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Found 9 results

  1. Currently I have the dennerle shrimp king 10 gallon, and I do really enjoy it, but I'd to upgrade relatively soon as I have the room for most 15-20s, unfortunately even though dennerle DOES sell a 20g version of the shrimp tank, I can't find a place to purchase it anywhere. And I figured this would be a good place to get some suggestions, are there any tanks in the 15-20 gallon range you would recommend? I'd prefer it come with decent lighting or lower on the price end so I can buy a decent light, obviously since this is a shrimp tank I'd like something with a good filter either in tank or all in one, but not a deal breaker. Other than that I'm open to suggestions. I was looking at the cobalt c-vue but 220 for an 18g with no lights doesn't sit well with me. Anything you guys can think of?
  2. So I’m new at both fish keeping and shrimp keeping. Now I have 2 - 5 gallon fish tanks (one with a Hillstream loach, 4 Danios, a couple moss balls and some hornwort. The other has 1 male betta, 2 mystery snails, a moss ball and some hornwort) and 1 - 29 gallon tank that I’m currently trying to cycle (right now it has hornwort, java moss and some spiderwood in it but no fish/snails/shrimp) I’ve been testing my water in all my tanks about once a week. I started my two other fish tanks out of an impulse almost... I saw my betta at Pet Supplies Plus had a tank in my basement and decided I had to take him home... so I hadn’t cycled my 5 gallon tanks before I stuck anything in. I know it’s not good but I hadn’t done any research so I didn’t know better. Now I do. But my question is: I haven’t had ANY nitrites in any of my tanks. My ammonia and nitrates are there... my ammonia hasn’t gotten over 1 ppm and my nitrates haven’t gotten over around 40 ppm in ANY tank that I have. But why am I not seeing any nitrites? Is it Bc my tanks have plants in them? Thank you for reading this super long post and thanks in advance for any advice/answers you can give😊
  3. Hey guys! NTA here with a pretty good question. What is the best light (be specific pleeeeease) for a low tech 20 gallon tank. The tank doesnt come with a hood, filter, or light so I will get those, but what is a good light (with the proper spectrum/kelvin maybe) that I could use. If you could, links to the light would help me indefinitely! ;D See ya!
  4. Hey everyone first time shrimper here. hopefully all goes well! These tanks were set up 6 weeks ago and are all cycled and ready to go now. Both tanks are set up nearly identically, but the bottom tank also has an AC 20 with matrix and purigen in it. Any questions just ask away. I'm using Salty Shrimp GH+ Params: GH 5-6 KH 0-1 PH 6.5 TDS 105 Temp 73 0/0/5 Have some nice CRS coming in tomorrow, will post pics. Tanks on rack For some reason only my Java moss melted back while the tank was still leeching ammonia. It's finally starting to grow back some green! FTS (top tank) FTS (bottom tank)
  5. What's up Shrimp Farmers!? Welcome to story time! pull up your blankets and gather around to share some knowledge with the rest of the shrimp keeping world! Todays topic: Where did the shrimp keeping hobby start? (Things to consider/cover) What country/region did shrimp orginate from? Who was one or a few of the found fathers/mothers of shrimp breeding/keeping what year did the shrimp hobby start? Back history on certain speices of shrimp? Ex: who first bred the cherry shrimp, yellow shrimp, blue velvet shrimp...etc. What year? where was this person from? Share your thoughts/knowledge in the comments below, Please cite your resources if you have knowledge on some topics. Enjoy! The Shrimp Guy Ryan
  6. hey guys! would love to hear what you think about my new aquascape, housing a crystal red shrimp, crystal black shrimp, golden bee shrimp, banjo catfish, some amano shrimp, and a bristle nose pleco! I have some pvc pipe wrapped in java moss hidden in the back for the shrimps. Also, the banjo catfish doesn't bother about the shrimp, I hand-feed him flakes. cheers!
  7. Hello all! I would like to start my first topic on something that got me into the business in the first place... Breeding! I would like for any or all to submit your breeding setup in a reply below. Include: Tank size (Gallons and dimensions). Lighting Filtration Temperature Water parameters Water change schedule (+ how you keep babies from being syphoned out) Food you use Leaf litter vs no leaf litter and why Might just give away some free shrimp or products if you have a really cool different setup! Even if you don't have an outside the box setup I might just be asking for your shipping address! (: "Keep on Shrimpin" Ryan
  8. Hello, Fissiden Fontanus. 2" x 2" portion. Asking for $7 each. I have a tank full of them. They are good for carpeting, tide on driftwood (my favorite), tide on stone. Buy 10 portions for $60. Fox Fissiden on Lava Rocks. $20 each I have 3 of them. Bought them from my recent trip in Hong Kong. Please add $7 for shipping. Feel free to message me with any questions.
  9. I have a Deep Blue 4.5G Tank Equipment: Dual Sponge Filter, Clip On Finnex-R LED Light Substrate: Left over Eco-Complete Hard Scape: Driftwood Tree, Grass background Plants: Christmas Moss, Marisela Minuta, Fissiden Fontanus This is a very interesting tank, I will be posting pictures tonight of my tank. I started the tank 2 months ago with Blue Velvet Shrimp I had about 15 shrimp at the start. Right now I have 4 Berried shrimp and more babies than I can count in the tree. They seem to love browsing on the Fissiden Fontanus. I will have alot of babies soon as the mothers have thier young, they all seem to be healthy and thriving. More to come with pictures!
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