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Found 7 results

  1. Just finished cycling my new 40 gallon breeder. DIY partitions cut from plexi glass. HMF back wall is common to all 4 partitions. Hope this will be the new home to some healthy and happy shrimps.
  2. Hi, i have a 20g long tank and have a swisstropicals HMF filter on it. i haven't set up the tank yet(checking to see if its good, bought it used) and i will have to also get an air pump for the filter. I was planning on getting this one : but noticed the air pump is kinda weak. I dont know the requirements for an HMF filter but is this strong enough? it will be for my future shrimp and possibly some celestial pearl danios or chili rasboras but i'm worried that the air wont even be strong enough to lift the water up the tube. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, I was wondering if anyone wants to tell others about good deals with limited time frames? Like Amazon Prime deals. For example today I saw that Flipaquatics has a Saturday special for Mettenfilters on sale. 10g for $9.95 or 20g for $12.95. Hopefully we can save each other some money.
  4. Any specific powerhead you all are using on your Hamburg Matten Filters (HMF)? Was thinking of setting up 4 tanks this way instead of dual sponge filters. Seems most say HMF is better. Cheap-o little no-name brand powerheads on eBay alright? I'd be interested in seeing pics or links of set ups/builds if you've done anything unique for your build (corner or full end HMF). Recommendations on pore sizes to use so that the tiniest of shrimplets are still safe?
  5. I am cycling a 55 gallon (208L) tank. It is divided into 3 sections using Poret foam. There is also a Poret foam corner filter acting as a pre-filter for the canister filter. I haven't seen a tank setup like this so I thought I would share my experiences with all of you . Here is the equipment I am using on the tank: 3" thick 30PPI Poret Foam Dividers 2" thick 45PPI Poret Foam Corner Filter CaribSea Flora Max Planted Aquarium substrate (inert) 48" Current Satellite+ Pro Light Aqueon 250W Heater Fluval 306 Canister Filter with Marine Pure media Tunze Osmolator Top Off System Pinpoint pH monitor The tank has been cycling for about 2 and a half weeks. I am using RO water with Shrimpy Daddy products and following the tank cycling procedure on his website. The Ammonia and Nitrite levels were 0 by the end of the second week. If everything continues to go well, I should be able to add shrimp in 2-3 weeks. My current plan is to have a neocaridina and tiger colony in each section. Snowballs with Super Tigers Yellow Cherries with Red Tigers PFRs with OEBTs Here are a few pictures of the tank's progress. This pictures shows the tank after I painted the back. These pics show the equipment being added. I used wire ties to hold the air lines in place. Here is the tank after SD's products were added. This one was taken right after the tank was filled. The corner filter has more than enough room to hide the canister intake, the heater and the pH probe. Added some teddy bear cholla wood. Here it is after I added a few plants. I will add a few more plants this week. I will post a picture afterwards. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions. Thanks.
  6. Okay, I hate to have to ask this because it's going to make me look like a total idiot, but I'm thinking of making an HMF for my newest 20L, and I know there needs to be some sort of pump to pump the water up the tubing. Is this the same kind of pump that people use for the air bubbles or is this something different?
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