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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, I started a tank hoping to keep and breed CRS shrimps, the specs and parameters as below. Tank – 12G with a piece of wood and few ferns (no rocks in there) Substrate – Brand new ADA Amazonia 9ltr, with substrate thickness close to 3inches in the tank Filtration – Sponge filter, Sunsun 603B with seachem matrix and ceramic rings Cycling – Since one month (set up on Dec 21 ) Water – Using RO water with SS GH+ GH – 6 KH – 0-1 TDS – 140 PH – 7.6 !!!! (even after a month) I have twice done 100% water changes with remineralised ro water hoping to get the ph back in 6.6-6.8 range but after a day the ph climbs to 7.6 Now the problem is the ph which is on the higher side and reads 7.6 with API test kits. Isn’t the Amazonia supposed to buffer the water to less than 7 ? Just few queries on the ph, what could have gone wrong resulting in the higher ph even though I am using ada. Will this ph be suitable for the CRS shrimps, With all these time, effort and money spent i don't want to give up at this stage due to the ph. Guys need your suggestions or comments on what would have gone wrong resulting in the higher ph with the supposed to be called the buffering substrate Thanks,
  2. Hello all, I am new to the forum and to keeping shrimp and have some water chemistry questions. I recently purchased ten neocaridinas (five red sakura, two red unknown, one sky blue, one dark blue, and one yellow) and am now left with only four reds and the sky blue. The shrimp remaining are swimming around, feeding, and displaying nice coloration. I would like to purchase more but I don't want them to meet the same fate as the ones that did not make it! Any help on the matter is appreciated. My tank set-up: 2.6 gallon, cycled Fluorite substrate Planted (marimo moss balls, hornwort, crypt, myrio, chinese ivy) One large piece of dritwood Four apple snails No fish My water parameters: Nitrates: 10 Nitrites: 0 GH: 75 (soft) Chlorine: 0 KH: 300+ (super high) pH: 8.4- 8.8 I have well water that runs through a water softener, and thus seems to produce very soft yet very alkaline water. Does low GH but high KH/pH affect shrimp? Is there anything I can or should do to raise GH and lower KH/pH? Will these changes encourage the shrimp to thrive and breed (I know my snails would appreciate an oomph in the GH!)? Is there anything else I might be doing wrong? Thanks for all the help!
  3. Hey all, Just a quick question; I'm trying to transition over to using RO water. Today I went and got 50 Liters of "RO Water" from a garden center. When I got home and tested the PH of this water it came out at over 7.6. I used a digital meter which read 7.69 and also the API test kit which was darker than the highest reading on the chart of 7.6. This PH is like almost as high as our normal tap water in this part of the country where we have hard water. Any ideas here? is this even RO water? I thought RO water should come out at around 5 or 6 on the PH scale? Any advice appreciated!
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