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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have recently purchased a Fluval Flex 36 litre tank to have Red Cherry Shrimps in. When I bought it the sales guy said that the filters on this particular tank would be too big for the shrimps to pass through, particularly if the shrimps would breed, and the eggs could get hoovered up. They recommended inserting a folded up piece of sponge into the filter intake to stop anything small going through, which I have done (shown in the pictures). My only concern is this going to block the filters too much? Any advice would be brilliant thanks!
  2. What i'm hoping to do is make a shrimp tank for 27.05 USD. i have a gift card to pet smart for that amount (from returning something). I already have a 5 gallon tank a hood (no bulb) and a filter housing ( no sponge or cartridge) a net That's all i have. What i think i have enough money for pre filter on the intake (~4) (only biological and mechanical filter in the tank) one marimo moss ball ($8)(they have fake ones that do grow moss and are a couple of bucks cheaper. are these ok?) Declorinator (like $8 for 3 oz) Light (~4.50)(will th
  3. Hi, i have a 20g long tank and have a swisstropicals HMF filter on it. i haven't set up the tank yet(checking to see if its good, bought it used) and i will have to also get an air pump for the filter. I was planning on getting this one : but noticed the air pump is kinda weak. I dont know the requirements for an HMF filter but is this strong enough? it will be for my future shrimp and possibly some celestial pearl danios or chili rasboras but i'm worried that the air wont even be strong enough to lift the water up the tube. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am worried because I changed media in my canister filter and my pH has increased from 5.4 to 6. I am monitoring continuously with Pinpoint. Not only that, but when I unplug my filter the readings immediately drop by .5. So when my filter has power my pH is .5 higher than without it. Should I be worried? Just when I think I've figured out science, it goes all wobbly on me. Any advice wood be greatly appreciated. ty
  5. Hey Shrimpspot members! So I was thinking of setting up a three or four 10 gallon tanks in a rack so I could separate my PRLs and blue bolts based on their pattern/coloration to breed them more specifically. Is there a recommendation for a shrimp rack you guys have been using? Also I was thinking of updating my filters. As of now I've been using Fluval C3 filters w/ sponge filter at the end, but I was hoping to update to canisters. A lot of people have been recommending eheim, but I was wondering what other options I have. Same story with lighting, although this is les
  6. Hello everyone! I recently added a tiny filter for my 2.8 liters opae tank. And I noticed that 2 or 3 of them would usually swim under the tiny flow from the filter, are they stressed by it or enjoying it? I've alr set it to the slowest flow and also added crushed corals in it to make it even slower. So now the water is kind of like "drooling" onto the water surface. Will the filter cause them to not breed?
  7. Hello Guys I am using UG and Poreous Ceramic Ring for my upcoming shrimp rank project. But I can notice that whichever tank I have used new ceramic ring have a high value of TDS, whereas I am using 100% RO water. The TDS I am currently getting is 120-130ppm, whereas the RO water TDS is around 30ppm. The soil is ADA Amazonia so it is not a culprit causing the spike in TDS. So any way I can reduce the leeching? Should I do more water changes? Looking forward to thoughts.
  8. From the album: Products

    A perfect fit, it snugs up to the intake and looks great in the tank. I prefer this over a piece of batting or sponge anyday. Got this from H4n ! Thanks man!
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