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Found 42 results

  1. I just joined ththe shrimp spot! I'm also in the middle of a move. Things are going smoothly enough but I still have a couple of tanks and my entire air system to move. These steels are currently in a breeder box waiting for their tank to finally get to the new place. Wish me luck!
  2. I just joined ththe shrimp spot! I'm also in the middle of a move. Things are going smoothly enough but I still have a couple of tanks and my entire air system to move. These steels are currently in a breeder box waiting for their tank to finally get to the new place. Wish me luck! 20190419_172811.mp4
  3. So I have a 5 gallon Fluval Spec V with an air driven sponge filter too and I ordered 3 Red Nanacy. I had one that was a female but she died from a failed molt leaving me with 2 males A month or more later I won an auction of 10 Black Pintos. They were a mix of Zebra, Spotted Head and Belly and I think being that the 2 males were the original inhabitants that they were dominant and mated with my newer female Pintos. Long story short, the new girls gave birth to Red Nanacy, Zebras, Spotted and Bellies of course and Blue Bolts and Snow Whites as well. I know the Pintos are of German decent but the out ome has convinced me that the Asian Nanacy is simply put, their version of a fancy Pinto.
  4. Hey everyone I been keeping shrimps for a while now and have several shrimp tanks ranging from 5g all the way to 60g. I figured I started documenting my journals here. First lets start off with my favorite tank. 30 gallon riparium tank. Tank Measurements 24x24x12 2 x 24 inch Finnex Ray 2 Ehiem 2213 Sponge Filters ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Plant and Shrimp list will be posted later. Anyways here are the photos from the start to finish.
  5. Got some gorgeous red pintos for sale. My pinto tank is strictly red pintos only. Patterns in this tank include head spots, zebra and red belly. Shipping is free on orders over $100. Red Pinto Singles: Zebra - $13 ea Belly - $10 ea Head Spotted - $13 ea Red Pinto Packages: Set of 5 - $65 $60 Set of 10 - $125 $110 *PLEASE NOTE* You will get random patterns if buying a set package. I will do my best to include a variety but is dependent on availability. Guaranteed to get at least two different patterns in each set. Red Pinto Culls: Singles - $7 Set of 5 - $30 Set of 10 - $50 Pinto culls are offspring from my pinto colony that do not express pinto traits. Most are full white-ish/orange-ish/pink-ish bodied. They kinda look like red steels / red bolts to me. Some will look like Taiwan bees because they do not express common pinto patterns. Basically, anything that doesn't look like a "suitable" pinto to me results into being classified as a cull. Pictures of what culls look like below. Plants available: Mini xmas moss - $5/softball size Hygrophila pinnatifida - $2/stem Eleocharis vivipara - $5/10+ runners Cryptocoryne nurii 'Pink Line' - $20 If interested, shoot me a PM or text me at (408)318-1082. I respond faster via text. Shrimp will be available for pick up in San Francisco, CA. Shipping is available via USPS priority mail. S/H costs: Plants only - $8.50 Shrimp (+ plants) - $15 Free shipping on orders over $100 Shipping shrimp costs more due to size and water weight. Box and bag will be well insulated. No Heat or Cold packs. Please be mindful of your local weather to make sure they arrive safely to your home.
  6. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    Macro shot of a Red Pinto
  7. I have some nice home breed red pintos and some have very nice red legs and some have some white on the red. the colour is just amazing! Zebra - $27 each Headline - $35 each Random pattern $13 each (buy 5 get 1 free) Culls from red zebra (white body, little spots on the head or red with little white on the body) - $9 each (buy 5 get 1 free) Shipping $15 USPS priority mail #GreenPepperShrimps
  8. Looking to sell 12 black juvie zebras pintos for $110 shipped. These are homebreed by me.
  9. Hi Everyone, I am a shrimp breeder in Taiwan. I can send shrimps via USPS, it takes about 4 days to US. If any death, I will offer free shrimps on next order. Taiwan Bees 1. RKK $4/pc 2. BKK $4/pc 3. Blue Bolt $4/pc Pintos 1. Black Pinto, mixed pattern $18/pc Note: 1. All shrimps were homebred, and ship out from Taiwan. 2. Packaging with kordon breather bag, styrofoam box, cooler gel and EMS box. 3. Shipping fee is about $60 for 3kg parcel. Order amount over $500 for free shipping ! If there is any question, please feel free to PM me. Follow my Fan Page: www.facebook.com/shrimpventure/ Hi everyone,
  10. Black Galaxy Fishbone SSS grade females for sale ! US$450 per shrimp, shipping fee included ! Size about 1.8-2.0 cm, unsexed. Only 3 shrimps available, First Come First Served ! No.1 No. 2 No. 3 Note: 1. All shrimps were homebred, and ship out from Taiwan. 2. Packaging with kordon breather bag, styrofoam box, 2 cooler bag and EMS box. 3. DOA Policy: DOA guarantee will only be valid if you send me a clear picture of the dead shrimp inside the bag next to my shipping label within an hour of their arrival. However, shipping will not be refunded. If there is any question, please PM.
  11. Hi all, Last November, I started a secret project that in search of methods to breed Pinto and new variant of caridina. I named this initiative as "Project Tibee". It has been more than 6 months now and finally, this project has obtained some results and I would like to share with everyone. You can access this article from my blog (it is hard to copy and paste the content into the forum with proper format): http://www.shrimpydaddy.com/2014/06/project-tibee-revealed.html Enjoy. ^^
  12. Sales!! Zebra Pinos and Galaxy genes Pinto (limited) Black Zebra Pinto = $15 each, buy 5 get 1 free Red Zebra Pinto = $32 each, but 5 get 1 free Black spotted head / black belly pinto = $8 each Red spotted head / red belly pinto = $20 each USPS priority shipping = $15 DOA covered showing pic with dead shrimp inside the unopened bag within 1st hour of first attempt. Shipping EXCLUDED. #GreenPepperShrimps
  13. Red zebra pinto = $35 each Black zebra pinto = $17 each Black random pattern with zebra pinto genes = $7.0 each USPS priority shipping cost = $15 DOA covered within first hour with pic in a unopened bag in the first attempt of delivery. DOA doesn't cover with USPS delay error. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Black pintos with zebra genes.$10 each, $15 USPS shipping
  15. Shipping Cost: 1. Fedex Ground $15~$19* (only for 1~2 shipping Days area, such as CA, NV, WA, ID, OR, and most of AZ and UT) 2. Fedex 2 Days $26 3. Fedex Overnight $35 4. USPS Prioity (only for Hawaii and Guam) $25 Packages Deal for Caridina (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 20 pcs BKK Panda: $110 - 15 pcs Wine Red RKK Mixed $150 - 10 pcs S Grade Blue Bolts $110 - 25 pcs Yellow King Kong (YKK) $110 - 25 pcs Ghost Bee (White Crystal Bee) $110 - 10 pcs Aura Blue A grade $140 - 10 pcs Aura Blue S Grade $190 - 30 pcs S-SS Grade CRS $110 - 15 pcs BKK Shadow Panda $130 - 20 pcs Black Belly Pinto $160 - 10 pcs Black Zebra $160 - 13 pcs Red Belly Pinto $160 - 6 pcs Red Zebra Pinto $130 - 40 pcs Tangerine Tiger $110 Package Deal for Neos (free Fedex Overnight Shipping) - 30 pcs Yellow - 24K Golden Backline (Thick) $110 - 40 pcs Fire Red $100 - 35 pcs Blue Dream $110 - 40 pcs Blue Velvet $100 - 35 pcs Green Jade (mixed grade)$150 - 25 pcs Green Jade (high grade)$150 - 30 pcs Orange Rili $100 - 30 pcs Orange (Sunkist) $100 Stock List Aura Blue A Grade $13 Aura Blue S Grade $18 Super Red - 1 Stripe $20 Super Red - 2 Stripes $15 Taiwan Bee Wine Red RKK Stripes $10 Wine Red RKK Panda $9 BKK - Panda $5 BKK - Strips $6 BKK- Shadow panda $ 9 A Grade Blue bolts : $7 S Grade Blue bolts : $12 Pintos Black Belly Pinto $8 Black Zebra Pinto $15 Red Belly Pinto $13 Red Zebra Pinto $25 S~SS CRS $3.5 Neos 1. 24K Yellow Golden Backline (Thick) $3.5 2. Fire Red $1.8 3. Green Jade (mixed grade) $4 4. Green Jade high grade $6 5. Orange Rili $3 6. Blue Velvet $2.5 7. Blue Dream $3.5 8. Orange $3
  16. Hello I won't buy Red Taiwan Shrimps, I would like to pick up in person, I live in Orange County, CA, I can get up to 40 miles. Thank You
  17. High Quality!!! Home breed black Pintos for $10 each, buy 5 get 1 free (quality is as shown in pictures). $15 for USPS priority shipping DOA only covers if u get the package at first attempt and send me pic WITHIN 1 hour in a unopened shipping bag next to the shipping label which clearly show the dead shrimps. Shipping cost excluded.
  18. This threat will not be about sales just sharing info. So I'm sure everyone knows that Pintos Red & Black are the big craze right now and prices are sky high. I know a handful of people can afford them at their current price so I figured hey what not play with the ones I have. I have tanks that are pure in the sense that I will not mix anything into them. We can call them X & Y tank. X tank houses my German Red Pintos & my Y tank houses my German Black Pintos. I setup some new tanks about a month ago X1 / Y1 / C1. - In Tank (X1) I placed a single Red Pinto male with 5 WR females. - In Tank (Y1) I placed a single Black Pinto male with 5 Panda females. - In Tank (C1) I placed a single Red Pinto male with 2 PRL females. The reason I wanted to play with this sub tanks is because the simple fact that I could NOT find a single solid bit of information on how to create my own Spothead Pinto Mischlings. I was told to mix all kinds of things but when I asked... "ok what will the offspring look like?" I would always get the same thing... I don't know. Soooo this made me think well if no one can give me an answer I will just figure it out myself. Here is some suggestions I was told to mix: Pinto x Fancy Tiger = ?? Pinto x Orange Eye Blue Tiger = ?? Pinto x TB Mischling = ?? Pinto x TB = ?? So I figured I will keep it very simple and mix at a basic level. I avoided using Fancy Tigers because I have no clue what genes the Fancy Tigers brings & same with TB Mischlings. That's why I narrowed it down to the 2 basic TB colors Red & Black plus the PRL so I knew it would not bring CBS/Golden gene with it. I will update with photos as time goes on but here are some of the current results that I have found.
  19. Forum members have been asking me for shrimps videos.Plan was to make them early this year but busy schedule and some photo gear problem delayed the project. Now after finding the right video camera and enough free time I'm ready to post couple of videos. Will start with video showing 4 year project of High Grade Blue Bolts and Panda Mosura. I'll try to add new video at least once a week.Probably to be easy to find them I'll post them all in this first post. For better quality and fast buffering you can watch them in YouTube. Please fill free to add your videos and comments
  20. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    © OneStopAquatics.com

  21. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    © OneStopAquatics.com

  22. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    © OneStopAquatics.com

  23. From the album: One Stop Aquatics

    © OneStopAquatics.com

  24. Anyone knows this shrimp? From my mix-tank with TB's, zebra pintos and Tai-tibees (I try to make some better photos, my macrolens just arrived) The first photo has some brown-red reflection, but the shrimp is completely black and white.
  25. I have 2 packages available for grab. Every package include 10 BB .They looks like regular BB BUT they are culls from Black Pinto tank. This tank has probably 50-60 old shrimps producing 85% pintos and 15 % BB. If you are looking for Pinto genes here is the chance. Price is $70 shipped to lower 48 states.
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