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Found 22 results

  1. Sakura/Fire red cherry shrimp (Neocaridina) 10+2 - $29 shipping included 20+5 - $40 shipping included Mostly unsexed juvenile, less bioload for shipping and better acclimation to new tanks. Limit 1 order per person. All shrimp come with some moss. Ships Mon-Tues with USPS Priority 2-3 day. So if it takes 3 days it will still make it by Friday. My params:TDS 200-250KH 4-5GH 8-11 I've put a limit on orders so as to not get overwhelmed with the tedious task of catching shrimp for hours, and I price them very low to get more people into keeping shrimp. I'm not a wholesaler and I don't believe that people ordering large quantities are doing so for just themselves. These shrimp multiply exceeding fast so why waste money, sit back and enjoy watching the tank grow!I started my colonies with 2 male 6 female juveniles from Petco mid January 2017, split the colony after the first batch between a 5 and a 10 gallon, by July there was about 1000 in the 5 gallon and if it weren't for fish predation in the 10 gallon I'd probably have had over 2000.So I always recommend just getting 10+2 as chances are you'll end up with more shrimp than you know what to do with in a few months.
  2. Buy Various Colours And Sizes Of Freshwater Aquarium Cherry Shrimp. Neocaridina And Caridina Shrimp Available. For Everything Shrimp Visit šŸ¦ šŸ‘‡šŸ‘‡ Plainandshrimple.co.uk
  3. Newish to the hobby, and looking to buy a dozen Red Cherry Shrimp. Looking to buy locally from the Seattle area, for pick-up. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All! Just received my first group of RCS. Been looking at grading charts and reading threads here. Would love some advice on breeding and culling! Are these blotchy whiter stripes on these females bad? Pictures of painted fire reds look so much better online, are these ones ok? Is this bright red one on the right a female? I was hoping it was a male. This for sure looks like a male, but I'm worried that the small area of clear on the bottom would make this male not a good choice for breeding stock.
  5. Hi there, I am Vinny and this is my planted aquarium. it is a 20 long with a screen lid on top. I have had fish since I was nine years old, but I have never had a planted aquarium before. I have always wanted RCS in my tanks as a clean up crew, so that's what I did. When I put these guys in the tank they were all over cleaning plants and scavenging. And then I added fish about two weeks later... I added a golden wonder killi fish along with some small tetras. It seemed like the killi was hunting the RCS so I removed him from the tank. Now ever since I added the killi all my RCS have taken refuge in this plant shown in the picture bellow. The only time I see them leap out of the plant is at night time around 11:30pm... I have no idea what's the matter with them, but they are molting and still look very healthy. I am just concerned about the change in behavior. Any reply would help me so much! Thank you!!!
  6. Not Currently Available and wonā€™t be at this price, sorry and thanks šŸ™ I have Very Red Cherry Shrimp for sale. There are some with full red legs PFR and some that are just solid with clearish legs. I will put a few 3-4 PFR in with every order of 10 shrimp. Shrimp are 2$ each plus shipping (Priority Mail) @ 10$
  7. 26gal bow-front tank, 75F, water changes every other week, and the occasional weekly smaller changes to control algae and debris in the gravel, no feeding or fertilizing, ~35 shrimp mostly shrimplets, and two sulawesi giant golden rabbit snails. I got a single snail hitchhiker when I got my first batch of plants and didn't clean them properly. I've grown attached to the little dude and his name is Fresh. Now, two months later, my glass is crawling with snails and other pests (copepods). Some of the tiny snails have spiral shells like Fresh, and others are conical. Is Fresh producing these babies in its own? If I get rid of him, will the babies stop appearing? I have about 5 adult cherries at the moment, and 30+ babies all grazing like mad. I never feed or supplement the tank, I clean the glass every few days, vacuum the gravel during water changes, and only have the light on long enough for my plants to thrive. The water temp is 75F and the shrimp are spawning like mad. I thought by now they'd out-eat the snails. My goal is to have fewer baby snails on my glass. Controlling copepods is a bonus, but I'm not really concerned with them. The solutions that have been suggested to me thus far: Get rid of Fresh, the adult snail. Just keep squishing the babies I see on the glass. Make a snail trap and clear out as many as possible that way. Turn the lights on for fewer hours during the day. Get assassin snails for a while. Hope that eventually the shrimps will be numerous enough to out-munch the snails. Turn on my UV Sterilizer to discourage more growth of munching material. Please let me know what information to add here, and what your thoughts are. If it's futile-- so be it. :/ Thanks, y'all. I'll probably look like an idiot within two replies.
  8. Hello! I'm new to shrimpkeeping. I've been cycling my tank for like 5 months, and I have plants, snails, there's biofilm, weekly 20% water changes, Seachem Prime dechlorinator... My pH is ~7.5, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites. Temp is 73Ā°F, no heater it's just room temp. No idea the GH/KH. I grabbed two bloody marys from my LFS on an impulse a few weeks ago. One died, the other is fine and dandy. I ordered about 17 RCS from Aquatic Arts, they arrived two days ago and I acclimated them for 2 hours, monitoring them the whole time. One died an hour into acclimation so i stopped to let them sit before a while before continuing. Since the shrimps have been in the tank, I've had 3 more deaths all at least a few hours apart. I just fished the 3rd out now. Is there a problem with AA? Should I buy from somewhere else? I don't want to lose all these guys, I'm really loving these shrimps. What do I do?! (Picture cause they're cute)
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm having trouble with my 5gal, fluval spec cherry shrimp tank. I've tried everything I can find and they are still dying. Many signs point to molting issue but I can't stop it! I'm getting the white ring of death on many. I've tried adding cuttlebone, crushed oyster shell & feeding kale, reduced temp, increased GH ....and still deaths. Stats: ammonia/nitrate/nitrite: 0 ph: 7.4 tds: 300 temp:73 kh:4/gh:12 calcium:around 100 mg/l Weekly water changes with remineralized RO water. Tank is planted, no co2, occasional excel, no medications or chemicals for the most part. Help
  10. Rechni

    Advice on sick tank

    I recently setup a small (10 gal) aquarium. It was cycled, so I added some endlers and about 5 red cherry shrimp from an established tank. Soon after, I purchased another endler from the local fish store. Though apparently fine on arrival, he soon began to grow emaciated, refused food, and died. The other fish in the tank also began to hollow and lose their color, and then the RCS began to die every few days. Water parameters are good: 0 Ammonia ) 0 Nitrite 5 Nitrate. Temp is 78 degrees. On recommendation, I first dosed the tank with Metro and Focus for 5 days. No improvement was apparent, so I started a regimen of PraziPro. One fish seems to have partially recovered (he swims around and seems happy), but he is still not eating. The only other surviver often floats at the top of the tank. One interesting thing to note is that, when these fish died, most of them died with their noses down and their tails up. If all is lost, then I'm thinking of removing the substrate and starting the tank over with only RCS. I'd like to keep my rocks and filter media so the tank doesn't have to cycle again, but do you think the internal parasites from the fish would infect the RCS? If so, does anyone have an idea about how long it would take before the parasites die without a host? Thank you for your help.
  11. Hey! I'm new to the hobby. I have a tank that's been live cycling with a couple white cloud mountain minnows for a while. I'm still having a struggle with chloramines, but once that's dealt with and the minnows go back to my lfs (Forest Lake Pets) I am gonna move on to setting up my tank. Here's the skinny of it: 26gal bowfront, Aqueon Quietflow 30 (I think), got some tasty gunk building up on the glass and driftwood, pretty solid flow and aeration, temp unregulated right now for the minnows' sake. My vision is to turn this into a pretty low-tech planted aquarium. Seachem Flourite Black substrate, hair grass carpet, moss on the driftwood centerpiece, and taller background plants (yet to be determined), and some sweet little stones (or marimo moss balls if the light is good enough). Black background on it too. I want to have this lush green/black palette with some fantastic red shrimps living in it. I just want to have a colony of red shrimps that breed true for the most part. I don't feel excited about aggressively culling them all. They don't have to be extremely hardy-- I am still probably gonna wait about a month to plant it and make sure I've figured out how to do my water changes. That's about it. Red shrimps. Low cull rate. Preferably something that won't keel over dead at the drop of 0.1 pH-- I'm definitely a beginner. Stripes/patterns are cool as long as the red shows up strong in the adult offspring. Any species that fit this ok? (Price isn't too important, I'm buying all this spread out enough that my savings will survive the colony starters. Unless I kill them. In that case I'm probably gonna give up and grab some tetras and perhaps a different invert.)
  12. Hi everyone. This is my first post to the site. I've been keeping red cherry shrimp in my tank along with 3 guppies for about 6 months now and over the past week I've noticed something strange. As you can see from the picture it seems as though this shrimps head has come detached from its body. This happened about 4 days ago to another shrimp and I woke up the next morning to find that it had died and I don't want the same fate to happen to the rest. If there's anyone that could help me diagnose the issue or tell how I could prevent it further that would be great. Thanks
  13. Concept: Small circular lagoon terrarium, four parts terrestrial, one part aquatic. Stripped and resealed the bottom portion of silicone for an Exo-terra 18x18x24h. Without any decoration, at highest possible water volume, gives just over 5 US gal for a pool. In the back right, a column for outgoing water to the filter is siliconed to the sides. Three areas are fortified with a mesh material, and will be the only exposed areas. Closeups showing cable ties to keep the tighter mesh material flush with the light diffuser panel. Three cans of "Pond and Stone" Great Stuff spray foam to cover all three sides, careful to create crude ridges, ledges, and crevices where possible. Most important is the waterline, a specific outward bulge that will create some dark areas near land. Moss will be growing from these surfaces, and can creep into the terrestrial portion, but also continue to grow into water. Next is the waterfall on the left, which needs to be able to carry most of the water down into the pool without creating a major current. Spray foam takes a long time to fully cure. During that time, I took the opportunity to order some moss from a local online provider for dart frog supplies. This moss looked relatively generic at first, but there were about 5 varieties. Each of these have flourished in the viv. I ended up keeping the moss in containers for about a month or longer while the rest of the background was being carved. This was achieved primarily with my rotary tool and a series of different attachments. Black foam dust is actually quite heavy and vacuums quite easily. I tried to keep the natural shape of any ridges, and kept in mind the flow of water for both the waterfall, and the dripwall down the back and right side. I'm using a product called Spyra, by Folius, for the pool area. This is a water wicking fabric, and moss can adhere safely to it. Gorilla glue and pins, holding in place to ensure some water and moss will be directed onto land. There will be no soil in this vivarium at any time, so water is free to go wherever it pleases. Once carving is finished, I began to use an additive-free grout to create rocky textures throughout. I added black acrylic paint, to give variety and contrast, but chose against using any other colours to enhance the rock effect. This grout covers about one third of the foamed surface area. The waterfall and dripwall are both coming off a Turtle Clean 15 canister filter meant for turtle tanks. They can pull water up a great distance, and in this case, more than 24". The pump is at the very top, and sends the water back in the vivarium with a short 8" return tube of the same diameter. It splits immediately, half going to the waterfall, and the other half is sent down tubes that go around the top, and are foamed into place. After a successful first water test, with all plumbing working as hoped, I moved onto the substrate phase. The rest of background material is two parts peat moss, one part dried green moss, which itself was a mixture of two or three different mosses. This was all put into a blender, and turned into a very fine substance. In small patches of about 4" square, Gorilla Glue was spread out using a cheap black foam paintbrush. After 5 minutes, I generously heaped the substrate onto the glued area and pressed down firmly. This phase took almost as long as the carving phase, for the small patches. After about 5 minutes working time, Gorilla Glue begins to become very tacky and is about to cure. In a larger patch, the first part would be curing before the end is getting tacky. This stuff doesn't spread very fast, moves like honey, and sticks to nearly everything. It expands 3 times during the curing process, so once it becomes tacky, it will grab onto the dry peat moss mix easily. Gorilla Glue is also fully waterproof, so this is a perfect application for a dripwall. I was able to add plants after the background had cured, which was just 24 hours after the last patch. This is the waterline showing where moss will wick up from the pool onto land. I chose a lighter coloured gravel to simulate a river bed, but in hindsight, my shrimp would be more visible (thus more comfortable) on something dark like Fluval Stratum. I've since added small round black stones, and the shrimp seem to swim from rock to rock during the day. Both of those Anubias pictured are sparkling clean now. This is a very short .gif of the dripwall at the base, dripping into pool. I let the entire tank cycle for about 2 months before adding shrimp, and there are no other animals in the tank, aside from microbacteria. There was a decent amount of algae at that time, much of which is now long gone. The java moss is starting to take over, and needs a trim, but that's where many of the shrimp spend the daytime and graze off it. I feed with Omega One Shrimp and Lobster for now, so I need to pick out some different foods and treats at some point. I don't feed them too often, as they seem to prefer the tanks natural nutrients anyway. Thanks for reading! I encourage questions and comments! I have terrific water test readings, though I don't test for TDS. I've had some successful molts but no one is berried just yet. Only been a few months, so I know I have some time for that.
  14. Hi, I have a 1.8 gallon (cycled) tank, so basically a fishbowl with a filter. It has 9 water wisteria, three Marimo balls and some rocks/ a cave. I have one ghost shrimp, one cherry shrimp, and one Malaya/rainbow shrimp. I have a fantasy about breeding Red cherry shrimp and possibly selling, but I don't know if it's possible in such a tiny tank. I just have a few questions about that: 1. How many shrimp do you think I could keep in this little tank? 2. Would I have to put a sponge over the filter intake? 3. Do you think that non-local stores like Petsmart or Petco would buy the shrimp? Thanks if you can answer any of these!
  15. Hey guys just went to the LFS and found a really nice red cherry and was wondering what you thoughts were on It's grade? Thanks for any help.
  16. Today I found my first berried female but unfortunately, I think it's my one wild type. But we will see it looks like she's holding about 5 eggs maybe so wish me luck.
  17. I would love anyone's input on whether this is a male or female RCS. Sorry for the not so great pictures, best I could get.
  18. First off Iā€™d like to say thanks to Will and his team of knowledgeable mods and attendants and to all the good people here who help make this one of the greatest shrimp forums on the internet. My name is Andy and I live in foggy Pacifica, California where the water quality and weather are perfect for breeding shrimp. I currently have 9 different types of shrimp which I will randomly post for sale. I will post prices soon. Here is my current stock: Red Cherry Shrimp Blue Diamonds Golden Bee Taiwan Bee ( blue bolt, wine red, bkk,shadow panda, panda, red bolt) Mischlings PFR CRS A-SSS+ Sulawesi Cardinal Tibee ( TT x CRS) & (Aura Blue X Snow White) Malawa Taitibee (coming soon) Here are some pics of my shrimp I also collect rare species of moss from all over the world. I will have some of these available for purchase soon. Stay tuned for some awesome RAOK starting in December. Thanks for checking out my sponser page!
  19. Hey just wondering if someone knowledgeable could possibly grade my rcs. I have had this colony for 2 years now and I am looking to start selling some to the lfs. Any help or suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks.
  20. This is my first post. I have had red cherry shrimp for about 6 months in a species-only tank (except for snails), and they are doing great. My plants are also doing great - too great! What started as a small amount of Java Moss has now taken over 1/3 of the tank. I really want to trim it back a bit, but I do not want to accidentally remove/throw out any baby shrimp. There are tons of babies all over, especially in the moss. Can anyone recommend how I can cut out a lot of the moss but leave the babies in the tank? TIA!
  21. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    Picture of another one of my Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp
  22. From the album: May 2014 Berried Shrimp

    Picture of one of my Taiwan Fire Red Shrimp
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