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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all. So some background My 10g tank has: Blue Dreams Amanos 1 Cardinia that stowed away in a plant shipment I got 3 Rainbow Paskais 1 Celestial Danio Phoenix Moss Crinum Calamistratum (Onion Plant) Nymphaea Zenkeri (Tiger Lotus) Bolbitis Heudelotii (Creeping Fern) Eleocharis sp. Mini (Mini Dwarf Hairgrass ) Micranthemum (Monte Carlo) A random piece of Subwasstertang algea but i dont want that The overall goal of this tank is to be a shrimp tank with the neos and maybe a species of Caridina once I'm a little more experienced. But I have a hard time keeping the neos alive a friend who owns the LFS ive been buying them at recommended i try buying from a local shrimper because his shrimp might be more well suited to the local water than the shrimp he buys from abroad because he thinks its weird that im having a tough time with Neos. So I did just that when i met up with him he told me co2 might be the issue since it makes the water acidic and makes molting hard and it makes the water parameters more unstable so I stopped using Co2 for the time being and the shrimp look healthy. But the issue is I would like to keep using Co2 for the benefits to the plants and because id like to keep the carpet ive been working on. Current Parameters Temp: 74.5 F/ 23.6 C Ph: Between 6 and 6.4 (im bad at colors) but its yellow (API Test) Kh: 4 drops the chat says 4 degrees 71 PPM Gh: 6 drops the chart says 6 degrees 107 PPM TDS: Waiting on a meter from amazon. Lights are on between 4 PM and 9:30 PM for those who don't do the military time. Bellow are the spectral percentages of light if this helps anyone. Any advice on how and if I should add Co2?
  2. Ok, so I have a ten gallon with various Caridina in it and plants. Running CO2 controlled via a Milwaukee pH controller, so I can keep my pH pretty close to whatever I want. What are the problems with CO2 and Caridina? I have an algae problem and would like to increase my CO2 to get rid of it, but would like to know what people think 1st. How low can I go with my pH? Thanks in advance for any advice. -Tom
  3. Hi everyone, I've got a planted tank with Brightwell sub, CO2 and Blue Bolts. My pH cycles from 6.08 in the morning to 5.78 in the evening. Is this unhealthy? Should I aim for tightening this range? I turn off CO2 at night about an hour before my light turns off and it comes on about the same time as my lights come on. Also, is having a KH of 4-5 necessarily bad for Caradina? I have really clean tap water as I live in the foothills. So far my few tester shrimp seem to be fine, although i see markedly more activity from them in the evening as the pH climbs lower. Thanks in advance for any advise. Here's my tank too. Just cuz I'm proud of it's progress.
  4. I have a birthday coming up and decided I wanted to purchase myself a Co2 sytem. I know very little about them other than you have a tank, regulator, bubble counter and diffuser thats where my knowledge ends. I want a good quality system to run on my 10g to start and add my 7.5g later on, so something big enough for the two tanks. My price range is up to 200$ so quality is important. I will be running this on my shrimp tanks and dont want something cheap that could kill all my shrimp. Suggestions on equipment brands and newbie mistakes when using Co2 is what im looking for. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I keep trimming and they keep growing! These are perfect for a low light set up. Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis (few nodes) Hemianthus Micranthemoides 10+ stems Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green Gecko' ( small plantlet w/ 3 leaves) Hornwort 5+ stems Salvinia Minima Naja Grass (Najas guadalupensis) Duckweed ( Lemna minor ) Giant Duckweed (spirodela polyrhiza) Christmas moss - super clean and healthy (golf ball) All the floaters will come mixed up in a zip lock sized sandwich bag. $25.00 shipped USPS priority. Tracking included. Shipping only within the conusa. Paypal only. Feel free to pm me with any questions. Thanks, Andy
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