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Found 5 results

  1. hi guys im new in here and wanted to see if someone could help me. i have research but still haven't decided on which substrate to use, i want to start 4-6 new 10 gallon tanks for taiwan bees and crystal red/black shrimp. wich substrate should i use? i have only used fluval substrate but my shrimp haven't breed yet so i want to try something new??
  2. https://buceplant.com/products/controsoil?variant=23339321601 We have controsoil available! Used by many shrimp breeders in Taiwan for its buffering capacity and keeping water parameters ideal for Taiwan bees/CRS. Works well for planted aquariums without the heavy initial ammonia leeching. PM us if you have any questions!
  3. Hi all, Recently, almost everyone who was asking for my help has a common pattern. It is the tank has Controsoil as substrate. Just yesterday alone, there are 3 cases and today there are 2 cases. Not saying Controsoil is problematic, but it is similar to last time with ADA AS, when more people are using it then the challenges will start to surface. As such, I am starting this thread for people who are facing problem with their tank that is using Controsoil to share their problem. In this way, we may able to find out the pattern and maybe learn how to use this substrate in a better manner. If you are facing problem, please tell us what problems you are facing and starting when (how long the tank is setup). For those who does not have a problem, please refrain from posting. If possible, let us know when did you buy the Controsoil so that we know which batch is it. Thanks. ^^ Shrimpy Daddy
  4. I’m looking to set up a Blue Bolt tank. I’ve kept cherry’s and crs successfully, but this will be my first technical shrimp tank build, so I would love some feedback before I pull the trigger. By technical, I just mean, trying to do my best to keep the little buggers thriving. I assume BB shrimp are going to be trickier than CRS. I'm going to be using a previously cycled fish tank and sponge filter. (still wet from previous use). Lighting: 13 watt T-2 lights from http://americanaquariumproducts.com/Aquariumbulb.htmlWhich so far have been awesome (except for some algal bloom). They are the cheapest lighting solutions I've ever found. My background is in planted freshwater. I have a TDS meter Inside the tank: Cholla logs, Christmas and Java Moss. Substrate: Controsoil Water: RODI Additives: Salty Shrimp GH+ Food: Various Leaves from Buypetshrimp.com Filtration: Dual Sponge Tank Size: 10 gal This is really as far as I’ve gotten. I’m not sure about other additives… should I put some kind of powder under the substrate before I put water in? What would be good to have on hand etc. I would love it if someone could help me fill in some blanks. Thanks!
  5. does anyone know where i can find controsoil in the NYC long island area? i know amazon has it but i kinda need it ASAP.
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