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  1. Hi Everyone, I am very new to the shrimp community, shrimp keeping in general(this is my first post). I stumbled upon shrimp keeping/breeding from aquaponics. I began this little adventure when I began fascinated with growing my own herbs and vegetables indoors using hydroponics. This lead me to countless of hours of research on youtube, google, forums, etc. Which eventually lead me to aquaponics, because the goal of my hydroponics was to become as self-sustaining as possible. This lead me to do a lot of research on nature, plant growth, nutrient cycle, ecosystems, eventually to Takashi Amano, "Learn from Nature, Create Nature". Thus I was on my way to creating a desktop aquaponics system that was aesthetically pleasing, functional, and cost effective. I started based on a design by a commercially available nano aquaponics system that I thought didn't look very nice, plus whats the fun in that? Simple concepts, fish/inverts in the tank produce waste, waste gets broken down by nitrifying bacteria, nitrates feed plants, clean water goes back into the tank. So upon doing more research I found out that dwarf shrimp produce little to no bioload, which means that I would need a **** ton of dwarf shrimp to produce enough nitrates to feed my little herb garden. Thus I decided I needed at least 1 fish, and I wanted a male Betta because they're pretty. However, knowing the nature of bettas I knew that I couldn't house my precious little dwarf shrimp and my betta together. Which lead me to do more research and i discovered a video showing you how to make a water bridge to filter 2 tanks with 1 filter using an overhead sump. "my aquaponics grow bed is basically an overhead sump" is what I thought and i figured it could work. 1 month of planning, sourcing, building, painting, daydreaming, and I was done building it and setting it up. I filled it with remineralized RO/DI water, planted my plants, added fluval cycle, and let the tank cycle until I only had <20 ppm nitrates. Most things were bought on Amazon, Home Depot, or Local Hydroponics store The setup consists of: 2 x 2.5 gallon aqueon tanks 1 x Black 1/3 size 6 inch food service pan (Growbed) 1 x Hydroton hydroponic grow media 1 x 20 inch finnex stingray light 1 x hikari mini sponge filter 1 x mini aquarium air pump 1 x 3w submersible water pump w/custom tubing&protective sponge housing 1 x DIY water bridge 1 x DIY wood housing 1 x outlet timer (Optional) Now it was time to locate my little shrimps. Most plants naturally prefer an acidic growth environment, thus I decided to go with Caridina shrimp mainly as I know they prefer softer more acidic environments. PERFECT! I ended up picking up 10 neat S-SSS looking CRS from a LFS near me and 5 PRL SSS CRS from another LFS, while I was there I saw some blue dream neos and couldn't resist and ended up with 5 of them and 6 ghost shrimp. I also picked up 1 golden horned nerite and a zebra nerite (1 for each tank). Its been 2 weeks since I introduced all my new roommates into their new home and so far everyone is happy! The 6 ghost shrimp surprisingly live peacefully with my Betta. My betta(has no name yet:(..) doesn't bother them too much. I did however lose 3 of my blue neos right after they molted..which i guess is attributed to the huge pH difference or something else. All my CRS have been doing great! The herb seeds I planted in the growbed have also sprouted I have some cilantro, sweet basil, thyme, oregano, parsley and arugula in there. I am hoping that over time as the herbs grow, along with the plants in the tank itself that my water conditions can remain relatively stable.
  2. Hello All, I started a tank hoping to keep and breed CRS shrimps, the specs and parameters as below. Tank – 12G with a piece of wood and few ferns (no rocks in there) Substrate – Brand new ADA Amazonia 9ltr, with substrate thickness close to 3inches in the tank Filtration – Sponge filter, Sunsun 603B with seachem matrix and ceramic rings Cycling – Since one month (set up on Dec 21 ) Water – Using RO water with SS GH+ GH – 6 KH – 0-1 TDS – 140 PH – 7.6 !!!! (even after a month) I have twice done 100% water changes with remineralised ro water hoping to get the ph back in 6.6-6.8 range but after a day the ph climbs to 7.6 Now the problem is the ph which is on the higher side and reads 7.6 with API test kits. Isn’t the Amazonia supposed to buffer the water to less than 7 ? Just few queries on the ph, what could have gone wrong resulting in the higher ph even though I am using ada. Will this ph be suitable for the CRS shrimps, With all these time, effort and money spent i don't want to give up at this stage due to the ph. Guys need your suggestions or comments on what would have gone wrong resulting in the higher ph with the supposed to be called the buffering substrate Thanks,
  3. So, after my introduction, here's my full setup of my 13 gallon tank. Brand: Dennerle, HOB filter Dennerle with blue sponge, siporax and ceramic tubes and lily pad for oxygenation. Also I use a 25 watt heater and Söchting oxydator. Plants are Staurogyne Repens, Anubias Nana, Anubias Petite, Anubias Bonsai, Anubias Barterii (I like Anubias) and 4 Marimo moss balls (actually an algae). I use a strong depth effect with Mopani wood and grey flagstone. After cycling my tank (with happened after 12 days!), I bought my first starter group which is a Japanese line (Benibachi), consisting of 8 shrimps. I also use ceramic cubes, tubes and squares for hiding spots and it'also a nice place for the Anubias to attach on. Temperature is 72F, 10 hours of light a day (24 watts fluorescent lighting). Water values (I use RODI water with GH+) PH 6 GH 5 KH 1 NO2-: 0 NO3: 0 PO4: 0 NH4+: 0 NH3: 0 A couple of pics below:
  4. Hello all, I just started keeping shrimp, first time ever (I'm a relatively experienced fishkeeper). New to shrimps so I decided to jump right in to the deep, as that is my style. So I decided to purchase a starter group of eight CRS benibachi line which I managed to buy quite cheaply (5,95 euro's a piece), as it's S, mostly SS to SSS grade. I believe I have 2 to 3 females and the rest males, but I'm still learning on sexing them. My tank is a 13 gallon Dennerle tank (low tech), with a Dennerle HOB filter with lily pipe. Filter substrate used is blue sponge, siporax and ceramic tubes. Additionally, I use a Süchting oxydator and a 25 watt heater. Temperature is kept at around 72 Fahrenheit. The plants in the tank are Staurogyne Repens, Anubias Nana, Anubias Bonsai, Anibias Petite and a single Anubias Barterii. Anyway, I'll post pics after my introduction. Excitement is high. Cheers!
  5. I've got some beautiful homebred juvenile Crystal Red Shrimp up for sale! $3ea + S&H, shipped USPS Priority, shipping cost is based on your zip. Please PM me for details!
  6. This is where I'll be keeping track of my newest project in hopes of creating some new and exciting pinto shrimp. I'm sure other cool looking shrimp will come out of this project and I'd like to share with you in this shrimping journey! Tank set up Soil - Amazonia Water- Re-mineralized RO Light - 7g Led low light (beamswork) 20g archaea compact 36W Filter - double sponge and oversized aqua clear hob Low light plants and moss. No co2 or ferts. My original 11 TB showed up back on March 3, 2014. They were 1x panda, 3 x shadow panda, 2x med/high grade bb and 5 low grad bb. As of today I have all mentioned above along with ruby red, wine red, red bolt, and bkk. I started selectively breeding female mosura mischlings with random male tb resulting in some mosura shadows. My TB parameters are PH-6.0 TDS- 155 GH- 5 KH- 0 Today I am starting to move some of my tb in to a 20L. The 20L has almost identical parameters as the 7g. I received my tibee on Oct. 29, 2014. Today I will be moving some selected tibee into my 7g cube Taiwan bee tank in hopes of creating some pintos. The tibee are still to young to breed. Once they grow a bit more I will move them in to a breeder box with selected tb. The tibee I’m using come from Jaime who has been selectively breeding tibees for some time now. The two types of tibees I’m using are pseudo tibees (TT x C grade crs) which are 4th or 5th generation. These can range from orange with red stripes to orange with black stripes and a couple of other oddballs. The other ones are are from the (super tiger x bumblebee) also 4th or 5th generation. This cross is mostly white right now. The mother had a blue-ish green tint on its head. It will be interesting to see how these look grown up. The parameters for the tibee tank are PH 6.5 GH 5 KH 0, TDS 140 Temp 72 Here's a link to my gallery
  7. I have a few too many PRL for sale. Purchased from Techsmith a year back thereabouts and reported to be from Green Peppers line. TDS @150, pH is @ 6.6 , GH 5 and KH 0-1. They are kept at room temp so currently 68F. 4$ each plus shipping so 12$ west coast and 9$ east coast
  8. Hey everyone I been keeping shrimps for a while now and have several shrimp tanks ranging from 5g all the way to 60g. I figured I started documenting my journals here. First lets start off with my favorite tank. 30 gallon riparium tank. Tank Measurements 24x24x12 2 x 24 inch Finnex Ray 2 Ehiem 2213 Sponge Filters ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Plant and Shrimp list will be posted later. Anyways here are the photos from the start to finish.
  9. What's the consensus on moving a berried crystal to a different tank? Bad idea? Doable? Gh, KH, TDS all very close, ph a little higher in current tank. She's in a mixed CRS and RCS tank at the moment and want to move her to a CRS only tank that's been running (with other crs) for 3 months. Appreciate the insight.
  10. Howdy peeps, I have a 5 gallon tank that is being over run with PRL and I desperately need to sell some. I got them from techsmith who told me he got his from Green Pepper shrimp. I am selling them for 4$ each plus shipping and have at least 30 to sell probably more! All juvies or babies which have been raised in pH 6.5 and TDS about 180. I am one my 5th set of babies at least and really want to get rid of some as they are eating me out of house and home 😁
  11. are there any good offers during black friday? i want to buy some shrimp but i was thinking that maybe a few people in here or some of the pages that sell shrimp might offer discounts for thanks giving or cyber monday? i want to start setting up a rack but should i just set up tanks for now and wait or just start buying shrimp already?
  12. So I have a 5 gallon tank that has 26 or so CRS, grades S-SSS, and I just put in 3 red tigers because I wanted to keep an eye on them while they grow up. What would happen if they start to breed? Also, I have a 20 gallon tank that has 10 BKK shrimp that I want to start breeding but they're just all so spread out that I feel like they won't. If I were to add them to my 5 gallon, what would the cross breed babies look like? Every time I try to look this cross of CRS and BKK, I never find any handy results. Please help me out! Thanks!
  13. Shrimpspot Family, When I started the shrimp hobby, I tried Cherry Shrimp they survived but didn't thrive. I bought Blue Velvets they breed a little. However I gave some to a friend and told him what to do and he had an explosion of shrimp. I then decided to take a leap into PRL’s even though I did not have much success with Neo’s. I was surprised when I started to have more success with these than I did with the Neo’s especially since everyone claimed that they were harder to breed. I say if you have been on the fence about getting some PRL Crystal Red Shrimp then just dive in and go for it. As long as you have researched talked to others and setup your tank parameters you should have success. I’m taking orders this week and will be shipping on Monday but I only have a limited amount of PRL’s available. So place your order today. 8 PRL’s for $68 Tank Parameters: PH: 6.2 GH: 4 KH: 0/1 TDS: 150
  14. Hey! I'm new to the hobby. I have a tank that's been live cycling with a couple white cloud mountain minnows for a while. I'm still having a struggle with chloramines, but once that's dealt with and the minnows go back to my lfs (Forest Lake Pets) I am gonna move on to setting up my tank. Here's the skinny of it: 26gal bowfront, Aqueon Quietflow 30 (I think), got some tasty gunk building up on the glass and driftwood, pretty solid flow and aeration, temp unregulated right now for the minnows' sake. My vision is to turn this into a pretty low-tech planted aquarium. Seachem Flourite Black substrate, hair grass carpet, moss on the driftwood centerpiece, and taller background plants (yet to be determined), and some sweet little stones (or marimo moss balls if the light is good enough). Black background on it too. I want to have this lush green/black palette with some fantastic red shrimps living in it. I just want to have a colony of red shrimps that breed true for the most part. I don't feel excited about aggressively culling them all. They don't have to be extremely hardy-- I am still probably gonna wait about a month to plant it and make sure I've figured out how to do my water changes. That's about it. Red shrimps. Low cull rate. Preferably something that won't keel over dead at the drop of 0.1 pH-- I'm definitely a beginner. Stripes/patterns are cool as long as the red shows up strong in the adult offspring. Any species that fit this ok? (Price isn't too important, I'm buying all this spread out enough that my savings will survive the colony starters. Unless I kill them. In that case I'm probably gonna give up and grab some tetras and perhaps a different invert.)
  15. Hi Everyone! I have 2 packages of homebred Blue Steels available. Each package is $200 shipped with 5 shrimp or I can do local pickup in Southern California. Thanks for looking!
  16. Hi Everyone, So 3 weeks ago I started my first shrimp tank project, it was a dual tank aquaponics setup with one tank housing a betta and one tank housing some CRS and RCS. Just wanted to share some good news! I figured that the plants in the tank, and the extra plants i'm growing the the grow bed, will keep nitrates down and hopefully maintain stable water parameters. So far for the 3 weeks I've tested my water every other day and parameters have remained stable at: pH: 6.4 gH:7 kH:0 TDS:234 ppm Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrites: 0 ppm Nitrates <5 ppm In the past 3 weeks so many wonderful things have happened, I had an RCS that i brought home who was already berried, she gave birth just 3 days after I got her so now I have a lot, and I mean A LOT of babies and so far I think I have a pretty good survival rate, I can count at least 12-14 babies at any given time. One of my PRL CRS had "the clear band of death" right under the head. I was super worried for the whole week it had it, but this morning when I checked in on her, the band was gone and she is now berried!
  17. 4 of our main tanks are due for substrate replacement so some shrimps have to go. 1. Regular CRS/CBS GONE. 2. Blue Bolts Regular grade $6 size ¼”-1/2” 3. Wine Reds $8 size ¼”-1/2” 4. BKK 1 bar $6 size ¼”-3/4” 5. Shadow Pandas $9 size ¼”-3/4” 6. Royal Blue Tigers GONE. 7. Red spotted head pinto 3-5 spots $30 size ¼”-3/4” 8. Benibachi Line PRL $6 S-SS grade size ¼”-3/4” 9. Benibachi Line PBL $8 S-SS grade size ¼”-3/4” Shipping $7 for lower 48 states. Free USPS shipping on order over $150 100% DOA if the shrimps are received at first delivery attempt. Clear picture/s of unopened bag no later than 1h after delivery.
  18. Looking to try keeping caridina shrimp but I don't want to buy expensive ones and have them all die on me since this will be my first attempt at keeping them, if you have any culls of any types that you would be willing to sell for a reasonable price please let me know! Thanks!
  19. I have to replace substrate in regular CRS/CBS tank so all shrimps have to find new home. Buying options are: Package of 12 shrimps -random pick,grades from S+ to SS+ CRS and CBS. Price $35 shipped in conus USA. I can select and catch shrimps by request too. Grade up to SS $3.50 each. Grade SS+ and up $4.5 each. Shrimp will be 1/4" to 3/4" in size
  20. Joe's Aqua new shipment will be arrival on 7/26, so we restart pre-sale right now. All the pre-orders are 30% desposit requested. The SOONEST we can start to ship preorder should be after 8/1 Deadline for Pre-sale deal is 7/23. Free Fedex 2 Days shipping on all orders $130 and free Fedex Overnight shipping for $200 above. Enjoy it now, Shrimpers!! Shipping Cost: 1. Fedex Ground $15~$19* (only for 1~2 shipping Days area, such as CA, NV, WA, ID, OR, and most of AZ and UT) 2. Fedex 2 Days $26 3. Fedex Overnight $35 4. USPS Prioity (only for Hawaii and Guam) $25 Packages Deal for Caridina (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 20 pcs BKK Panda: $100 - 15 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $150 - 6 pcs Wine Red No-Entry $130 - 6 pcs Wine Red Mosura $150 - 9 pcs S Grade Blue Bolts $100 - 25 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $100 - 10 pcs E2 PRL $120 - 5 pcs Orange Eye Red Ghost $100 - 6 pcs BKK eXtreme $100 shipped - 12 pcs BKK Shadow Panda $120 - 10 pcs Black Belly Pinto $150 - 5 pcs Black Zebra carried Galaxy Gene $200(Limited) - 5 pcs Red Belly Pinto $200 (Limited) - 5 pcs BKK Jelly Extreme $100 (Limited) - 10 pcs BKK Mosura(Blue Body) $150 Package Deal for Neos (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 25 pcs Bloody Mary $100 - 30 pcs Yellow Golden Backline (Thick) $100 - 40 pcs Fire Red $90 - 25 pcs Blue Dream $100 - 40 pcs Blue Velvet $90 - 20 pcs Green Jade $140 - 15 pcs Green Jade w/ Golden Backline $140 - 40 pcs Red Rili $90 - 25 pcs Blue Rili $90 Package Deal for Cardinal (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) 1. 20 pcs Caridina Dennerli $200 2. 20 pcs White Orchid Bee $200 3. 6 pcs THREE SPOT RED BEE $200 Food Joe's Aqua Shrimp Food 80g $10 (shipping is $2.5) SnowFlake 100g $10 shipped Special Super Red - 1 Stripe $25 Super Red - 2 Stripes $20 Super Red - Multi Stripes $12 Super Red - CRS Pattern $8 Red Ghost - Orange eye $20 Taiwan Bee shrimps: Wine Red RKK - Panda : $9 Wine Red RKK - Stripes: $10 Wine Red No-Entry $20 Wine Red Mosura $30 BKK - Panda $5 BKK - Strips $6 BKK- Shadow panda $ 10 BKK mosura (White Body) :$12 BKK mosura (Blue Body) : $15 A Grade Blue bolts : $ 7 S Grade Blue bolts : $ 13 BKK Jelly Extreme $20 Yellow King Kong (YKK) $12 RKK Mischiling $3.5 Pintos Black Belly Pinto $15 Black Zebra Pinto $20 Red Belly Pinto $45 Red Zebra Pinto $55 CRS/CBS S~ SS CRS $3.5 SSS Mosura CRS $6 S-SS CBS (Japan Line PBL cull, <10% CRS offspring) $4.5 Golden Bee $2.5 PRL E3 $8 E2 $15 Neos 1. Bloody Mary $3.5 2. Yellow Golden Backline (Thick) $4.5 3. Fire Red $2 4. Blue Diamon $6 5. Blue Rili $3.5 6. Red Rili $1.8 7. Green Jade $7 8. Blue Velevt $2 9. Blue Dream $3.5 Cardinal Shrimp (Sulawesi Shrimp) Captive Breeding 1. Caridina Dennerli $10 2. 3 Spot Red Bee $35 3. White Orchid Bee $10
  21. Hi, I'm very new to shrimping and I am just starting on caridinas for an addition to my neos and if anyone has any beginner ones that are willing to sell me some, I would appreciate it! Grade does not matter for me. Ideally, my budget is from $20-45 shipped because college! I'm familiar with CRS and CBS. Thank you for reading (hoping for around 10 or so but im not picky!! Negotiable thank you again!) edit(also down for some mischlings)
  22. My order from Joe's Aqua just arrived I bought two crystal red shrimp juvis (impulse buy haha) and the website says they were raised in less than 200 TDS but when i tested the water they arrived in, it was 789? Is that normal? I have my water at 180s and I'm dripping it right now. Should I do anything else to ensure their survival? I added a little bit of frogbit and alder cone pieces in just for comfort.
  23. Joe's Aqua havs new shipment will arrive on 5/12, so we start pre-sale right now. The SOONEST we can start ship preorder is after 5/17, and all pre-order is 30% deposit requested. Deadline for Pre-sale deal is 5/9. Enjoy it now, Shrimpers!! Free Fedex 2 Days shipping on all orders $200 and free Fedex Overnight shipping for $250 above. We can ship to CA, NV, WA, ID, OR, and most of AZ and UT via Fedex Ground, and it's only cost $13~$17 with DOA Guaranteed Packages Deal - 20 pcs BKK Mixed: $100 shipped - 10 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $120 shipped - 10 pcs Wine Red Hinomaru $180 shipped - 5 pcs Wine Red No-Entry $130 shipped - 10 pcs A Grade Blue Bolts $70 shipped - 25 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $100 shipped - 25 pcs Golden Bee $60 shipped - 6 pcs E2 PRL $100 shipped - 30 pcs BKK Mischiling $70 shipped - 25 pcs RKK Mischiling $100 shipped - 10 pcs YKK $120 shipped - 5 pcs Orange Eye Red Ghost $100 shipped - 5 pcs BKK eXtreme $80 shipped - 8 pcs BKK Shadow Panda $100 shipped Package Deal for Neos - 30 pcs Bloody Mary $110 shipped - 30 pcs Yellow - 24K Golden Backline (Thick) $120 shipped - 35 pcs Fire $70 shipped - 30 pcs Blue Dream $100 shipped - 30 pcs Orange Rili $100 shipped - 35 pcs Red Rili $70 shipped - 35 pcs Blue Velvet $70 shipped - 15 pcs Blue Diamond $90 shipped - 20 pcs Blue Rili $80 shipped Food - Joe's Aqua Shrimp Food 80g $10 (shipping is $2.5) - SnowFlake 100g $10 shipped Special Aura Blue A Grade $15 Aura Blue S Grade $20 Super Red - Full Red $30 Super Red - 1 Stripe $25 Super Red - 2 Stripes $20 Super Red - Multi Stripes $16 Super Red - CRS Pattern $12 Red Ghost - Orange eye $30 Taiwan Bee shrimps: Wine Red RKK Mixed (Stripes & Panda ): $12 Wine Red Hinomaru $18 Wine Red No-Entry $25 BKK Mixed (Stripes & Panda) $6 BKK - 1 Strip $7.00 BKK- Shadow panda $ 13 BKK mosura (White Body) :$15 BKK mosura (Blue Body) : $20 A Grade Blue bolts : $ 7 S Grade Blue bolts : $ 13 BKK Jelly $12 Yellow King Kong (YKK) $12 RKK Mischiling $3.5 Pintos Black Belly Pinto $15 Black Zebra Pinto $20 Red Belly Pinto $45 Red Zebra Pinto $50 Black Spotted Pinto culls $4 CRS/CBS S~ SS CRS $3.5 SSS Mosura CRS $6 A~S CBS $2.5 Golden Bee $2.5 PRL E3 $8 E2 $15 Neos 1. Bloody Mary $3.5 2. Yellow - 24K Yellow Golden Backline (Thick) $4.5 3. Fire Red $1.8 4. Blue Diamon $6 5. Blue Rili $3.5 6. Red Rili $1.8 7. Orange Rili $3 8. Blue Velevt $2 9. Blue Dream $3.5 Cardinal Shrimp (Sulawesi Shrimp) Captive Breeding 1. Caridina Dennerli $10 2. Caridina Dennerli Pair (1 male+1female) $30 3. White Orchid Bee $10
  24. PRL Crystal Red - $50 for 5 shrimp or $85 for 10 shrimp (Parents are E2's). I bought DETAqaurium's entire colony, so you know these are quality! Crystal Red (SS-SSS) - $55 for 10 Shrimp Crystal Red (A-S) - $40 for 10 shrimp Royal Blue Tiger - $50 for 5 shrimp, $85 for 10 shrimp Yellow Neo - $45 for 10 shrimp Carbon Rili - $35 for 10 shrimp Shrimp are unsexed juvies PM me if interested. Shipping - USPS Priority - $12.00 (Continental US Only) PRL CRS (SS-SSS Grade) CRS (A-S Grade) Royal Blue Tigers Yellow Neo Carbon Rili Live arrival guarantee: Claim will only be valid if the following conditions are met: 1) Must physically receive shrimp within two hours of delivery confirmation. 2) Within the two hours of delivery confirmation send a clear digital picture of dead shrimp inside the untampered Kordon bag next to my shipping label. 3) Must receive package on first delivery attempt. *Shipping price is non-refundable *Sellers choice to re-send same shrimp or refund cost of shrimp *I am not responsible for USPS delays and/or mishandling
  25. Which in your opinion, is a more impressive sight to behold, a tank full of PRL CRS or Wine Reds? (whichever grade you prefer, please state). Assume high quality (solid color saturation). No Ruby Reds (majority red coverage). I've seen pics and can't make up my mind, but maybe those who have seen them in person can offer a better judgement.
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