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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I maintain 3 Parathelphusa Pantherina and I realized that they did not eat enough. They eat the dead leaves of my plants, but there are few in the aquarium. They also eat planorbs that I maintain for them. But not the pellets of Novo Crab. I ordered Hikari products and I hope to be more successful. I noticed that the carrots seem to please them. So, I was wondering what works for you to feed them? Thanks to those who will have information on the subject! P.S .: I do not speak English, sorry if my English is rough!
  2. Hi! I have an automatic feeder for main tank (180L) for Amano shrimps and fish, but i can't use it with shrimp tank (30L) cos the food powder for shrimplets (Mosura Shrimpton), cannot be dosed properly. I'm looking for any good soluton(s) to feed PRL shrimps and srimplets in my 30L tank, at holiday time (10-12 days) with special food for shrimplets. I would appreciate it if somebody have solution for this situation.
  3. HI! I have a 30L tank with 13 PRL shrimps and now i'm trying to create successful colony for next step - selective breeding. pH: 6,0-6,1 GH/KH: gH 8, kH 0, TDS: 155-180 Temperature: 22-23,5 24°C Substrate: Ista Premium Soil 3.5mm Filtration: corner HMF with Aquael Pat Mini powerhead + aeration inside the HMF Whats Inside? flame moss, phoenix moss, ricardia moss, bucephalandra sp.?, weeping moss (vesicularia ferriei) - on bonsai wood, dragon stone (completelly neutral), Black Cones, Catappa leaves The tank was cycled for 2 months before the shrimps added to tank by 03 september 2017 WC: RO+SaltyShrimp Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ 20% per 2 weeks I'm very new with shrimps and now i'm looking for good feeding plan for them, cos now not all shrimps check the food plate. My feeding plan now: Monday: Ebi Dama Tuesday: Glassgarten Baby Wednesday: Ebi Dama Thursday: CrustaGran Baby Friday: Ebi Dama Special Saturday: JBL NovoPrawn Sunday: Day off I'm planning to add to Sunday Dennerle Crusta Spinach Stixx. If somebody can give me advice with feeding plan or/and give me a direction - what to change, these advice's will be very helpful
  4. Hello everyone! I have been experimenting on proper methods to dose GlasGarten's Bacter AE powder. Since I have a small tank and few shrimp atm, i dose every other day and only about a quarter of the prescribed spoon for my 15 gallon aquarium. I have tried: 1) pouring the powder on top. It seems that the powder takes a significant amount of time to dissolve. 2) Pouring the powder into my Eheim surface skimmer and let it diffuse throughout the tank. I was wondering which method was better, or if I should be doing it in another way? I appreciate you responses to my quandary.
  5. I like to experiment with food. I have tons of Moroccan Mint growing in my garden. I sometimes fed the leafs that were left after preparing tea. This time, I just poured boiling water on the leafs and let them sit in the water for 1 minutes before putting a branch into the shrimp tank yesterday. My crown shrimps (Caridina sulawesi) did not eat it immediately but today they are all over it.
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