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  1. I currently am keeping blue neocaridina in a 10 gallon tank. TDS is around 180. I am thinking of adding caridina shrimps to my tank also. I have read extensively that the rule of thumb is not to mix both species together due to different parameters. My question is, if I would like to add caridina to the tank, which would be the most suitable type to pair with my current neocaridinas? I am drawn to the attractive patterns which caridina shrimps have as compared to neos.
  2. Hi yall! I've been on the forum for a bit and finally decided to make an acct. I've been keeping cherries for a little over a year and am loving it! Here are pics from my 10gallon planted neo tank I keep those in a 10 and also have a bigger tank, retirement home for cullies hope youre all staying sane out there.. ❤️
  3. Buy Various Colours And Sizes Of Freshwater Aquarium Cherry Shrimp. Neocaridina And Caridina Shrimp Available. For Everything Shrimp Visit 🦐 👇👇 Plainandshrimple.co.uk
  4. Hi, I bought some Blue Dreams awhile back and they have been breeding. I know they don't breed true and there's offspring that can range in color but I noticed this one that is very dark brownish red with blue in the center. I also have some very opaque black, dark blue, and what looks like a Bloody Mary. I was wondering if there are any markings or coloring that is considered rare? Thank you in advance for any input.
  5. So about half an hour ago i was just checking my neoc aquarium and i’ve realized that one of my shrimps has this black hue that starts from where the eggs should be located (im saying should because i cannot really gender it) to the start of its spinal area. it kinda looks suspicious idk if its the eggs becoming “fertile” (because its a young shrimp its not a juvenile nor a complete adult) or is it something parasitic. My parametres are healty and my aquarium has no potential of having any type of parasite or disease. If anyone can identify what it is it would be awesome. I think its just the eggs and she’s probably cookin up something down there (Edit) ok so i searched on the internet about Neocaridina shrimp saddles and i saw the same exact spot on other shrimps so that could be the saddle
  6. Neo.mp4 Neo.mp4 Neo.mp4 I've noticed recently that some of my shrimp have a white looking growth between their whiskers. I thought it might be just part of the shrimp, but seeing it particularly larger on one of them has led me to believe that it might be some sort of fungal growth. Please let me know what you guys think of it from a this video
  7. Does anyone know what this shrimp is called? Grade? Quality? Tell me anything you can, thnx.
  8. Hi there, I am Vinny and this is my planted aquarium. it is a 20 long with a screen lid on top. I have had fish since I was nine years old, but I have never had a planted aquarium before. I have always wanted RCS in my tanks as a clean up crew, so that's what I did. When I put these guys in the tank they were all over cleaning plants and scavenging. And then I added fish about two weeks later... I added a golden wonder killi fish along with some small tetras. It seemed like the killi was hunting the RCS so I removed him from the tank. Now ever since I added the killi all my RCS have taken refuge in this plant shown in the picture bellow. The only time I see them leap out of the plant is at night time around 11:30pm... I have no idea what's the matter with them, but they are molting and still look very healthy. I am just concerned about the change in behavior. Any reply would help me so much! Thank you!!!
  9. I have 30 fire red neocaridina shrimp for sale. $28 plus the cost of shipping for all 30, or $1.25 per shrimp plus the cost of shipping. Shipping is USPS priority mail from Connecticut and usually costs less than $12. Also available for local pick up in New Haven, CT. Very healthy and very red shrimp with complete red coverage of the body and mostly red legs. **Edited to include a video to show how beautiful and lively these shrimp are. View video of shrimp on youtube https://youtu.be/t-JhFrq2xJo Download the video (high quality) IMG_9544.MOV
  10. I have a couple of little Neocaridinas and I'm unsure of their genders. I've read the characteristics that differentiate the sexes, but for some reason I'm still having trouble deciphering the sex of my black and blue rili shrimp. I'm pretty sure my orange sakura shrimp is a male, but I'll include an image of him (?) as well. Can someone please confirm their sexes for this clueless shrimp newbie? Sorry for the blurriness; if they're an issue I can try to take another picture. Thanks in advance
  11. So I think I have the courage now to get a journal underway. Forgive my redundancy, but the history of this setup is always where things start in my head so here goes. I do things in baby steps and build on small successes. Gill however, jumps in with both feet and lives by the motto "go bold or go home." So when I wanted a 10 gallon shrimp tank, he did some research and decided that 220 gallons would be much more stable, therefore better, and started building. Now we have 8 20 longs for animals with a 20 long sump, another 20 long heater tank, and another 20 long planted refugium. And no, I'd never had shrimp before so it has all been one huge learning curve. Well, we've so far had struggles with hydra, bacterial infections, pond snails (still workin on those), and traveling babies (they were getting through the sponge filters and turning up everywhere). At this point everything has looked good for about a month now except for some tiny planaria showing up. Here we go... at the start. Not only am I not good at taking photos, but I'm also not good at manipulating them (posting them and such).
  12. I've always wanted a river setup and I was oh-so-close to having one. Unfortunately, my mystery snail breeding necessitated using the tank I designated as river tank for growing out the snails instead. Well I have finally wrapped up the mystery snail breeding, so the tank is finally ready for business! I hadn't decided what exactly I wanted to do with it until I was watching some Chris Lukhaup YouTube videos of Caridina shrimps in their natural habitats. I was struck by how much water flow characterized some of these habitats. With that in mind, I decided to make my tank a (mostly) shrimp tank. This does, of course, go against a certain conventional wisdom. Google around about dwarf shrimp care and you'll see lots of matter-of-fact statements that they should be provided an environment with minimal water flow. And it is true that some shrimps tend to be found in stagnant waters. But I wasn't convinced that this was so important, so I decided to try this. Here's the setup, which was first put together 2 years ago: 20 gallon long tank (30" long, 12" tall) AquaClear 50 filter placed at the end (not back) of the tank to send the flow longways. An additional Rio 90 powerhead for more flow. The AC50 has a Han stainless steel mesh intake cover and the powerhead has a sponge pre-filter. Light-colored sand came from Home Depot. large (mostly) rounded river rocks from LFS, which cost me a fortune...never think you can eyeball how much something will weigh. smaller river rocks from Home Depot large-ish spiderwood several pieces of cholla from a now-defunct shrimp tank, one with Xmas moss on it (just added) Marimo ball that has been in there for 2 years 6" pleco cave covered in Xmas moss Cryptocoryne undulata 'red', C. wendtii 'red', C. becketii Heated to 70-72F Custom-cut plexiglass lid with additional plexiglass piece to fit around filter and cords Since I took this pic, I've added a hanging light fixture instead. The green algae is there by design (for food!). I also did some DIY moss shelves suctioned to the wall after this pic. Here's the extra piece of plexiglass around the filter: So who's going to live in here? The biggest beneficiaries are some of the shrimps I already owned, because they're filter feeders: 3 bamboo shrimp (Atyopsis moluccensis) 1 vampire shrimp (Atya gabonensis) Then I added some new shrimps: 8 tiger shrimp (Caridina sp.). They're a pretty varied group, some quite blue, one or two more like the "super" tiger with orange tails, and at least one with rather red stripes. 2+ blue velvets (Neocaridina sp.). I say "+" because I only bought them because one was berried at the LFS. One of the eggs actually hatched while I was drip acclimating them and my spouse actually watched the hatching occur. I'm not sure how it ultimately did. By a few days later, all the eggs had been released. Now about 10-14 days later we're starting to spot little tiny blue shrimplets around the tank. Success! Next are some nerite snails, one of which is an "onion" snail. Another is a very young, compact species that is probably a Clithon sp. (horned nerites) but has an interesting brown color pattern that's hard to describe. And then on a whim I got a rarer variety of nerite that turned up at my LFS, which I have since gathered is Vittina waigiensis with no consistent common name. The best common name IMO is "tire track nerite." I haven't gotten a great pic of mine yet, but this photo from a site selling them shows you what I mean. Last but not least, I've added a river fish that I'm confident won't bother the shrimps: hillstream loaches, in this case the variety often sold as "Borneo suckers." They are Gastromyzon species, in my case I think one of G. ctenocephalus and the other G. scitulus. They tend to be mixed species groups in sellers' tanks (and the wild) and are not bred in captivity. Sadly, my LFS did a really terrible job getting them out of the tank—these guys are much more dedicated to being suctioned than suckermouth catfish are. The employee, who had never caught any before, was pushing the fish with his net on one side and then trying to pry the fish off with his finger/fingernail on the other side. It took a long time to net it and then took a long time again to transfer from the specimen container to the fish bag. One of them in particular lost a lot of its skin in the process, as you'll see in the picture below: We're calling that one Harvey (like Harvey Dent from Batman). I'm peeved with the LFS but I know they didn't realize how damaged the fish was. It took me a few days to notice how extensive it was. They can get very pale and when they do, these injuries are really hard to see. These fish like high flow (well, very high oxygenation moreso than actual flow) and I'm excited to give them a tank that meets their needs and shouldn't stress them with much serious competition for food. As a side note, you can see my biggest bamboo shrimp there. The two hillstream loaches were doing all kinds of hijinks on that big rock, carefully avoiding the bamboo shrimp who acted as if he didn't care or notice them at all. I may ultimately add one or two more hillstream loaches, but I don't have too many more plans for the tank. I'm hoping the tiger shrimps will breed, but they're more finicky than the neos and I'm not sure how eager they will be to breed at this temperature. We'll see how it goes.
  13. Looking for blue bolt, pure red line crystal, blue panda, blue dream and painted fire red shrimps FIND ME GOOD DEALS FOR XMAS PLEASE
  14. Hi to all, here to ask to you all guys. I gonna use a Stc-1000 temperature controller on my new shrimp rack but my question is: Where to place the temperature probe? All the time was thinking to put it on the sump next to the water outlet. Will be here the best placement? What you think? Here a little sketch of the rack. See ya!
  15. Psyklon

    Shrimp Rack

    Almost finished, is already cycling to soon add gambitas and Cambarellus. There is still a lack of side insulators, more biological filtering (although I can add a little as the population increases), finish installing co2 and temperature control. At the moment the only population are some planorbis and physas. I only plant Sagitaria Subulata and a couple of Java Windelov ferns in Cholla Wood. The "last floor" was left unused while waiting for occupants. Greetings! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYKlN5zhPi0
  16. hi everyone, I want to breed blue carbon rili and blue neocaridina, but there is only one empty tank left. so the question is, if i put them together, what will be the offsprings, do i get both blue carbon and blue neocaridina still? the second question is: there are different types such as blue velvet, blue jell,which kind of blue neocaridina can i put into his tank? thanks for helping and sharing.
  17. Hello, first of all, I'm new here and I'm from Spain I've been keeping fish for almost 4 years now and I want to give it a try to the shrimps. The ones I've selected are the bloody mary, and I have a few questions about them. I've read a lot about if they breed true or not but all the articles and post I've read are from 1 or 2 years ago and I want to know if they improved the strain. I want to obtain the best colour I can but I don't have much idea of what I'm doing so if someone could be kind enough to give me a small guide of how to select the best males and females and an easy way to remove the rest from the tank. Thank you very mucho for reading all this and I hope you answer me.
  18. So whenever I see "cross-breeding" and "neos" together people always say they will turn back to their wild forms. Is this true? . I just ordered some Blue Dream Rilis to cross with my Red Rilis. I will put the females in my main tank and the males in my other Red RIli tank with just Female Red Rilis. Hopefully thats not confusing lol. . Thoughts? And have any of you successfully cross bred neos or know of anyone that has? I would love to see pictures! . Here's a picture of some of my Red Rili, it looks like the one on the front right has some blue already.
  19. Looking to purchase approx 10 Dream Blue Velvet shrimp. Hoping to have shipped so they arrive by this Friday or Saturday. Please let me know your price + shipping costs. Pics too please! Thanks!
  20. Hello All, maybe My question is repost ? or already have some thread here around this forum ? if yes, then Admin or Moderator can delete it :), but please give Me the info, where is the the forum thread for this information update. If anyone of You, have or keeping, found new one inside of Your shrimp aquarium/pool, tanks, or find some information which trusted. about new neocaridina variant, Please sharing with Us, here. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi everyone! I have gotten royally confused with all the different varieties of blue neos that are available. I understand that they are from different lines of breeding, but I am looking for a more cohesive source to have a picture to the name of the shrimp. I started here and found some pictures of the blue neos that were available but it seems incomplete: Planet Inverts Breeding Guide So what I decided to do is to post the ones that I do know and hope that you can help me fill in the blanks! 1) Blue rili shrimp 2) Blue cobalt shrimp 3) Blueberry shrimp 4) Blue pearl shrimp Other names that I have heard: Blue velvet, Blue dream, Blue diamond, Blue jelly, Blue carbon. Are some of these names synonymous? Please help fill in any missing names and maybe a picture so that I can make a cohesive guide! Thanks in advance!
  22. Anyone else seen Carbon Shrimp with Gold stripes on their back? The first 2 pictures are of the mom the rest are her grown babies. I thought I was going to lose all my carbons, at one point I had 2 left (one being the mom) and i did a 100% rescape and now i have well over 30 most with the "Gold Back"
  23. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I have some cherries that were sold as "Bloody Mary shrimp". They've been breeding for about a year now and I've noticed a lot of less desirable grades of cherry start to show up. I've been starting to cull, but I'd like some help judging what grade I have to begin with. I took a few pictures of some of my shrimp with varying degrees of color. I've tried to gather information about cherry grading and know that the opacity of the last female and the stripe on the back of the second female are not as desirable. Is there a book or website everyone refers to for grading standards? I've seen a few charts floating around this forum, but that's it. Thanks for the help!
  24. I've been in the wishing, thinking, planning stage off and on for years, but I am back at working on it again. I currently have a one-week-old tank (Don't worry, not adding shrimp any time soon!) that is getting itself established in preparation for shrimp one day. I want to share a few basics about my setup, as well as questions I have. I've done and continue to do a lot of reading regarding how best to keep shrimp. I'm concerned by the number of times I've read experiences of people having trouble with even "easy" shrimp. I'm afraid it would be all to easy to have a similar experience so I would like to be knowledgeable and start out right rather than having trouble down the road. However, my other goal is to keep things simple (time-wise) and inexpensive. So I'm planning on keeping neocaridina, and not one of the more difficult strains. Here is what my tank (hopefully) has going for it: 10 gallon tank Safe-T-Sorb substrate Moss, Anubias, Java ferns, floating anacharis (Other floaters to be added) No "planted" plants that could lead to substrate disturbance No fertilizers No CO2 or Excel Low light Hydrosponge filter, air-driven, 20 gallon size 50-watt heater No fish! Snails Okay, water chemistry. This has been interesting. Some time back, I thought the general consensus was, "cherries can be kept in tap water." Now what I am reading is a stronger emphasis on starting out with RO, even with neos. I've learned that mysterious deaths, even after a colony was doing just fine for a while, may be due to some element in the water that does not agree with the shrimp. Certainly I want to avoid being the next "Help, my shrimp are dying!" story, so I'm planning to use homemade distilled water. Distilled water seems almost unheard of in favor of RO. I hope this won't cause any problem. I think this will be easier in my circumstances. Next comes remineralization. It is easy to see that Salty Shrimp gets the most votes. I note that more than one are using GH+ for their neos instead of GH/KH+. Since I find the price for a small container of powder high, at least GH+ allows you to use less powder per gallon, and the powder is cheaper too. So I hope it would be OK for me to use the GH+. Will having no KH be a problem? Will I have pH swings? For food I have Hikari Crab Cuisine. If this is not a good idea, please let me know. I also hope to get Indian almond leaves, alder cones, and maybe another shrimp specific food. I'm open to suggestions. I will look into the options regarding home-prepared foods. If I use alder cones and leaves in moderation, and have no KH, am I liable to have too low of a pH? I also have a small piece of driftwood in the tank that I have had in one aquarium or another for years. It does not discolor the water. I hope to run this tank for 2-3 months with fish, which would be removed before adding shrimp. There is currently a bag of old filter media next to the sponge to help seed it, and two fish. Should I plan on 10% weekly water changes? Is it necessary to drip the new water into the tank? (I hope not.) Lastly, I hope I do not need a TDS meter. If I use Salty Shrimp according to directions on distilled water, I think that will give me a good TDS. But correct me if you think I would indeed need it. Thank you!
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