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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone I been keeping shrimps for a while now and have several shrimp tanks ranging from 5g all the way to 60g. I figured I started documenting my journals here. First lets start off with my favorite tank. 30 gallon riparium tank. Tank Measurements 24x24x12 2 x 24 inch Finnex Ray 2 Ehiem 2213 Sponge Filters ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Plant and Shrimp list will be posted later. Anyways here are the photos from the start to finish.
  2. who has for sale the cheapest shado pandas or pandas or king kongs? looking for something cheap for a project and to
  3. Hi, I have extra shrimps for sale if anyone interested. These shrimps are healthy and bred by me locally in Oregon. You will receive juvenile unsexed shrimps with approximate size 1/4” - 1/2”. it’s easier for juvenile shrimps to adapt to a new environment. My water parameters: PH: 5.8 - 6.5 GH: 2-5 TDS: 120 -160 TEMP: 71-74F $40 - Package of 10 + 1 extra, mixed grade mischling of Crystal and Taiwan bees shrimps - this batch has been producing a few Taiwan bees like Black Panda, and Red Wine for me. Most of them look like a mixed grade Crystal Black (CBS). $70 - Package of 10 + 1 extra mixed grade of Panda King Kong shrimps. Shipping: $15, USPS Priority $35 USPS Express. DOA Policy: Must present a picture of unopened bag within one hour of delivery. Buyer will pay the cost of reshipment. PM me i f you have any question.
  4. High Quality!!! $13 each and $15 for shipping or 5 for $ 60 shipped! Don't miss out these home breed High Quality beautiful healthy deep blue Shadow Panda Shipping (For order less than 5 shrimps) will be $15 with USPS priority. Package is well-insulated and professional. DOA only covers if u get the package at first attempt and send me pic WITHIN 1 hour in a unopened shipping bag next to the shipping label which clearly show the dead shrimps.
  5. I have 3 packages of BB/Panda shrimps for sale. Package will include pre adult shrimps. 9x regular grade BB and 3x Panda shrimps.Pandas are low grade shadow pandas. Price: $45 shipped to lower 48 states.
  6. As the title says I am looking to delve into taiwan bee breeding as the next step in my shrimp keeping. I don't care if they are low grade, but I don't want to have to sell an organ to afford them
  7. Extreme Blue Bolt and Mosura pre order early Black Friday sales!!! They are $25 each, but I've got special discount, PM me for details! Don't miss the chance Extreme Blue Bolt Juvenile $25 each, Deep Blue guarantee!!! (around 0.8cm) Shadow Mosura (Blue Mosura) $25 each In order to get Pre-sale price, people need to make 50% deposit, Shrimps will be sent out by the first week of December or the soonest time I have them arrived. (Deposit will be collected only if the total minimum order number reached) Shipping: 1) Priority (2-3 days within US) for $12 2) Express for $32 (DOA guarantee, shipping cost in not included) DOA:The package must be received on the first delivery attempt. Pictures of the dead shrimp in the unopened bag next to my shipping label must be sent to my PM within 2 hours after the delivery. Shipping option: $2 for ice / heat pack
  8. For those of you who are keeping Taiwan Bees and having success in breeding them I thought it would be a good idea if you could share your parameters here with others to help them become successful in breeding TB’s as well. Mind you this is just as reference since there are many things in the shrimp tank that affect parameters such as soils, plants, ferts, co2, etc…. My tank is heavily planted and I use Amazonia as substrate. I do not use ferts or co2 in this tank. I use 1:1 ratio of tap and RO water rematerialized with Mosura mineral plus. My TB breed all throughout the year. (Knock on wood) However, I find my mischling in the tank become berried more often (faster) than the TB. Here is a comparison of my parameter changes. Although there is a bit of fluctuations in my paramters the shrimp are still breeding. April 2014 Today TDS- 145 TDS- 155 GH- 5 GH- 6 KH- 0 KH- 0 NO3- 0 NO3- 0 PH-5.8-6.0 PH- 6.0 Temp- 72 Temp- 72
  9. Offer title: FS: 1 Mix Panda Taiwan Bee Package Offer Submitter: Ch3fb0yrdee Offer Submitted: 03 Nov 2014 Offer Category: Shrimp Hello Shrimpholics! I have... 1 Mixed Panda Package- $160.00 This mixed package of Pandas will include 10 young adults. These guys are near breeding size and I would estimate another month before they are ready to breed. These shrimps are all tanked bred and raised, not import like most of other shrimps available. You won’t have weakened shrimps due to stress from long distance shipping that will die off within a few weeks. These are sturdy shrimps bred by me. Taiwan Bee shrimps are a beautiful mutation of the normal Crystal Red Shrimps, so if you’re successful keeping Crystal Red Shrimps, you’ll find success in keeping Taiwan Bees. My Parameters are as follows: TDS: 150-220 pH: 6.2 – 6.4 gH: 5-6 kH: 0 Buyers are welcome to swing by and check out my shrimp tanks and ask questions. These are beautiful shrimps and you will not be disappointed. Availability is limited!! Shipping: USPS Priority EXPRESS - $35 with DOA Guarantee *Note* DOA claim will only be valid if a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp are taken inside the untampered bag within 2hrs delivery confirmation. DOA is voided if package is not received on 1st delivery attempt. **Note** Shipping price is non-refundable USPS Priority - $12 (NO DOA w/ this shipping option) ***I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE US*** Thanks, Ch3f Click here to show this offer
  10. What's going on Shrimp Lovers! For those of you who don't do the Facebook thing, I have some brand new stock that will be available for shipping starting Next Tuesday 8/19/14. This is what I have: Crystal Red Shrimp (SS+) *juvies* $4.00 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) Crystal Red Shrimp (SSS) *juvies* $6.50 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) *pictured here mixed in with Taiwan Bees* Crystal Black Shrimp (S) *juvies* $4.00 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) Snow White (low grades) *juvies* $4.25 (buy 10 get 1 FREE) PRL-Feather *juvies - subadults* S pattern $23.00 (buy 6 get 1 FREE) MORE STOCK PICTURES BELOW Shipping: USPS Priority EXPRESS - $35 w/ DOA Guarantee Important note: DOA claim will only be valid if a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp are taken inside the untampered Kordon bag within 2hrs of delivery confirmation. DOA will be void if for some reason you were not able to receive the package on the first delivery attempt. Shipping price is non refundable. USPS Priority - $12 (DOA Policy is VOID with this option) **I DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL US** ** For all California buyers: California Sales tax is included in the purchase price. ** PM me if you'd like to place an order or have specific questions. Keep in mind, quantity is limited on most of the shrimp variants so make sure you contact me ASAP to secure your order. Orders will start shipping out Tuesday 8/19. Thanks, Nick
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