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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there, I recently came into the possession of a 20g tank with around 100+ cherry shrimp. The tank at the time was a mess, and had not been cleaned or maintenced in months. They were going to get rid of it, but instead I grabbed it. At the moment, I have most of the shrimp in a 5g bucket with some java moss and an airstone, while a few are in the 20g. I had to do a complete re-haul of the tank, which included scrubbing off the layers of algae that coated it, replacing the large-rock substrate with a shrimp-specialized substrate, and adding some driftwood and other plants I could salvage fro
  2. Hi. About 2 weeks ago i received 11 Red Cherry Shrimp from Elite Inverts online store.Ever since then I found a couple dead bodies and plucked them out of the tank. However, now when I look in the tank to spot the shrimp, I can't find any and its only a 10 gallon. I will note that when I received the shrimp, they were shrimplets, so much so that I though it was just a bag of water until I looked closer. Can someone help me find a solution to this. The shrimp aren't hiding and i've looked around the tank a lot. They seem to have just disappeared. Thanks.
  3. Hi, My planted tank is pretty established and is stable at around ph 6.7 but the tap water that i use is at around 8 or higher since my api test kit can only read 8. My tank is about 100L and when i last did a water change all but one of my ghost shrimps died. I did a 15% water change while dripping it in over 2 hours. the chemicals i dosed during the water change were neutral regulator ph 7.0, flourish, flourish nitrogen and flourish potassium since i was having trouble with my plants but this fixed them right up. I just need some help on how to safely do water changes for my shrimp to surviv
  4. Help! I really need to go to bed, but something is terribly wrong!Today I got an order of about 55 various colored neos from The Shrimp Factory (great shrimp, love them), and I put about 45-50 in my 5 gallon. Before I set the tank up, I'd stuck its filter pad in with my ten gallon's filter for a couple weeks, then I set up the tank (caribsea eco complete on bottom, pool filter sand cap, thrive caps in there too, I have a ton of plants coming in a couple days - the shrimp came early and the plants are late, so I wasn't able to get it planted first), added some pygmy cories and a chubby pond sna
  5. Hey, guys so all of the new shrimp I bought yesterday died overnight. Before I changed the water and cleaned up I thought I would check the water parameters to see if I could fix it for some more shrimp AFTER IT HAS BEEN FIXED. I have had this tank for 2 months and got the nitrate cycle going very well, it was heavily planted and had gravel so the shrimp's colour would pop! Every week I would measure my parameters and do a water change if needed or add prime and other chemicals that I use for my other tanks. They are safe and work well. The tank is a 60 Litres, filtered and gets 24-watt li
  6. Hi everyone. I recently rescaped my shrimp tank and added a Matten filter. The Matten filter is made from black reticulated foam with a PPI of 30, there is no flame retardant treatment applied to this foam, some clean PVC and an airstone. I drained out the tank while keeping my shrimp in a bucket with a heater and an air stone along with my old sponge filter. I re-scape the tank and installed a Matten filter. I refilled the tank back up with the old tank water plus 30% new RO water. I took the heater out of the bucket and put it back in the tank and started to re-add
  7. Currently own two 60 gallon freshwater tanks and a nano saltwater reef, now want to try a nano/micro shrimp tank! I got a 3 gallon cube and sponge filter with an LED light etc. Everything except shrimp, plants and substrate. So I have a few questions. I want a planted tank with some amazon sword or hair grass with plenty of java moss and maybe an anubias attached to a small log in the center. But what substrate is best for Neocardina shrimp? I want to keep blue velvets or blue dreams and know I would need darker substrate for better color on the shrimp. But whats best for the plant
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