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Found 4 results

  1. Can anyone tell me approximately how much SS GH/KH+ they use for their RO water per a 5 gallon bucket for Neos? Seeing SO many different responses online. Also...am I going for a target GH or a target TDS, or both? If so...what are those target numbers? Many thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new here and fairly new to the world of freshwater shrimps. One month ago, I decided to start-up a shrimp tank using my old 20 gallon aquarium. I started working on DIY stand and buying aquarium items (black sand, sponge filter, cholla wood, alder pines, and almond leaves). Now, the tank is in cycling process. My plan is to have caridinas (Blue Bolts<-definitely and Tigers <- don't know yet which type) and Neocaridinas (red cherries and blue dream). I am debating if I should purchase a RO system or just buy distilled/deionized water from somewhere (e.g. Walmart). Capital cost for 20 gallon distilled water should not break my wallet. However, operating cost might be - water change. I don't know how often I would need to do water change for a 20 gallon shrimp tank. Assuming I would do 25% water change, that will be 5 gallons of water. On the other hand, I do weekly water change for my 75 gallon freshwater tank. My 20 gallon tank is currently have dechlorinated tap water. I don't want to blabber to much. I kindly ask for your opinions and advice. I made few mistakes before being cheap and I want to make things right this time to prevent wasting time and spending more money due to mistakes.
  3. Hey all, Just a quick question; I'm trying to transition over to using RO water. Today I went and got 50 Liters of "RO Water" from a garden center. When I got home and tested the PH of this water it came out at over 7.6. I used a digital meter which read 7.69 and also the API test kit which was darker than the highest reading on the chart of 7.6. This PH is like almost as high as our normal tap water in this part of the country where we have hard water. Any ideas here? is this even RO water? I thought RO water should come out at around 5 or 6 on the PH scale? Any advice appreciated!
  4. I'm in the process of setting up a quarantine tank for some new shrimp I'm getting this week. I'm using the 12L to quarantine the new ones when they arrive in a couple of days. My plan was to use a mature spare filter that has been running in the 60L platy tank for months now. Also going to run it bare-bottomed as it will only be is use for 1-2 weeks at most (hopefully). Planning to put in some leaf litter from the main shrimp tank and a java fern as hiding places and biofilm source for food. also got some Bacter AE arriving tomorrow all being well. I set everything up yesterday altho I didn't put the filter in at that point because I didn't want the bacteria to die back. I used RO water remineralized with Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ and got the following results: GH 9, TDS 250 pH 7.8 temp 22C This morning I got up to a mildly cloudy tank - bacterial bloom sprang to mind as did the thought where did the bacteria come from with RO water? The tank however was not sterile so I guess they came from there. I decided to check the usual parameters and found the ammonia was 0.5 ppm which shocked me somewhat. I know that these are heterotrophic bacteria - are they the source of the ammonia as they die back or reproduce? My kneejerk reaction was to change all the water, but I managed to resist that and have since put the intended filter in there as it will have an ammonia source to keep it alive and working. Any thoughts on these facts? Could/should I be doing anything differently? I would be grateful for any suggestions.
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