips? Much appreciated for any feedback, Thank you
  3. Buy Various Colours And Sizes Of Freshwater Aquarium Cherry Shrimp. Neocaridina And Caridina Shrimp Available. For Everything Shrimp Visit 🦐 👇👇 Plainandshrimple.co.uk
  4. I like taking pictures of my shrimps with my Nikon and my cellphone camera. Feel free to post some of your favorite shrimp pics here to share. Here's a few of mine to start
  5. Hi there, I am Vinny and this is my planted aquarium. it is a 20 long with a screen lid on top. I have had fish since I was nine years old, but I have never had a planted aquarium before. I have always wanted RCS in my tanks as a clean up crew, so that's what I did. When I put these guys in the tank they were all over cleaning plants and scavenging. And then I added fish about two weeks later... I added a golden wonder killi fish along with some small tetras. It seemed like the killi was hunting the RCS so I removed him from the tank. Now ever since I added the killi all my RCS have taken refu
  6. First post here so if i'm missing something go easy on me. I have some PRLs that I'd like to continue to breed, but I wouldn't mind getting a couple other caridina or adding a caridina to the PRLs to get something new. Obviously this would be in a new tank so I don't mess up the line. I'm just wondering how you figure out what patterns do what and if there is a basics of cross breeding or a chart I could reference.
  7. hi im looking for caridina shrimp im almost done cycling my shrimp tanks but i dont know what to put in there? post pictures and prices of what you have for sale ill be interested in blue bolts,shadow pandas or something like that
  8. At one point I had a BB and BKK Panda tank. I took it down and separated the BKK's into their own new setup. I only had 3 left after the die off in their old tank. The female of the 3 has always had a peculiar backline since the day I bought her as a BKK Panda. About a month ago I noticed roughly 12 babies I was surprised to see that there were pandas, black dominant BKKs and most interestingly about half the babies came out with a zebra pattern. Also about a quarter of the babies have pretty orange eyes, maybe not full out beat orange but not dark at all. Now a month later some of the zebra
  9. I've always wanted a river setup and I was oh-so-close to having one. Unfortunately, my mystery snail breeding necessitated using the tank I designated as river tank for growing out the snails instead. Well I have finally wrapped up the mystery snail breeding, so the tank is finally ready for business! I hadn't decided what exactly I wanted to do with it until I was watching some Chris Lukhaup YouTube videos of Caridina shrimps in their natural habitats. I was struck by how much water flow characterized some of these habitats. With that in mind, I decided to make my tank a (mostly) shrimp tank
  10. Looking for blue bolt, pure red line crystal, blue panda, blue dream and painted fire red shrimps FIND ME GOOD DEALS FOR XMAS PLEASE
  11. are there any good offers during black friday? i want to buy some shrimp but i was thinking that maybe a few people in here or some of the pages that sell shrimp might offer discounts for thanks giving or cyber monday? i want to start setting up a rack but should i just set up tanks for now and wait or just start buying shrimp already?
  12. hi guys im new in here and wanted to see if someone could help me. i have research but still haven't decided on which substrate to use, i want to start 4-6 new 10 gallon tanks for taiwan bees and crystal red/black shrimp. wich substrate should i use? i have only used fluval substrate but my shrimp haven't breed yet so i want to try something new??
  13. Hi shrimpers, I have a question that we may be able to answer today. What line are these high level breeders in Asia getting metallic shrimp from? I have seen metallic purple king kong on a facebook page. It was a video and it was literally a black king kong with a metallic purple upper body area. To be fair it was more metallic silver than purple but it was purple none the less. Someone in the comments claimed there was a whole tank full at one point in a Hong Kong shrimp store. I have also seen the metallic blue boa, imagine a very high grade black galaxy pinto with metallic light blue marki
  14. Who will be the F10 TBM? Clean TB or TBM? According to the logic of F7-8+ Mischling gene must be lost, and will only have the genes of TB when administered to careful selection of course. Correct me if I'm wrong, please. It's important to ID my shrimp in the sale. For example: TB x CRS = Mischling F1 Mischling F1 x TB = Mischling F2 and TBM F1 TBM F1 x TBM F1 = TMB F2 TBM F2 x TBM F2 = TBM F3 ... TB(M?) F10 x TB(M?) F10 = TB Fn or TBM F11 ?
  15. Shipping Cost: 1. Fedex Ground $15~$19* (only for 1~2 shipping Days area, such as CA, NV, WA, ID, OR, and most of AZ and UT) 2. Fedex 2 Days $26 3. Fedex Overnight $35 4. USPS Prioity (only for Hawaii and Guam) $25 Packages Deal for Caridina (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 20 pcs BKK Panda: $110 - 15 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $150 - 10 pcs S Grade Blue Bolts $110 - 25 pcs Yellow King Kong (YKK) $110 - 25 pcs Ghost Bee (White Crystal Bee) $110 - 10 pcs Aura Blue A grade $140 - 10 pcs Aura Blue S Grade $190 - 30 pcs S-SS Grade CR
  16. Ok, so I have a ten gallon with various Caridina in it and plants. Running CO2 controlled via a Milwaukee pH controller, so I can keep my pH pretty close to whatever I want. What are the problems with CO2 and Caridina? I have an algae problem and would like to increase my CO2 to get rid of it, but would like to know what people think 1st. How low can I go with my pH? Thanks in advance for any advice. -Tom
  17. Shipping Cost: 1. Fedex Ground $15~$19* (only for 1~2 shipping Days area, such as CA, NV, WA, ID, OR, and most of AZ and UT) 2. Fedex 2 Days $26 3. Fedex Overnight $35 4. USPS Prioity (only for Hawaii and Guam) $25 Packages Deal for Caridina (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 20 pcs BKK Panda: $110 - 15 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $150 - 10 pcs S Grade Blue Bolts $110 - 25 pcs Yellow King Kong (YKK) $110 - 25 pcs Ghost Bee (White Crystal Bee) $110 - 10 pcs Aura Blue A grade $140 - 10 pcs Aura Blue S Grade $190 - 30 pcs S-SS Grade CR
  18. Hi Everyone! I have 2 packages of homebred Blue Steels available. Each package is $200 shipped with 5 shrimp or I can do local pickup in Southern California. Thanks for looking!
  19. Funny phenomenon A halfsider from my black/blue Taiwan tank.
  20. One of my favourites (I am into natural forms a lot) since I got some from the first import last year. Caridina sp. Raccon tiger from Vietnam. I personally feel they look more in the direction of Paracaridina, but noone has had the time to do research, DNA and so on yet. Extremely hardy. I have kept them from 200 to 500 microsiemens and pH from "very low" to almost 8. Temperatures as most other species from Vietnam/South China. There is a similar species with small spots on the belly called Caridina sp. Umbrella Corp. that comes in mixed with these sometimes
  21. Ok, I think, I must make at least one journal on one of shrimp keeping dedicated forum and I choose Shrimpspot.com My choosend aquarium is ready, 48 gallon tank and only with 1 bio sponge, My mission is to have new bee variant color shrimp and make My own line. on next, I will make a list what variant of shrimp already inside the tanks and swimming with signs of healthy shrimp. My English maybe not fluent yet, but the most important, I can understand it and when needed, I can read this journal again to track the history of My shrimp keeping. Thanks to Shrimpspot.com
  22. Hi all We will have new shipment arrive in the middle of Sept. and a special shrimp will come with it Golden Dragon (Breed in Taiwan by ourselves), unsexed Juvi, 0.8~1.2 cm We have some customer want to get some, but they want us to down the price. That's why we have a group buy to make price lower Retail Price >$150 ea, if we can get a 50pc group buy order, the price will be $130 ea if order over 100 pcs, the price will be $110 ea Over 6 pcs, we offer free Fedex Priority Overnight shipping (DOA Guaranteed) A
  23. Hey, has anyone seen Raccoon Tigers in the US yet? I've seen lots of German breeders with them, but have yet to see any over here!
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