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Found 19 results

  1. 10 + 1 for $44.99 and $15 USPS Priority shipping. Home raised, disease free. I've been culling the colony for about 5 years. PM me if interested! -Sharon
  2. Saw this pic of blue shrimp on csky facebook. Is this a new neo variation? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.787064504673116.1073741832.264050220307883&type=1
  3. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm having trouble with my 5gal, fluval spec cherry shrimp tank. I've tried everything I can find and they are still dying. Many signs point to molting issue but I can't stop it! I'm getting the white ring of death on many. I've tried adding cuttlebone, crushed oyster shell & feeding kale, reduced temp, increased GH ....and still deaths. Stats: ammonia/nitrate/nitrite: 0 ph: 7.4 tds: 300 temp:73 kh:4/gh:12 calcium:around 100 mg/l Weekly water changes with remineralized RO water. Tank is planted, no co2, occasional excel, no medications or chemicals for the most part. Help
  4. I'm not sure if this is the correct area to post this if not please move it. I am relatively new to keeping shrimp but I am experienced in raising and breeding both freshwater and saltwater fish. I recently purchased a quantity of "Bloody Mary" shrimp at an auction and I noticed that there are a few shrimp that are significantly darker than the others. From the picture would the shrimp in the center be "black" or just a real dark red? Also would this be considered to be a desirable trait? Thank you for your help/responses
  5. as the title says. Wild types welcome too PM
  6. Joe's Aqua havs new shipment will arrive on 5/12, so we start pre-sale right now. The SOONEST we can start ship preorder is after 5/17, and all pre-order is 30% deposit requested. Deadline for Pre-sale deal is 5/9. Enjoy it now, Shrimpers!! Free Fedex 2 Days shipping on all orders $200 and free Fedex Overnight shipping for $250 above. We can ship to CA, NV, WA, ID, OR, and most of AZ and UT via Fedex Ground, and it's only cost $13~$17 with DOA Guaranteed Packages Deal - 20 pcs BKK Mixed: $100 shipped - 10 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $120 shipped - 10 pcs Wine Red Hinomaru $180 shipped - 5 pcs Wine Red No-Entry $130 shipped - 10 pcs A Grade Blue Bolts $70 shipped - 25 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $100 shipped - 25 pcs Golden Bee $60 shipped - 6 pcs E2 PRL $100 shipped - 30 pcs BKK Mischiling $70 shipped - 25 pcs RKK Mischiling $100 shipped - 10 pcs YKK $120 shipped - 5 pcs Orange Eye Red Ghost $100 shipped - 5 pcs BKK eXtreme $80 shipped - 8 pcs BKK Shadow Panda $100 shipped Package Deal for Neos - 30 pcs Bloody Mary $110 shipped - 30 pcs Yellow - 24K Golden Backline (Thick) $120 shipped - 35 pcs Fire $70 shipped - 30 pcs Blue Dream $100 shipped - 30 pcs Orange Rili $100 shipped - 35 pcs Red Rili $70 shipped - 35 pcs Blue Velvet $70 shipped - 15 pcs Blue Diamond $90 shipped - 20 pcs Blue Rili $80 shipped Food - Joe's Aqua Shrimp Food 80g $10 (shipping is $2.5) - SnowFlake 100g $10 shipped Special Aura Blue A Grade $15 Aura Blue S Grade $20 Super Red - Full Red $30 Super Red - 1 Stripe $25 Super Red - 2 Stripes $20 Super Red - Multi Stripes $16 Super Red - CRS Pattern $12 Red Ghost - Orange eye $30 Taiwan Bee shrimps: Wine Red RKK Mixed (Stripes & Panda ): $12 Wine Red Hinomaru $18 Wine Red No-Entry $25 BKK Mixed (Stripes & Panda) $6 BKK - 1 Strip $7.00 BKK- Shadow panda $ 13 BKK mosura (White Body) :$15 BKK mosura (Blue Body) : $20 A Grade Blue bolts : $ 7 S Grade Blue bolts : $ 13 BKK Jelly $12 Yellow King Kong (YKK) $12 RKK Mischiling $3.5 Pintos Black Belly Pinto $15 Black Zebra Pinto $20 Red Belly Pinto $45 Red Zebra Pinto $50 Black Spotted Pinto culls $4 CRS/CBS S~ SS CRS $3.5 SSS Mosura CRS $6 A~S CBS $2.5 Golden Bee $2.5 PRL E3 $8 E2 $15 Neos 1. Bloody Mary $3.5 2. Yellow - 24K Yellow Golden Backline (Thick) $4.5 3. Fire Red $1.8 4. Blue Diamon $6 5. Blue Rili $3.5 6. Red Rili $1.8 7. Orange Rili $3 8. Blue Velevt $2 9. Blue Dream $3.5 Cardinal Shrimp (Sulawesi Shrimp) Captive Breeding 1. Caridina Dennerli $10 2. Caridina Dennerli Pair (1 male+1female) $30 3. White Orchid Bee $10
  7. Looking to buy some true DARK Blue Velvets. Some may call them Blue Dreams or Dream Blue Velvets (instead of Dream Blue Rili). How I understand it is that there are "Blue Dreams" that were more refined selective bred from Blue Carbon Rili's and so these usually have the Carbon Rili pigmented shells. Blue Velvets are from Red Rili's. What I am looking for are a selective bred strain of DARK Blue Velvets, that look the same shade (royal) of blue as Blue Dreams (hence some people call them Blue Dreams also), but these do not have the Carbon Rili pigmentation on their shells. They are literally just a darker blue version of Blue Velvets. If anyone has any for sale or know's someone who does have any, please let me know. I would like to look at up-close pictures to make sure they are what I am looking for (preferably of multiple shrimp so I can make sure the rest also match what I am looking for). Thanks!
  8. Wanting to buy some "Blue Dreams", or whatever they would correctly be called, that are NOT from a Blue Carbon Rili strain. So they should not have colored (blue/black) pigment splotches on their shell like carbon rili's have. I guess what I am looking for are "Blue Dreams" that are created from high grade (selective bred darker blue) Blue Velvets? Pretty much would look similar to the other Blue Dreams, but be solid in blue color, no pigment splotches on their shells or rili patterns. Anyone got Sea Sky (C-Sky) Blue Neos? (I hear these are actually developed from Blue Carbon Rili strain, but I might still be interested in these)
  9. I had two nano tanks that were about 3.5 gallons each. I kept mostly royal blue orange eye tigers in one and mostly painted cherry shrimp in the other. The parameters in each were ideal for the type of shrimp I was keeping in each tank. One morning I noticed that the cherry shrimp tank's filter stopped working. Since the tank was one of those with the self contained-filters I had to scrap the entire tank and get a new one. While waiting for the new tank to cycle my only option was to house the cherry shrimp in the same tank where I am keeping the Tigers. I thought this would be ok since I've read that cherry shrimp do well in a wide range of parameters when properly acclimated. However shortly after the transfer my neocaridina (neon yellow, painted cherry shrimp, black diamond) slowly began dying off while my OEBT and CRS were doing fine? From everything I've read caridina shrimp are generally more sensitive yet in my situation they are doing fine while my cherry shrimp are slowly dying off. What could be killing them? My parameters are: ph: 6.8 ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5.0 ppm KH: 2 GH: 6 I have UP Shrimp Sand under a layer of sand and the tank is nicely planted. I don't use C02. Though i do add about 3 drops of liquid fertilizer once a week. I feed them once a day with food ranging from blanched zucchini, shrimp pellets, BorneoWild, and occasionally add blood worms mostly to benefit the micro crabs.
  10. Trying to decide what Blue Neos I would like to get. I don't have all the time or tank space dedicated to separate culls, so I'd would prefer to get blues that need the least amount of culling, yet still look attractive (not too big of a fan of really light blue Neos that almost look clear white) I was considering Blue Diamonds. I've heard they were produced from chocolates. Can Blue Diamond x Blue Diamond throw out chocolates? I've seen/heard blue diamonds throw out light shades, even darker/black-ish, and some that even look like chocolates, but still have blue on them. Would all those types still be considered as Blue Diamonds and sold as such even though the coloration varies? Or do the varying shades/colors get categorized as different variants (Blue Dreams, Chocolates, etc) Not sure how accurate this graph is. Seems like Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets are at the "end" of strain variation, so they would breed most true? Though I am sure they throw out varying shades. Are lighter shade of Blue Diamond considered Blue Dreams? If not, what traits separate the two? Or are Blue Dreams just lighter blue versions of Blue Diamonds, but have been stabilized as a lighter blue producing strain? What ever happened to the Sea Sky (C-Sky) Blue Neos? I don't see many people selling them. I thought they were said to be a much higher grade strain of Blue Velvets or Blue Dreams that bred 70-90% true.
  11. Best place to get these guys from?
  12. Has anyone ever actually tried to mix a Neo and Crystal or Bee shrimp? I know everyone says they can't interbreed but I have a very reputable source that says it is possible. From what I hear the only difference between the two is a variation on one pair of legs that are used during mating. The differnece is very slight and in the right situations a cross is possible. Think about ligers and zonkeys and beefalo very unlikely but technically possible. Any input would be appreciated, I'm trying it right now anyway.
  13. Okay, I asked a question regarding blue neos yesterday and someone else asked a similar question after me so I'm thinking I'm not the only lost newbie out here. If anyone can give us info on some of these neo variants I think there would be at least a handful of grateful folks out here. I struggled with the differences in the blues in my last question. Today I'm wondering if people can clarify the yellows. My specific confusuion comes from the alpha pro neon 24s. Are they really the only providers of thes shrimp? They look like the brightest yellow I've seen, but on aquabid someone has something they are calling a rice shrimp that looks similar... I'm confused! Can anyone clarify for me?
  14. Just curious to have some input from other people that have experience with growth rates and breeding of neo in low pH tanks. I originally had three chocolate/blue diamond shrimp in my TB tank two males one female. Originally the pH was higher than my test showed (API) then got a digital meter (Hanna) and found out what it actually was and lowered it. It went from 6.8 to now about 5.6-5.8 TB are breeding fantastic and I noticed the one female Chocolate has not bred. I heard that neos stop breeding in low pH so I was not surprised at this. That female gave birth to a batch of babies about six weeks ago and I notice that they are growing extremely slow at TB rate. Has anyone else noticed this? Temp is and has been 76F.
  15. This is my 5.5 I setup 6mo ago to try semi bare bottom. I'm using a plastic container from dollar store for gravel. This neo colony started out as painted reds a year ago, my first shrimp but I never culled now they are really light.
  16. Hey guys! So I'll start a thread for the restart of this tank, see what you guys think... The idea is to redo the tank and eventually put in some nice fire reds, or something Neo. Here's what we've got so far- Equip: Tank- It's a 5g Fluval Chi, modified to be open top (essentially all the guts ripped out) 10'' x 10'' x 12''. Light- Clip on Fluval 13w, brand spankin new bulb Filter- We have an AC 30 that was on it previously, but I wouldn't mind getting another mini-canister for this, we'll see. Hardscape, etc: Eco Complete, very severely used and old as the hills- it's not thrilling me, I might replace it. Ohko-ish stone Cholla wood, holla alder cones Planty goodness: Fissidens Mini bolbitis rose moss stagocourne repens bucce (prob 2-3 kinds, still deciding) annubias nana micro? Maybe? So, enough lists- pics: I will say, this rock was a huge PITA to clean, though I am glad I took my time- there were so many holes and nooks I never saw until I scraped the mud out of them. Just beautiful stone...nooks and crannies galore, it's screaming for moss. Though this rock is super sexy, 'scaping with it in such a tiny footprint is driving me insane. Tried a lot of things. I had settled on that last one, but after feeling it out for a couple days I decided it wasn't right- side views were kinda jenky and it looked a little too...even... and predictable for me, so I played around again and am pretty sure this is it: Side view, much better: I'm thinking, "rockslide turns to moss/epiphyte-rich bank" kind of thing...lots of tiny plants, no stems. Thoughts? I also have a tiny wood piece that would fit, like so: I'll probably sit on this awhile, live with it while we plan our massive moss-and-goodies order (mwah ha ha). Question- are any of those bacteria powder start-up products worth it, should we look into them? We've never used them before. Usually just seed with filter mulm from an established tank and run a few months with fish. Does it really do anything we can't with patient cycling? So excited to get it going, though! I think this might be my new favorite tank...lol.
  17. please refer to buypetshrimp.com thank you, Erik
  18. In researching Sulawesi set ups, I came across several posts that mentioned the addition of neos to a Sulawesi tank to encourage the shy shrimp to come out of hiding and also to get them to eat commercial food. One commented that the cardinals avoided the shrimp food until the neos were added as they readily ate the prepared food. Anyone try this? The posts never mentioned if they were at 7 or 8 ph. Will neos be okay in salty 8.5?
  19. I'm looking for other shrimp that can be housed with neos. Can royal blue tigers thrive in neo conditions? Do all tiger shrimp have the same requirements or do they vary ?
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