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Found 30 results

  1. Hi. About 2 weeks ago i received 11 Red Cherry Shrimp from Elite Inverts online store.Ever since then I found a couple dead bodies and plucked them out of the tank. However, now when I look in the tank to spot the shrimp, I can't find any and its only a 10 gallon. I will note that when I received the shrimp, they were shrimplets, so much so that I though it was just a bag of water until I looked closer. Can someone help me find a solution to this. The shrimp aren't hiding and i've looked around the tank a lot. They seem to have just disappeared. Thanks.
  2. Hi, My planted tank is pretty established and is stable at around ph 6.7 but the tap water that i use is at around 8 or higher since my api test kit can only read 8. My tank is about 100L and when i last did a water change all but one of my ghost shrimps died. I did a 15% water change while dripping it in over 2 hours. the chemicals i dosed during the water change were neutral regulator ph 7.0, flourish, flourish nitrogen and flourish potassium since i was having trouble with my plants but this fixed them right up. I just need some help on how to safely do water changes for my shrimp to survive and how to safely change the ph of my tap water to suit my tank. But before this my shrimps were thriving with some buried and i even saw some baby shrimps swimming around. Fish Stock 4 cardinal tetra 2 rummy nose tetra 2 serpae tetra longfin
  3. Help! I really need to go to bed, but something is terribly wrong!Today I got an order of about 55 various colored neos from The Shrimp Factory (great shrimp, love them), and I put about 45-50 in my 5 gallon. Before I set the tank up, I'd stuck its filter pad in with my ten gallon's filter for a couple weeks, then I set up the tank (caribsea eco complete on bottom, pool filter sand cap, thrive caps in there too, I have a ton of plants coming in a couple days - the shrimp came early and the plants are late, so I wasn't able to get it planted first), added some pygmy cories and a chubby pond snail and waited another two weeks, and everything was going just fine. No ammonia, no nitrites, no problems. The shrimp arrived a few days early but they look great. I moved the snail and cories back to my 10g, then dosed the 5g tank with prime (just to be safe, I always do in newish tanks before adding their new permanent inhabitants). I added a few of the shrimp to my 2.5gallon, then put the rest in the 5 gallon. About two or three hours later I decided to test before I went to bed, nitrates were slightly high, but the ammonia was at 4ppm (not 0.4, nono, a full 4ppm)!!! I was floored! I quickly did a 50% water change, dosed more prime, added a second bigger filter with a spare (nice and dirty) filter pad I have on hand, and tested just minutes later. No ammonia. I unplugged the filter, waited five minutes, and the ammonia was 0.5ppm already!! I'm not exaggerating the timeframes, it's that fast. I removed any organic material in there that had dead algae or might possibly be decaying, but nothing is helping and I'm losing my mind. This is my third tank, and neither of my other two have ever had a spike this insane, especially not with shrimp. I'm scared something in the tank has maybe fried my bb... even in the dirty filter I just set up!?!? I don't know what else to do besides more water changes and prime (all night!). Astonishingly, everyone looks alive and well in there right now. the levels have been going up, but a bit slower, so I just did another 50% change and vacuumed the gravel to make sure there's no leftover food from the cories or anything. Ammonia went back down to 0, but 15 minutes later was back to 0.5 ppm.... I have no idea what to do... do I move half of them to another tank? There's nothing in my 5g yet except a stubby amazon sword, a few marimo balls, and a fake hollow pirate ship and fake hollow ox skull (got them both at my LFS).I haven't even fed them yet! I have to work tomorrow and I'm terrified I'm going to lose them, please help!
  4. Hey, guys so all of the new shrimp I bought yesterday died overnight. Before I changed the water and cleaned up I thought I would check the water parameters to see if I could fix it for some more shrimp AFTER IT HAS BEEN FIXED. I have had this tank for 2 months and got the nitrate cycle going very well, it was heavily planted and had gravel so the shrimp's colour would pop! Every week I would measure my parameters and do a water change if needed or add prime and other chemicals that I use for my other tanks. They are safe and work well. The tank is a 60 Litres, filtered and gets 24-watt lights for 8 hours of the day. I only added 10 shrimp, hoping they would breed. My parameters are the following: Please note that some of these will be ranges to give examples of what parameters I have had over two months. None of these parameters has had any fast swings, it has all been slow changes within these ranges. pH: 6.5 - 7.2 GH: 6-8 KH: 8-9 Nitrate: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia 0-1ppm Temperature: 23 Celcius I measure the parameters of my tap water and adjust accordingly for the tank. I also suspect my ammonia was what killed them, however, the ammonia only reached 1ppm after I added them which I thought was odd as the gravel is not that deep and couldn't have old tank syndrome as its not that old. HELP!
  5. Hi everyone. I recently rescaped my shrimp tank and added a Matten filter. The Matten filter is made from black reticulated foam with a PPI of 30, there is no flame retardant treatment applied to this foam, some clean PVC and an airstone. I drained out the tank while keeping my shrimp in a bucket with a heater and an air stone along with my old sponge filter. I re-scape the tank and installed a Matten filter. I refilled the tank back up with the old tank water plus 30% new RO water. I took the heater out of the bucket and put it back in the tank and started to re-add all of my shrimp to the tank. I put my sponge filter back into the tank so there would still be a lot of beneficial bacteria. The next morning I woke up and all 6 of my otocinculus catfish have died. Over the next few days I am slowly losing all of my shrimp friends and it's breaking my heart. They're stressed, moving slowly and sparingly, and not eating much at all. I have no idea what I've done wrong. I regret it so much. I thought it would be fun to update my tank and filter as ive learned so much since I've started. However all I've done is kill all of my friends. Does anyone have any advice? What did I do wrong? Why is the tank now killing them when there's nothing new in the tank besides a sponge Matten filter? Is there anything I can do to the save the rest? All water tests come back perfectly clean. Even with zero nitrate as I siphoned the substrate after they were placed in the bucket. PLEASE HELP
  6. Currently own two 60 gallon freshwater tanks and a nano saltwater reef, now want to try a nano/micro shrimp tank! I got a 3 gallon cube and sponge filter with an LED light etc. Everything except shrimp, plants and substrate. So I have a few questions. I want a planted tank with some amazon sword or hair grass with plenty of java moss and maybe an anubias attached to a small log in the center. But what substrate is best for Neocardina shrimp? I want to keep blue velvets or blue dreams and know I would need darker substrate for better color on the shrimp. But whats best for the plants? Will all active substrates used for "growing aquarium plants" change the water chemistry or are there brands that don't? Should I just go with black sand? I bought some root tabs for the substrate when it comes time for planting. Im using RO water and plan on just remineralizing it to the correct levels for the shrimp. That leads to my next question. Are there any good liquid mineral supplements you guys use for Neocardina? I feel that liquid supplements would be much easier to get the water to the correct levels for water changes and such. I watched a video Flip Aquatics did and mentioned using Fluval shrimp mineral supplement but looks like you cant get that anymore, and from what I've research Neocardina will do fine in water with KH levels at 0? So if I used RO water and remineralized the GH to the correct level would the water be good to start cycling and good for shrimp? Really interested in shrimp and would love to make a micro ecosystem they can thrive and breed in! would love to hear your guys feed back on anything to help give me more knowledge on the hobby, thanks! 🦐
  7. A few weeks ago I started my very first shrimp tank. I started noticing a bunch of small white dandelion looking growths all over the glass and filter of my tank. They're so small you can hardly see them with your eyes unless you're looking very closely. They're attached by a small filiment, and extend into a white parashoot/dandelion fluff that moves in the waters current. There is thousands of them. I redid my tanks substrate (due to having way too much) and decided to take that time to rub it all off. A few days after getting everything set back up, they're back. My amanos and red cherries don't eat it to what I've seen. I have been to 40+ different forum threads on websites all over the internet, and while some people have the same thing, not a single person has been able to identify what this is. Any help on this subject would be awesome! Below are my tanks parameters, and attached is a very good extremely zoomed in close up of a couple "blooms" of this stuff. The pic is clear but VERY blown up, I can't stress enough how small these things are. Fractions of milimeters. 10 gal tank Nat Geo LED lighting on for 10ish hours a day Sponge filter rated for 50gal tank 6.5-7.0 pH 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 10-15 nitrates 2-3 gH (yes I know this is low for shrimp I'm working to fix) Thank you very much in advance for all your help! I can't seem to find the answer anywhere!!
  8. Hey, brand new to this forum and just looking for a bit of advice. I have three ghost shrimp in my community tank. Two males and one female. They appear to be molting A LOT. Like I must have seen atleast 4 in the past two weeks...is this normal? I've heard molting can be a sign of I'll health. But they're all active and what not. Any advice would be fab please!
  9. Hi all, been doing some research but would love your opinions. Ordered some shrimp online, and had significant die off over the first week with green babaulti shrimp. Vendor is replacing for free but I want to avoid more losses and was trying to figure out what to do in order to accomplish both: 1. Ensuring the shrimp I do have that survived from before don't get infected or anything by this new batch. 2. Treat the new shrimp proactively to help ensure a healthy transition to the new environment. I don't have any cycled tanks to spare, but have an unused 10 Gallon tank sitting around and an extra filter running on one of my healthy tanks. I was thinking to open up the shipment, dose with prime and then add kanaplex or melafix right away as I do a slow drip acclimation. What would you recommend? Shrimp arrive tomorrow night most likely - so unfortunately a bit last minute. Thanks!!
  10. Hi all. I got 16 OEBT about 2 months ago. Half of them died in the first weeks. I have 7 left and seem to be ok as they are growing. I've been getting quite nervous everytime I count them as it's hard to find them all. I'm checking daily out of paranoia that more are dying. I noticed this brown spot maybe a week or so ago but haven't been able to figure out what it is. One more has a smaller brown spot and I'm getting worried... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Hi there, I am Vinny and this is my planted aquarium. it is a 20 long with a screen lid on top. I have had fish since I was nine years old, but I have never had a planted aquarium before. I have always wanted RCS in my tanks as a clean up crew, so that's what I did. When I put these guys in the tank they were all over cleaning plants and scavenging. And then I added fish about two weeks later... I added a golden wonder killi fish along with some small tetras. It seemed like the killi was hunting the RCS so I removed him from the tank. Now ever since I added the killi all my RCS have taken refuge in this plant shown in the picture bellow. The only time I see them leap out of the plant is at night time around 11:30pm... I have no idea what's the matter with them, but they are molting and still look very healthy. I am just concerned about the change in behavior. Any reply would help me so much! Thank you!!!
  12. My shrimps molted recently and i noticed that inside organs are little bit more darker then i used to see. I thought they were overfed themselves . But that is little more black then other ones . Is it disease? Do i have to remove it ? I dont know will it spread to others. If someone know pls help me because i dont know what to do. I hope its nothing. ( i posted picture to see what is word about)
  13. Ok so just made an account to ask this question... I have had a 30 gallon fish tank for some time now and soon I’m going to be upgrading to a 70 gallon and want to turn my old tank into a shrimp exclusive tank. I am not too interested in breeding, although it would be cool and I would like to know if it is possible with some species I picked out. From what I have gathered from some research neocaridinas can not interbreed so I can choose one neo. Then for caridinas i am getting conflicting answers. Can they all interbreed successfully? There are a few in particular I would like. My list is looking like this: 5 red cherry shrimp 5 blue bee shrimp 5 tangerine tiger shrimp 5 Indian green shrimp 3 crystal red shrimp 2 crystal black shrimp Would all of these get along? Would they all successfully breed? Will they be happy? If no to any of these please explain why and maybe an alternative, thank you!
  14. 26gal bow-front tank, 75F, water changes every other week, and the occasional weekly smaller changes to control algae and debris in the gravel, no feeding or fertilizing, ~35 shrimp mostly shrimplets, and two sulawesi giant golden rabbit snails. I got a single snail hitchhiker when I got my first batch of plants and didn't clean them properly. I've grown attached to the little dude and his name is Fresh. Now, two months later, my glass is crawling with snails and other pests (copepods). Some of the tiny snails have spiral shells like Fresh, and others are conical. Is Fresh producing these babies in its own? If I get rid of him, will the babies stop appearing? I have about 5 adult cherries at the moment, and 30+ babies all grazing like mad. I never feed or supplement the tank, I clean the glass every few days, vacuum the gravel during water changes, and only have the light on long enough for my plants to thrive. The water temp is 75F and the shrimp are spawning like mad. I thought by now they'd out-eat the snails. My goal is to have fewer baby snails on my glass. Controlling copepods is a bonus, but I'm not really concerned with them. The solutions that have been suggested to me thus far: Get rid of Fresh, the adult snail. Just keep squishing the babies I see on the glass. Make a snail trap and clear out as many as possible that way. Turn the lights on for fewer hours during the day. Get assassin snails for a while. Hope that eventually the shrimps will be numerous enough to out-munch the snails. Turn on my UV Sterilizer to discourage more growth of munching material. Please let me know what information to add here, and what your thoughts are. If it's futile-- so be it. :/ Thanks, y'all. I'll probably look like an idiot within two replies.
  15. Hello! I'm new to shrimpkeeping. I've been cycling my tank for like 5 months, and I have plants, snails, there's biofilm, weekly 20% water changes, Seachem Prime dechlorinator... My pH is ~7.5, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites. Temp is 73°F, no heater it's just room temp. No idea the GH/KH. I grabbed two bloody marys from my LFS on an impulse a few weeks ago. One died, the other is fine and dandy. I ordered about 17 RCS from Aquatic Arts, they arrived two days ago and I acclimated them for 2 hours, monitoring them the whole time. One died an hour into acclimation so i stopped to let them sit before a while before continuing. Since the shrimps have been in the tank, I've had 3 more deaths all at least a few hours apart. I just fished the 3rd out now. Is there a problem with AA? Should I buy from somewhere else? I don't want to lose all these guys, I'm really loving these shrimps. What do I do?! (Picture cause they're cute)
  16. Hello everyone, My Mamma shrimp jumped out last night and got stuck on the lip of the tank somehow. I found her this morning all dried out, but her eggs were still moist. I got a glass and filled it with the aquarium water, and separated the eggs from her body. The eggs are now in the glass. Any tips on how to keep them alive? Should I have them inside the tank in a breeder box, maybe, so they still have the heater and whatnot? I've never had eggs hatch before, so I'm completely clueless here. I just don't want to watch her babies die because their Mom was dumb. Thanks in advance, everyone.
  17. Hello everyone, My Mamma shrimp jumped out last night and got stuck on the lip of the tank somehow. I found her this morning all dried out, but her eggs were still moist. I got a glass and filled it with the aquarium water, and separated the eggs from her body. The eggs are now in the glass. Any tips on how to keep them alive? Should I have them inside the tank in a breeder box, maybe, so they still have the heater and whatnot? I've never had eggs hatch before, so I'm completely clueless here. I just don't want to watch her babies die because their Mom was dumb. Thanks in advance, everyone.
  18. Hey! I'm new to the hobby. I have a tank that's been live cycling with a couple white cloud mountain minnows for a while. I'm still having a struggle with chloramines, but once that's dealt with and the minnows go back to my lfs (Forest Lake Pets) I am gonna move on to setting up my tank. Here's the skinny of it: 26gal bowfront, Aqueon Quietflow 30 (I think), got some tasty gunk building up on the glass and driftwood, pretty solid flow and aeration, temp unregulated right now for the minnows' sake. My vision is to turn this into a pretty low-tech planted aquarium. Seachem Flourite Black substrate, hair grass carpet, moss on the driftwood centerpiece, and taller background plants (yet to be determined), and some sweet little stones (or marimo moss balls if the light is good enough). Black background on it too. I want to have this lush green/black palette with some fantastic red shrimps living in it. I just want to have a colony of red shrimps that breed true for the most part. I don't feel excited about aggressively culling them all. They don't have to be extremely hardy-- I am still probably gonna wait about a month to plant it and make sure I've figured out how to do my water changes. That's about it. Red shrimps. Low cull rate. Preferably something that won't keel over dead at the drop of 0.1 pH-- I'm definitely a beginner. Stripes/patterns are cool as long as the red shows up strong in the adult offspring. Any species that fit this ok? (Price isn't too important, I'm buying all this spread out enough that my savings will survive the colony starters. Unless I kill them. In that case I'm probably gonna give up and grab some tetras and perhaps a different invert.)
  19. Hi everyone. This is my first post to the site. I've been keeping red cherry shrimp in my tank along with 3 guppies for about 6 months now and over the past week I've noticed something strange. As you can see from the picture it seems as though this shrimps head has come detached from its body. This happened about 4 days ago to another shrimp and I woke up the next morning to find that it had died and I don't want the same fate to happen to the rest. If there's anyone that could help me diagnose the issue or tell how I could prevent it further that would be great. Thanks
  20. Hello everyone, I have this 1litre jar and I'm thinking of adding snails to accompany my brackish water shrimps. Because a litre is not very big, I am hoping to get a snail that doesn't grow very big because I don't want my jar to look crowded. Are there such tiny snails available? Thank you
  21. Hello everyone, I was just looking at the whole container and I realised that the coral sand at the back are turning yellow. It's just the top layer and the glass at the back seems yellowish too. I'm kinda worried, what's happening here? I added an image in case I wasn't explaining clearly Thank you!
  22. Hello everyone! I THINK MY SHRIMP MOLTED. I'm excited! Sadly I do not know exactly who molted What should I do now? Should I feed them powdered cuttlebone to help it grow back its shell?
  23. Wrong post! I do not know how to delete this so its left here............
  24. (No subject) PC Priscilla Chan Reply| Today 8:28 AM You Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm hoping to find some answers/advices here from you guys! ? Just yesterday I received 5 shrimps in a 500ml jar with 2 marimo balls and a coral fan(?) from a friend of mine and I don't know what type/breed they are or how to care for them. I have a list of questions below: 1. What breed of shrimps do I have? 2. How often should I feed them? 3. Why do they turn transparent sometimes? 4. I saw an exoskeleton floating around, why aren't the rest of the shrimps molting as well? 5. I saw one of the shrimp, using one of its longer legs to sort of "tap/scratch" it's shell. What does that mean?? Thank you!!
  25. First of all, I wanto to introduce myself, Im Camaron, Im new on this forum and I'd like to learn to pet (and maybe breed) some shrimps! I've tried once to breed 5 RCS but I failed, since I wasnt well informated and I didnt ask someone more expirienced, this time I dont want to fail again so I looked for a shrimp forum and make some questions to poeple who know about this topic. I want to start again, I just cleaned my tank (a 30 per side cube) [26liters - 6.5 gal] with just water and cleaned the sand (black inert silica sand), let the sand dry with the sun and packed it on a bottle. I have two filters, one is a cascade canister filter (185l/h) and a submersible filter (200l/h). Also I have a LED ligth lamp (http://www.amazon.com/Lemonbest-Bright-Aquarium-Lighting-Fixture/dp/B01533LOY4) I'd like to start a "planted" RCS tank, but I think I need to change my substrate in order to grow some plants, I want to grow low requirements plants and some moss, or should I go just for moss? I wanted to ask you guys which substrate should I pick and where can I buy it (hopefully not super expensive). Also my LED light will it work? or it sucks? Which plants/moss do you guys recomend me to start with. Thank you for your time guys and hope we can get along.
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