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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I have been cycling my caridina shrimp tank for about 3 weeks now. There isn't still any nitrite or nitrate popping up yet and was wondering if maybe something has stalled it? I dose ammonia but controsoil is leaching ammonia to 1 ppm. I also dose seachem stability and also use a same sponge pre filter that I have on my other tank filter intake. I currently have a goftball size java moss and some giant duckweed in the tank. My lastest test this morning is A: 1ppm / Nitri: 0ppm / Nitra: 0ppm Substrate: Controsoil PH: 6.5 GH: 6 KH: 0 Temp: 83F
  2. Koi What do you guys think? I’m setting up my very first tank EVER (shrimp tank, 10gal) and have been cycling it for a month or so. After a week or two & added bacteria, I added 2 apple snails and a couple plants, rock & driftwood. The tank was crystal clear for almost a month, and then was hit hard with thin green algae on the glass & rock. It’s just now calming down a bit. I’ve kept the rocks scrubbed and done at least 1 to 2 water changes a week. I have a TDS (225ppm) & pH meter that I’ve been using to monitor it. I also have a water chemistry kit coming, but have a Gh/Kh o
  3. Hi.. made a beyond rookie mistake and purchased some RCS for my fluval edge 6 gallon, but it’s not cycled yet. I was going to do watch the tank like a hawk (thanks to being home nearly 24/7 for quarantine), but my conscience has gotten the better of me. I have a .5 gallon fish bowl from my old tank Equiptment. How can I best keep my 3 RCS (less than 1/2 inch in size each) in this while I let my tank cycle properly? I was thinking treated tap water (using prime), a ball of java moss, Fluval Stratum substrate. Am I better off using a different water source? Do I need an air stone? A
  4. Hello. I am new to this forum and have been setting up my first ever tiger shrimp tank. The tank had been going through some incessantly BAD thick milky cloudy water issues for almost 2 months. I have two large pieces of one-hour boiled spiderwood that I’ve covered in mosses and bucephalandra that are coated in the normal amount of spiderwood fungus. I am thinking the thick cloudy water issue is related to this too. I have to rinse the filter out a LOT, and do lots of water changes or tubing gets clogged and water gets super milky thick to a point where I cannot see the plants at a
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new here and fairly new to the world of freshwater shrimps. One month ago, I decided to start-up a shrimp tank using my old 20 gallon aquarium. I started working on DIY stand and buying aquarium items (black sand, sponge filter, cholla wood, alder pines, and almond leaves). Now, the tank is in cycling process. My plan is to have caridinas (Blue Bolts<-definitely and Tigers <- don't know yet which type) and Neocaridinas (red cherries and blue dream). I am debating if I should purchase a RO system or just buy distilled/deionized water from somewhe
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